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Why aren't people telling me I'm good enough when I know I am (asking for a friend). You want to play pro but you can't get a tryout or you're not training the right way. Either way I can help!

I remember going to my first tryout in Europe with a first division club in Serbia being so nervous, at the time I thought I had it all figured out and knew exactly what I needed to do to sign pro. It wasn't until a couple years later (and 15 pro tryouts later) that I signed my first contract and realized all the things I had been doing wrong at the tryouts. Hopefully I can help you avoid those mistakes and perform at your best when you make that next step.

Information on how to train like a pro, how to make the leap to the pro level, getting an agent, soccer fundamentals and the ability to talk with a pro who's played in Europe all at your disposal.  

 Information on Moves, Tryouts, Agents & specific soccer training

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If you're playing for a quality club, academy, school, college or further and looking to make the leap to playing pro, you'll find all of your answers right here.

Ever find yourself going for a 20-30min run getting ready for soccer season or pre season and wonder to yourself "is this really doing anything for me? Is there something better I could be doing instead of just aimlessly running around my block?"  

Ever get all your gear on, lace up your boots grab your ball run to the nearest field then ask yourself "okayyyy now what?"

Sick of showing up to practice and pre season running a few sprints and wishing you had taken up backgammon as a child?

If it's fundamentals like passing, shooting, dribbling, foot skills, moves and basic soccer positions you're after then you've come to the right place. If it's speed training drills, strength training drills, or just soccer specific drills with and without the ball then search no further.

An open door of effective soccer training methods and videos from National Championship Colligate teams and Professional Club sides in Europe are here for the taking, the rest is up to you. Soccer training is fun.