Looking For A Professional Soccer Tryout? Here's How You Can Finally Get Yours

professional soccer tryout

Finally got that professional soccer tryout you've been waiting for?

Or are you still waiting and not sure how to go about it?

Well either way going pro can be a stressful process sometimes and just getting the chance might be all you really need.

This is easier said than done and getting the actual tryout may be the hardest thing about signing your first pro contract.

There are two parts here, the first getting the tryout which takes having the right amount of talent, contacts, the right agent and a bit of luck from the club needing your position. Below you'll find out exactly what you'll need to do to get the most important process of getting a professional soccer tryout checked off your list, getting a registered soccer agent. 

Once you get that you need to focus preparing yourself mentally and physically for the tryout that could come in a moments notice, in fact stop reading and go get a workout in!

You also should start thinking about how you're going to approach each tryout, should I blow players up in tackles?

Should I try and be Messi and dribble everyone every time I see the ball? Maybe I should just try to lay low and not make any mistakes?

The mental approach to a tryout is the most important thing as too many players go in scared and nervous to make any little mistake.

The reality of it is that no tryout will ever be perfect and from each tryout you will gain some experience and learn a few new things you can take with you to the next one.

Approach each one as a learning moment and after reading this you should understand how to get your first agent, tryout and what to expect while you're there, after that it's all up to you.

How To Get A Professional Soccer Tryout & Sign Pro Video Explanation

5 Steps To Set Up A Professional Soccer Tryout

Step 1. Create A CV (Soccer Resume)

Step 2. Create A Highlight Tape & Gather Full Game Tape

Step 3. Gather Registered FIFA Agents Contact Info

Step 4. Sign With An Agent

  • Preferably in the country or at least the continent you want to play in.

Step 5. Prepare For Tryouts

  • While preparing physically and mentally be sure to keep your resume and highlight tape continually up to date.

Will I Be The Only Player Trying Out For the Team?

professional soccer tryout

Most likely you will not be alone. Every professional soccer tryout I’ve ever been on there has been at least one or two other players on trial at the same time.

Whether they’re from Europe, Asia, South America or anywhere else teams are always looking to beef up their squad. Especially when there is no risk on their side.

Not only are you competing against the current players but you’re also being directly compared to the other trialists there.

Only the strong survive, I’ve been on trials where there have been 15 other trialists and every day there are less and less of them. That’s the cruel world of trials, but it’s also a great feeling when players are packing up their bags and you’re staying on.

The first team I signed for there were 7 other players trying out and I was the only one who got signed, talk about a confidence builder. But I’ve also been on the side where players are sticking around and I’m packing my bags, whichever side you end up on take something from the experience.

It’s funny how small the world is, sometimes a fellow trialists and yourself will end up crossing paths years down the line and share a laugh or two about your past trial.

Should I Look To Be Friends With All The Players While On Trial?

I went to trials with one simple philosophy, make the team first, then make friends.

You’re not there for the social experience; you’re there to make a team.

During sprints or workouts don’t hold back and take it easy so you don’t make the other players look bad.

Your job is to make the coaches think that they can’t let you go.

Out sprint, out run and outwork everybody who dares step on the same pitch as you, if you don’t, some other trialist will.

Advice, things to remember, tools and experiences to get you to perform at your best when at that professional soccer tryout below. I've experienced and felt everything you're about to go through while on pro trials. The agony, success, confusion, frustration and joy of it all.

You finally got your shot, your professional soccer tryout is just around the corner and you've arrived at the club and now all that stands between you and everything you've wanted is a week or two of good soccer. Nervous yet? You shouldn't be.

Common thoughts at this stage are nerves, fear of failure and over analyzing every touch and movement you'll have at the trial. Take a deep breath, you have nothing to worry about, just remember these few things and you'll be able to stay mentally strong.

That's all a trial is, it's a test of how tough mentally you are because all the physical work you've already prepared for your entire life.

Don't Forget This About Yourself

  • You're there for a reason, no fluke or shot in the dark, you've been chosen for this shot because somebody saw something special in you.
  • You BELONG! The pro's you'll play against have been playing just like you have their entire lives, it's that same game you know and love. Just play.
  • You bring something special to the table, there's something you do better than everybody else, think of all your ex-teammates that would die to be in your shoes and haven't achieved what you have, you stand out among the rest.

Important Things To Remember About The Experience Of A Professional Soccer Tryout

  • Enjoy the moment, don't take it so seriously and enjoy the experience.
  • Play intense but relaxed. You want to be focused but not all wound up to the point where you feel like your every move is so crucial.
  • Don't think the Coach is constantly watching you, he's got an entire team to worry about, a season, a wife and kids at home and so many other things running through his mind.
  • Don't feel like he's looking at you every time you touch the ball to the point where you feel you have to meg 10 players and score on a bike to impress him, just relax and do what comes naturally.
  • Even if the trial doesn't work out the way you planned, consider it as a learning moment and one small step in the path to where you want to get to.
  • Every pro has felt the feeling of not being good enough or being let go from a trial or team.
  • Take it as experience that will make you stronger for what's waiting for you ahead, fuel for the fire for the next high level professional soccer tryout.
  • Mental preparation is outlined more thoroughly on the Mental Toughness page of the site so be sure to check it out for tips to keep you mentally strong before, during and after a professional soccer tryout.

I'm Almost Done High School Can I Still Go Pro?

If you've ever dreamed of playing pro and you're almost done high school and you may have a chance to play professionally it can be a stressful time.

You're probably thinking to yourself, If i go pro now and don't make it then what am I left with? Should I just go to College and take it from there? Or should I try to go to Europe and take my chances.

Slow down, I know it's a stressful time but there are some things you need to think about.

First this is no time to give up on your dream, this is the time to make decisions that will set you up for success and the best possible chance to follow that dream.

Ask Yourself These Questions To See If You Are Ready to Play Pro

1. Have I had a lot of interest from college/pro scouts up to this point?

2. Am I good enough to play pro right at this moment?

3. Do I have the right contacts to go pro today? (this is a big one, think long and hard)

4. Am I willing to sacrifice my social life and education to chase this?

5. Will I always wonder and will it eat me inside if I don't go for it now?

Take your time and think these through, if you can truly answer all four of these questions with a definite YES! Then and only then are you truly ready to attempt playing at the next level and pursuing your first professional soccer tryout.

First, there is no one path or right way to play soccer at the professional level. There are several ways to get to the professional ranks and a lot of them vary by which country you are in.

If you want to play in the MLS (USA) the best way is to play soccer in university in the USA, get scouted and selected by an MLS team in the player draft or invited to a tryout. As simple as this may sound it is very difficult because of all the players and talent in the USA from all over the world.

In Europe it is slightly different because players are filtered in through youth ranks at a very young age from all over the world so it becomes that much more competitive and nerve racking. How do I know all this? I've played in college in the USA and went on to play professionally in Europe in Serbia in the 1st Division.

Believe me it is a very difficult road with many ups and downs and you need more than your fair share of luck to make it. One thing that you need to accomplish anything is hard work and perseverance, without these you will get swallowed up in the rough patches of the game.

All this knowledge with other soccer training aids can really help you get through the tough times. Maybe the most important thing is the belief you have in yourself, no matter what other people say, you will have 5 people say you can't make it for every 1 person that says you can, persevere and go after your dream.

I'm Almost Done College Can I Still get professional soccer tryouts and Go Pro?

Can you do it? Absolutely. I did! I went from college in the USA to the 1st Division in Europe within 6 months of graduating.

There are 5 very important things you need to have if you want go pro after college:

1. The right contacts (i.e. Agent, Coaches)

2. Talent

3. Perseverance

4. Credentials (CV, Highlight Tape etc)

5. Luck

Setting yourself for success by contacting an agent as soon as possible can set you up to play pro after you graduate.

The rest of the list of must have’s really speak for themselves, being pro active and having the proper soccer training aids can go a long way.

I’m Not The Best Player On My Team, What Are My Chances?

To be honest, not great. If you aren’t excelling on your high school team or college team as a stand out player then you will find the speed of the game at the pro level overwhelming.

The professional ranks are a collection of the best club, high school, and college players. Not only the best but the best of the best, and if you’re not dominating now at your current level then that should give you an indication of the struggles you’ll have after that at the professional level.

Even with the top of the line professional soccer training aids you won't be able to close the gap if you haven't by now.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me at the Contact a Pro page. Good Luck! 

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