Soccer Shoes Heaven! Cleats, Turfs and Indoors Let's Go!!!!

soccer shoes

It must be the SHOES!! In this case it might be, soccer shoes and associated footwear for training is an important step in maximizing your training.

Choosing Firm ground or Soft ground Cleats all depends on the weather and pitch conditions and adding a pair or two of Indoor and Turf shoes completes every warriors arsenal of weapons, two more must haves. Don't wanna be blaming those missed pk's or injuries on those cleats you got from the lost and found bin.

Soccer footwear specifics taken from professional settings and clubs that use nothing but the best for intense training purposes. It was pouring down rain all last night, and I have a game in a few hours which cleats should I go with multi or six stud? Wait it's a turf field, now what?

All of your answers along with recommendations and advice on how to get the best out of your training footwear. A poor craftsman blames their tools, don't let it happen to you now.

If you are serious about your game already then you know the value of having quality soccer shoes. Even though these days some boots cost you an arm and a leg. Having reliable quality equipment is important, just be thankful you're not playing hockey and buying all that equipment.

Now that you've got all the info on what you need and how you need to feel with them on, all that's left is to buy them and play. Oh and remember, if you miss that sitter in injury team for the win and think it's the soccer shoes you decided to go with, don't look at me. But if you burry it, it's all thanks to yours truly, enjoy.

The breakdown of each shoe and associated equipment are broken down individually. To really understand the strengths and weaknesses of each click through the page and familiarize yourself with them all. Every great warrior takes pride in their weapons and soccer boots are your weapon.

Okay let's be real, footwear does play a role in terms of choosing the appropriate shoe for the appropriate condition. But in terms of player skill level and development there is no magic shoe that will take your game from average to good or good to great.

Some people do feel more confident on the pitch when they look good so if thats what it takes for you then do it. The golden rule when choosing footwear is comfort over look, ya sure you want both but you want to feel good in them above all.

Soccer Cleats (Firm Ground/Multi-Stud)

All Firm Ground Soccer Cleats are not created equal! Knowing when and which shoe to use can be tricky. Generally when the ground is hard or firm (hence the name) is when you go with this cleat.

If you're the kind of player who likes classic copa's and keeping it simple we've got shoe training advice for you. If you're the flashy, need to wear sun glasses to see your shoes kind of player, we've got advice and shoe tips for you as well, oh and therapy. Enjoy.

Soccer Cleats (Soft Ground/6-Stud)

Damp pitch? Better lace up those Soft Ground Cleats and get the traction you need my friend. If you've ever slipped while playing or lacked that traction you needed on the pitch then you're probably not wearing what you need on your feet.

Anybody that's used Soft Grounds knows where I'm coming from when playing a game on a soaked pitch and the pitch is as soft as mud. All of you British players probably only have SG boots and can relate.

Indoor Soccer Shoes

Quality Indoor Soccer Shoes are necessary for every player that loves to play a little indoor. Close touch, full control and comfort are all things that make a good indoor shoe.

You might have a friend that's had the same pair of indoors for years because they like the way they feel, wait, it's you isn't it? Picking the right shoe is important for bringing out your full potential on the field, if only they could play for themselves.

Soccer Turf Shoes

Can't decide when to use your Soccer Turf Shoes ? Or do you not even know what purpose they really serve? Whichever the case soccer turfs can be a useful tool to have in your arsenal for both indoor and outdoor turf pitches.

Some prefer them over cleats because of the closer control and touch you can have with the sole. You like rolling the ball over and over don't you? Then it's turfs all the way.

Where Can I Find All Of These Soccer Shoes At One Place?




Should I Own A Pair Of Each Of These Soccer Shoes?
I'm Not Made Of Money!

To be straight with you it depends where you live, what types of fields you play on mostly. If you live in a warm weather part of the world where it never gets cold and you can play outdoor football year round that is must different than a New York, Toronto or Russia.

If you can only afford three of the four go with firm ground cleats, turfs and indoor shoes. The soft ground cleats to be honest aren't worn very often if ever anymore these days. Especially with more and more fields having turf on them these shoes are becoming a bit old fashioned and obsolete.

If you can only afford two of the four go with firm ground and indoor soccer shoes. This way you can wear you cleats on outdoor turf, outdoor grass and even indoor turf at a lot of places. Then of course for any hardwood or futsal surface training you got those indoor shoes.

If you can only afford one of the four go with one of the two options by a pair of firm ground cleats and any indoor training (hardwood or Futsal court) use your running shoes or a pair of other flat shoes you may have.
Or if you play on lost of turf pitches indoor and out then go with a pair of turf shoes and anything indoors that isn't turf use some running shoes for now.

Can I Just Wear My Turfs On All Surfaces And Save Some Money?

Well that is definitely an option but if you are playing on hardwood or grass you won't have the right tool for the job. If you live somewhere in the world where you mainly play on turf whether it is indoors or outdoors your turfs will get you by in most situations.

Now if your team or some friends want to play some pick up or in a league on hardwood or a Futsal type surface you're going to need a pair of gum sole indoor soccer shoes. If you're lucky enough to live somewhere where the weather is beautiful most of the year and you play on grass pitches then your turfs aren't going to cut it.

In this case you will need a pair of firm ground soccer shoes commonly referred to as cleats or boots.

Top 5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Soccer Shoes

1. Only Wear During Games and Practices

  • Not hiking, not going for runs or cutting the grass, only use your soccer shoes for practices, games or training on your own on a field.
  • Even the walk to and from the car before and after training be sure to take them off to not cause any wear and tear or damage to the inside or outside of the shoe.

2. Polish and Clean Often

  • If you really want the shoe to stay in great condition try cleaning them with a damp cloth, picking out any excess dirt, rocks and grass from the seams.
  • If you happen to have leather shoes then throw on some shoe polish or spray to protect the leather long term, okay maybe not every practice but try getting in the habit of doing this at least once a week, your shoes will thank you later.

3. Avoid Walking On Damaging Surfaces

  • Walking on surfaces that aren't the playing pitch (grass or turf) can really cause some damage to the shoes.
  • Even the walk to and from the car before and after training with your cleats on can do some damage to them if walking on concrete, asphalt, rocks or whatever else.
  • The last thing you want is some gravel, sticks, snow or anything else rubbing up against the material of the shoe and damaging it some way.

4. Dry & Wipe Down After Rainy Day

  • I know I know the last thing you want to do after playing in a wet and rainy match is to care for your shoes instead of jumping in the shower right away.
  • If you decide not to you can do some real damage to your shoe if you don't wipe it down and dry it as soon as you can.
  • Just a damp towel to wipe it down and stuffing it with some paper towels will do the trick, also lean them up against the wall so the water doesn't pool and it will dry the shoe faster.

5. Keep Away From Cold Areas

  • Have you ever gone looking for an old pair of soccer shoes (ya know the one that you scored a big goal with against that team at that place) snap out of it! But seriously have you ever found that old pair in the garage or in the shed in the backyard only to find its gone all hard and crispy almost?
  • Then they are hard to put on, they've lost their shape and now the pair of soccer shoes you wanted to wear again are good for doing pretty much nothing but taking up space in the garage.
  • The moral here is to just keep them inside of your house somewhere so the temperature changes don't mess with your shoes.

I Want All My Soccer Shoes To Be Matching And The Same Brand, Which Should I go With?

Okay I get it you want all your shoes to look a like and if you can for them not only to all be one brand but matching colours would be nice too.Before I give you the list, don't get so caught up on them all being the same brand and colour.

Some companies may make an indoor shoe that you love but the outdoor shoe equivalent isn't quite your style.

So always choose your shoes based on comfort, feel, durability and quality first, then if all those things are taken care of now you can start to play fashion designer extraordinaire.


  • Nike will provide you with soccer shoes of all varieties. More known for their synthetic materials and sharp looking shoes than the traditional old school durable shoes made of leather.


  • Adidas is your classic old school brand that is timeless in soccer. More known for their leather high quality materials and less about the flashy look.
  • Speaking from experience Adidas is incredibly dependable and comfortable, can't go wrong with that.


  • Puma is making a real charge these days in the soccer world with the recent signing of Neymar from Nike.
  • Puma has had both synthetic and leather materials go into their soccer footwear and is a reliable brand known for having a wide range of products not really specializing in indoor or outdoor.

Under Armour

  • Under Armour is still seen very much as a late entry to the soccer game and although more teams and people are wearing UA boots they are still very much the ugly cousin.

Diadora, Lotto, New Balance

  • These three are on the same level in the peking order although very different.
  • Diadora and Lotto are known as classic old school brands that are primarily soccer focused while New Balance is a running company that has tried to come into the soccer circles recently.

What's your favorite Soccer Cleat of all time and Why?

What's your favorite Soccer Cleat of all time and Why?

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