Learn These Pro Soccer Moves And Tell Them To Close Those Legs On Your Way By!

soccer moves

OLEEE the crowd cheers as they see your soccer moves dicing up a defender you just took on.

Do you love hearing that oooooo from the crowd as you beat a player again and again? Nothings sweeter than hearing teammates after the game saying "did you see that move he pulled out there?" guy can play. Scissors and drags and megs oh my!

Learn pro moves like the: Step-Over, RabonaFake Shot, Cryuff Turn, Roulette, Elastico, CutRainbow, and many more with step by step videos below.

Learn moves from actual Pro's like: Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, Hazard, Pogba & many more.

Pro's Signature Skills


Easier said than done when watching Ronaldo. Notice how over time his soccer moves became simpler and simpler and he got away from over doing it with unnecessary tricks. Pure speed is and always will be his best move to beat players.

Things To Remember

  • Stay on the balls of your feet, this will help you accelerate once you beat your man.
  • Always be on the move, the more standing the less speed you can dribble with.
  • Selecting the right move for the right situation is half the battle.


What a joy to watch he is. Although he is good going either way he clearly favours his left which goes to show that mastering one skill can take you a long way. Another great example of a dribbler who relies on speed, simplicity and a fearless mentality.

Things To Remember

  • Keep a low center of gravity with your knees bent. Contact from the defender will be easier to deflect this way.
  • Body faints and fakes are as important as rolls and flicks with the ball.
  • Don't stay at one steady speed, look to suddenly explode changing your speed and direction.


Perhaps the most technical player the game has ever seen. The perfect combination of speed and skill makes any dribbler virtually unstoppable, did I mention he was Brazilian? They are usually born with more than enough soccer moves.

Things To Remember

  • Use your hands to dribble like he does, yes that's not a typo, keep them by your side to shield and push off defenders.
  • Mix up your touches on the ball from short to medium to longer to mislead the defender.
  • If a defender lunges or puts themselves in a bad position don't be afraid to draw contact.


PACE, PACE, PACE!! Don't blink when Mbappe gets into full stride. Skillful with a clean touch no doubt, but it is his undeniable speed that makes him an elite dribbler. Never forget that speed is the best move and nothing replaces it.

Things To Remember

  • If you can beat someone in a foot race don't overcomplicate it, just burn him.
  • Body fakes are as effective as footwork trickery, get to full speed dip a shoulder and go.
  • Go directly at the defender and then around them, suck them in and break out wide with speed.


Stopping on a dime, variation of foot surface and pace is what Hazard is all about. Getting players off balance and blowing by them is his speciality, master of lateral movement while oozing with skill.

Things To Remember

  • Dribbling with the outside of your foot for speed is fine but look to vary the parts of your foot you take players on with.
  • Agility workouts can also help your dribbling, especially laterally.
  • Don't overcomplicate taking players on, pushing the ball passed them works just as well as anything, just ask Hazard.


His moves aren't always to beat players but to create space for himself in the midfield to make that killer pass or shot. One of his best soccer moves isn't a move at all it's the brilliant way he uses his body to protect the ball and out balance defenders.

Things To Remember

  • The bottom of your foot is your best friend for balance, rolling out of trouble and keeping two firm feet on the ground when necessary.
  • Keep your head up and keep scanning the field, you never know when a dribble gets closed down and you need to release a quick pass.


From wide or central he has the versatility to do it all. An unselfish dribbler (if there is such a thing) is his exact make up. The fearlessness in his game is what separates good from great so sit back and enjoy.

Things To Remember

  • Small checks of your shoulder in every direction help you asses danger around you while dribbling.
  • Before you take a burst of speed to do a move or a long touch slow down a little then accelerate to get the defender to slow down.
  • Take a series of small touches to suck a defender in before you cut in either direction past them.


Try and receive the ball while close to top speed so your work is half done. If the defender gives you the space to shoot or pass take it, don't need to do a move if you already have the space you need.

Things To Remember

  • Coming to a stop and shuffling your legs beside the ball then exploding can really unbalance you defender.
  • Embrace contact from the defender and push through it, most soccer moves take a degree of skill and strength together to pull off.
  • Think of adding moves that set-up your dominant foots shot so there is an outcome like a quality shot on net.


There is no substitute for athleticism when looking to take players on. Here is a great example of a player who doesn't need lots of touches on the ball to dribble past players. He uses the space between and behind the defender to put pressure on them.

Things To Remember

  • Body language is important, look to mislead the defender with both casual and aggressive body language.
  • Doing lunges between moves and before them can give good variation to your dribbles.


Another Argentinian magician to learn jukes and faints from. A lot of his skill happens between touches with lunges and small explosions. His first touch is on another level and it sets up his next decision on the field like no other.

Things To Remember

  • Using your skill to escape a defender and create a bit of space is just as important as dribbling to beat them.
  • Your first touch is everything, practice and get great at that before all the fancy stuff.

Frankie De Jong

If you have eyes in the back of your head like him you can stop reading right now. For the rest of us remember how important checking your shoulder is and receiving side on to set up your next touch, dribble or pass.

Things To Remember

  • Use all parts of your foot when getting out of trouble.
  • Showing sideways and seeing more of the field will give you a better chance of pulling off one of your many Frankie De Jong inspired soccer moves.


Bottom's up! He has become a master of using the sole of his foot to meg, control and escape challenges. 

Things To Remember

  • Use all parts of the bottom of your foot (the balls of your feet, the middle and towards your heel).
  • Nothing wrong with mastering a simple skill like Isco with the step-over to beat a player.


Fake shot, dribble, fake shot, dribble dribble open net just tap it in... fake shot again. Mahrez the king of the fake shot on to that left foot. Simple but effective use of convincing body language to make players jump in and make mistakes.

Things To Remember

  • The fake shot is all about using your eyes to look up and a big leg swing, really sell it.
  • Use the fake shot to get to your favourite spot on the field to release your highest percentage shot.


Don't blink or you'll miss him, on the wing or centrally he lights up a game with his blinding speed. Going at full speed allows any little touch from a defender to look worse than it is so get to top speed and stay there. His soccer moves were developed from a young age and continue to get better.

Things To Remember

  • Take your touch in the path of the defender once you've beaten them, either you're through on goal or you'll get fouled, win win.
  • Scan the field in-between every touch, things are constantly changing around you in the game.

Kevin De Bruyne

Cruyff and Zidane would be proud of his turns and first touch. Modelling his game from central midfielders that came before him De Bruyne twists and turns like nobody else.

Things To Remember

  • Master the simple turns of the game that have been proven to work (Cryuff, Matthews etc.)
  • Be patient when the ball is coming to you to suck the defender in before taking that touch by him.

Pro Soccer Moves


The Step-Over can be a deadly move when trying to get a player off balance and look silly all at the same time.

The move is executed while running at speed literally stepping over the ball in a counter clockwise then clockwise motion with one foot or alternating both feet. Got magic in your boots? We will soon find out.

Things To Remember

  • Execute the move at speed not standing still.
  • Keep your knees bent and body low to remain in sprinting position and easier circling of the ball.
  • Execute the step overs over the ball at a quick rhythm, slow step overs fool nobody.  
  • As soon as you have the defender off-balance and at your mercy, push the ball by them, don't do four step overs if two will do.


Got skills? Do a Rabona in a game and I'll believe you. The move doesn't look like much but can be tricky. Basically the move is rapping one leg behind the other and hitting the ball for a cross or shot.

Cristiano, Quaresma and Riquelme do the Rabona better than most, this skill really has no effectiveness over a basic cross, but the girls dig it. 

Things To Remember

  • Use the closer leg for balance, the far leg raps around and hits the ball.
  • Lean your body back.
  • Try and use a big wind up of the leg, almost like you're jumping into it.

Fake/Shot Cross

Don't flinch now. The fake shot/cross may be the most effective of all the soccer moves in your arsenal to get that half a second or half a step on a defender.

The wind up to the shot/cross needs to resemble that one of your actual shot/cross for the defender to bite. Just as they fall for it and lunge in cut it back and make them wish they didn't get out of bed that morning.

Again, the fake shot/cross is pretending you are actually going to shoot or cross the ball and at the last second cut it back inside or outside. Simple and effective, nothing to it, but to do it.

Things To Remember

  • Make it look like you are actually going to do the action.
  • Big wind up of the arm and leg.
  • Keep the ball close to your body and two fake shots in a row is never a bad idea. 

Cryuff Turn

You spin me right round baby right round like a record. The Cryuff Turn spins defenders right round and inside out. The change of direction and pace of such a move can make defenders legs feel like jello.

The move is effectively executed when facing one way with the ball, taking it with the inside of your foot through your legs and back the other way.

When perfected the Cryuff Turn not only beats defenders but also remains in a position for you to maintain possession by keeping your body between the ball and the defender.

Things To Remember

  • Keep your body in a low athletic stance.
  • Make the turn quickly and sharply.
  • It's a one touch turn so don't over complicate the move.


Now you see me, now you don't. The Roulette is essentially a spin move with the ball. Sounds easier than it really is, a great way to change direction and create some space between you and the defender.

Zidane and Maradona made this move their own and are a pleasure to watch when doing it. Making this one of your signature soccer moves will add to your arsenal of foot skills on the pitch.

So one foot goes on the ball, rolls it to the other while spinning away and changing direction. Defenders reading this just fainted, stick to tackling.

Things To Remember

  • Do it at speed or it won't work.
  • The move is about body positioning as much as it is pulling off the footwork involved.
  • Use your arms out wide to shield and feel where the defender is.
  • Keep your body low with your knees bent for more stability.


Flip flap or the snake are other common names for the Elastico. It can be done standing or at speed but much more effective while moving and harder of course.

A high level of skill needed here but a high level of reward comes with it, the reward is making the defender check for you in his closet before he goes to sleep.

The move is performed by hitting the ball with the outside of your foot then inside in one fluent motion as the foot snaps. Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho.

Things To Remember

  • Make sure the defender is about 1-3 yards away from you, not more.
  • Commit to it and do it quickly, there is no pulling out.
  • Don't over use it and take it's element of surprise away, give this and your other soccer moves your own twist.
  • Keep your knees fairly bent and wait for the defender to be stationary.


The Cut may be the most basic move to beat a defender out there. Their are several variations of the cut but the most basic is taking the ball with the inside of your foot across the defender from one side to the other "cutting" the ball quickly.

The move will work even better if you push it a little forward with the same foot your cutting it with before executing the move.

Things To Remember

  • Setting up the cut is as important as anything, open you hips one way, bring the ball across to the other side.
  • Try and cut it back across the defender but also back towards you for better retention.
  • One touch cut, don't over complicate a simple move.

Reverse Matthews

The Reverse Matthews similar to the regular Matthews just reversed. Instead of taking a quick touch with the inside of your foot then taking it with the outside of your foot you now start with the outside.

This move will work best when going at speed and executed as quick as possible. A common mistake when failing to execute soccer moves likes this is either doing it too slowly or getting the ball caught under your feet.

Things To Remember

  • The second touch with the outside of your foot should be a relatively long touch to escape the defender.
  • At speed!!!
  • Don't over do it and lose its element of surprise.


The Rivelino is a special move, simplicity and disguise at its finest. As you run naturally with the ball you fake running over it completely by stepping completely over it with the inside of the ball carrying foot, then taking it with the outside of the same foot.

Oh and just like all soccer moves, the faster the better.

Things To Remember

  • Don't wait for the defender to bite, do all parts in fluidity.
  • Dip your shoulder to help sell the move.
  • Set it up like it's a fake pass or shot, the second where the defender flinches is where you'll skin them.

Pull Back Vee

The Pull Back Vee is quick, simple and lethal. Best executed when mimicking a pass first before pulling it back.

The move is executed when the ball is slightly in front of you on the far side of your body and you pull it down towards you with the bottom of your foot then up the opposite way with the inside of the same foot. Creating a "V" hence the name.

Things To Remember

  • More of a stationary move not one done at full speed.
  • The quicker the better.
  • Commit to it, don't do half of it then think "oh no I'm done for".
  • One of the proven soccer moves that can work in lots of different situations.


So here's a move that you'll either be applauded for or laughed at. Very difficult and you'll rarely ever use it in a game, a Rainbow.

The ball starts on the ground then both feet go on either side of the ball, one leg rolls the ball up the leg as the other flicks it over the opponent.

Soccer moves like this are much easier said than done believe me. It will take a long time for you to learn this skill no matter your level.

Things To Remember

  • This move takes time to learn so be patient, try it standing still first then eventually on the run.
  • Squeeze the ball and in one fluent motion roll and flick.
  • Do it with confidence or don't do it at all. 

Roll Heel

Get your roll on! Soccer moves such as the Roll Heel take speed of foot and speed of thought.

So here we go, take the ball with the inside of your foot (either one) across your body but not too far in front. Roll it about half way across your body then take it with the heel or back part of your other foot in the opposite direction.

This one sounds tricky but really isn't, you can handle it. Soccer moves like any other skill are about repetition and practice but you should be able to pick this one up fairly quickly.

Things To Remember

  • Don't roll the ball too far out in front of you or you won't be able to get your other foot on to it.
  • Soccer moves like this one need change of pace so after you hit the ball in the opposite direction sprint!
  • Execute the move at pace while moving not stationary if you want it to work.

Hocus Pocus

Now you see it, now you don't! The Hocus Pocus is a high level skill move that takes technical ability, timing and some serious confidence to attempt never mind pull off, much like all high level soccer moves.

Ball starts on the inside of either foot (use the inside of your dominant foot trust me). The ball then while still using the inside of your foot goes behind your plant leg around it and back to where you started with the ball. So it goes, behind, around and back across. Much more difficult said than done.

Things To Remember

  • The faster the better.
  • First learn the move while stationary and then eventually on the move (it's gonna take some time).
  • Lean forward slightly so your plant foot can get out in front of you a little so the move can be executed a little easier.
  • High level move, so if you're just learning how to spell "soccer", soccer moves as difficult as this one aren't for you yet.

Single Lunge

Nothing fancy here but it works. The single lunge is like many things in soccer, simple but effective.

Let's go through it nice and easy now. Running full speed with the ball step to one side of the ball faking/lunging that way and taking it with the outside of your other foot and sprinting in that direction.

It can be done with either foot, soccer moves like the single lunge are easy and deadly.

Things To Remember

  • Sell the fake by shifting all of your body weight into the lunge.
  • Like always everything at speed.
  • Really dip that shoulder into the lunge.
  • Take the one touch in the opposite direction nice and long to elude your defender. 

Double Lunge

Now that you've mastered the single lunge take it one step further and add another variation to add to your arsenal by lunging twice (one to each side).

So while running at speed at the defender lunge to your right (shorter lunge), lunge to your left (longer lunge) than with the outside of your right foot push it to your right. Soccer moves like this one done at speed are deadly for getting a defender off balance.

Things To Remember

  • Quicker lunges the better.
  • Whichever side you do the first lunge to is the side you will end up taking the ball to. So if you lunge right to start the sequence will go - Right lunge, left lunge, take ball to right.
  • Make the first lunge shorter then the second to sell it to the defender.
  • Don't do five lunges unnecessarily if one or two will do.

Ronaldo Chop

The Ronaldo Chop is a move done more often by flank players taking players on at speed. It also provides you some separation and time on the ball when flying down the field.

While running at full speed hitting the ball with the inside of either foot hit the ball across and behind your planting leg. Sounds much more complicated then it is. Really all it is is a cut of the ball but instead of in front of your legs it's behind them. Some soccer moves sound more complicated than they are and this is one of them, quite simple really.

Things To Remember

  • Get the ball out under your feet nice and wide to the opposite side.
  • Sell it by pushing the ball forward with the outside of the foot then quickly with the inside.
  • Do it on the move never stationary or you'll wind up playing catch up. 

The Okocha

The Okocha, named after Jay Jay Okocha is easily my favourite move and move I use the most in matches. It provides everything all great soccer moves do, speed, putting defenders off balance and an outcome.

While running at speed roll the ball with the inside of your right foot across your body and fake like you're going to hit it with your left foot but step over it instead.

While you're doing this fake your body as if you're going right and go with the ball to your left. The video above shows how easy and effective it really is.

Things To Remember

  • Roll the ball far enough out across your body so it doesn't get stuck under your feet.
  • Touch it with the inside of the foot you're about to roll it with to sell your move even more.
  • Just a quick body faint to the right will do, no need to overdue it.
  • Burst of speed right after you fake to the right will keep your defender guessing which of your arsenal of soccer moves you're going to pull off next.

But don't forget or be fooled by all the flare you see on tv, the most effective moves like any good pro will tell you is executing it at speed. Whatever you do the key to taking on players is doing it at a full sprint, that should be the starting point for all your moves.

Be creative but don't over do it, soccer moves are all about getting the defender off balance and second guessing everything you're doing. Whether it's a roll, drag, step-over, fake or any other type of move used at the highest of levels you'll find them all here.

If you've ever wondered who in history these moves were named after or the origin of these moves read more about it here at this link of the 15 Best Signature Soccer Moves in Football History.

Have You Ever Pulled Off One of These Moves or Other Amazing Moves in a Game? Or Do You Have Tips on Them?

Got moves? Ever pull off one of the amazing listed moves in a game like the pro's? Or another amazing move that led your friends to lose their minds on the side lines? If so tell us about it and share your story and a picture of you doing it for all of us to enjoy!

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