The Best Soccer Tips To Master All Parts Of Your Game

soccer tips

Imagine having all the soccer tips right at your ummmm finger tips?

Well imagine no more, below you'll find all the info on improving your game from fitness, to dribbling, to defending and everything in between.

Follow all these tips closely and watch your game grow by the day, if you're the type of player that is always looking to improve then find everything you will ever need to become the player you always dreamed.

It's not enough to be an all good around player, you need to find one part of your game to be the absolute best at on your team and in your league.

Training with your team will get you to a certain level but it's the work you do outside of team training that separates the elite from the pack, take in all these tips and choose your speciality then dedicate yourself to it day and night.

Top 3 Soccer Tips To Become A Better Juggler

1. Master One Body Part First

  • Get one foot, shoulder or head down first to the point where you can go all day juggling with that one part of your body.
  • Once you have that you will always have a safety net to go to during a juggling sequence in case the ball starts to get out of hand.
  • Slowly add different parts of your body into it but in the beginning be sure to juggle with that one part for 80% of the time until you get comfortable with everything.

2. Backspin

  • One of the best ways to keep the ball under your control in the air is to get it some backspin so it always comes back towards you instead of chasing it all over the field.
  • You can even start with the ball in your hands and spin it back towards you then with your feet flexed up try and get under the ball to keep it under control and rotating towards you.

3. Reps, Reps & More Reps

  • There is no magic potion you will drink to get better at juggling, it's all about trying and failing and putting in countless hours until you get comfortable with it.
  • The beauty of it is you can practice juggling anywhere, in your room, outside, in a hallway you name it.
  • Some soccer tips are complicated and others like this are straight forward, get a ball and get to work.

Top 3 Soccer Tips On Shooting

1. Keep Foot Pointed Down

  • When shooting for power you want to point all of your toes down to get your foot into a locked flex position.
  • This will generate the most possible power on contact.
  • It also allows for the ball to hit a big flat surface on top of your foot.

2. Use Body For Power

  • Yes your leg strength plays an important piece for generating the power behind your shot but your run up is just as important if not more so.
  • If you've ever tried to stand still and kick a ball you know what I'm talking about.
  • Make sure you have a little run up or even a hop step before you shoot, much of the power will come from the momentum of your run up not just your leg.

3. Plant Foot For Aim

  • Use your plant foot to point in the direction you want to shoot, think of it as a scope on top of your gun.
  • Not only will it help you aim it will also help generate power and flexibility if your body is open and facing the direction where you're shooting.

Top 3 Soccer Tips On Passing

1. Lock Your Ankle

  • Point your foot up to the sky to lock your ankle so you have a firm solid surface to hit the ball with.
  • If your foot is loose and unlocked you won't be able to accurately send the ball where you want with the right amount of pace on it.
  • Try hitting the ball with a wobbly ankle and see how that works out for you, get that foot solid and aim for the middle of your foot for contact.

2. Always Over Hit The Ball

  • An overhit pass still has a chance of having your teammate catch up to it or a defender to make as mistake in handling it but an under-hit pass will only cause you problems back the other way.
  • Learn to overhit passes at a young age so when you get to the higher levels you are already used to passing and receiving balls at high speeds.

3. Add New Passes To Your Arsenal

  • Okay so you can pass with the inside of your foot, but can your curl it with the outside, chip it with the instep or drive it with the top of it?
  • The standard push pass (inside of your foot) won't cut it at the highest of levels so start adding all these different passes to your tool belt so you pass your way out of any problem on the pitch.

Top 3 Soccer Tips On Dribbling

1. Lots Of Varied Small Touches

You want to keep your touches small, close to your foot and slightly varied from one to the next.

This will help you keep the ball under control as you weave through opponents as well as keep the defenders off balance as you slightly vary each touch of the ball.

Also learn to dribble with all the different parts of your foot, you never know when you will need to get out of a situation with your sole or heel.

2. Use Your Hands

  • Watch the best dribblers in the world as they use their hands to push off defenders and shield the ball, use your hands as force field as you approach opponents.
  • Having quick feet is one thing but being able to fend off defenders with your arms, hands and elbows adds another element to your dribbling not often talked about.

3. Head Up To Scan

  • Every great point guard in basketball looks up at what's in front of them as they dribble the ball, you should aim to do something similar as you dribble up the field.
  • Keeping your head up allows you to process more information and make decisions well before they put you into trouble, keep that head constantly scanning for oncoming defenders.

Top 3 Soccer Tips On 1 vs 1 Defending

1. Front Foot Tackles

  • The best defenders in the world don't put themselves in positions where they have to fly in with their back foot and put their backline in all sorts of trouble.
  • A front foot tackle allows you to take a stab at the ball but also allows your body to stay in a position to recover should the tackle not work.
  • Master the front foot tackle and become an elite defender.

2. Low Stance To Move Your Feet

  • Keep those knees bent and butt low so you can keep up with any attacker while staying in an agile stance to shift your feet in any direction.
  • A low stance also allows you to keep your balance and put your body in a good defensive position to win duels against even the craftiest of defenders.

3. Two Yard Cushion

  • Try and maintain a two yard cushion or arms length from an attacker who has the ball at their feet.
  • If you're any closer than that then one small move can have you playing catch up for 60 yards.
  • Being too far away allows the attackers to pick up speed while dribbling and allowing them to make any decision they want with the ball to burn you and your teams defensive shape.

Top 3 Soccer Tips To Become The Fittest On Your Team

1. Do Extra Outside Of Team Training

  • Your team training isn't enough, it may get you to a base line fitness level but if you want to be the fittest on your team or league.
  • You need to be putting in extra conditioning sessions before, after or on off days away from training.

2. Find Pro Fitness Scores & Aim To Beat Them

  • It's always wise to track your progress and have ambitious fitness goals, finding what the standard is in the EPL, La Liga or MLS is always a good marker to strive for.

3. Create/Buy A Fitness Plan

  • You can't just be doing random workouts whenever you feel like it that you saw once on instagram.
  • Having a proper periodized fitness training plan is key for you to manage your team training and your own fitness training on top of it.

Top 3 Tips On Soccer Leadership

1. Vocal Or By Example

  • It's okay if you're not the RA! RA!! type of leader on your team and it's also okay if you are!
  • Whichever suits your personality will work for your team but be sure that you're at least one of the two.
  • You can't be quiet and walk around the pitch for 90 minutes, that doesn't inspire people to follow you as the leader.
  • One of the best soccer tips you will ever receive is to be yourself when leading, being a genuine leader is the most important thing.

2. Outwork Everyone

  • There is no substitute for flexing your leadership muscle then by being the hardest worker on the team.
  • Everyone respects the player that puts in the most work at training and in the games.
  • This is an easy way to gain some leadership status on the team, if you're the hardest workers and one of the most talented, now you've got yourself a player who can play at the next level.

3. Take Responsibility

  • No leaders are perfect, when you make a mistake be the first to put your hand up and say "my bad".
  • Most people think this is showing weakness but it's actually showing an incredible amount of strength being able to say you messed up and take responsibility.
  • You will soon see your teammates doing the same and before you know it you've started to create a culture of responsibility and hard work.

Top 3 Soccer Tips About Taking Care Of Your Body

1. Sleep Away Your Problems

  • No matter what fancy chambers and massaging tools they will come up with the single greatest recovery tool is a good nights sleep.
  • Go to bed at the same time, wake up at the same time, sleep in a dark room and keep your cell phone away from you.

2. Eat Right

  • Putting the right fuel to go again the next day and the day after that is vital to keeping your body working at its optimal level.
  • Create good habits of eating and stay away from the late night junk food at all costs.

3. Don't Overtrain

  • Six days a week is enough for any human, pushing yourself to seven days a week with little rest is just asking for an injury.
  • Listen to your body and turn it up and dial it back whenever necessary.
  • To learn more about improving your nutrition to play at your best feel free to read this article about the Best Soccer Players Diet.

Top 3 Soccer Tips On How To Get A University Scholarship

1. Academics First

  • Having good grades will open so many doors for you to pursue your dream and play soccer and the University/College level.
  • The first things coaches ask is how your grades are, poor grades can make it difficult to get you into an academic program and be eligible to receive an athletic scholarship.

2. Online Presence

  • You have to have a highlight tape, clips, resume and references ready for any coach that may be interested in recruiting you so having all these documents online is critical.
  • You may only have 15 seconds to impress a coach so be sure that highlight tape starts off with a bang.

3. Go Through A Contact

  • If possible have your current Coach or former player of that team reach out to the coach for you to recommend you.
  • Coaches get so many emails from players a great way to stand out is to have someone they know vouch for your ability.

Top 3 Soccer Tips On How To Get A Pro Tryout

1. Create A CV & Highlight Tape

  • Make sure to have all the documents they need ready to go before they even ask. Highlight tape, full game tape and CV with references.

2. Get An Agent Right Away

  • You're not going anywhere in this game without an agent by your side.
  • Get someone to shop you around and set up tryouts for you across the globe, the best thing you can do is get an agent as soon as possible.
  • This might be the most critical of all the soccer tips you read about today.

3. Leverage Your Contacts

  • Ask your current and former coaches if they know an agent or team that they would recommend for you, you never know but a pro tryout could be one phone call or text away.

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