Lack of Confidence - What To Do?

by Erik
(Trinidad and Tobago)


ok so im a young guy just turned 19 and thinking about taking my football game to the next great even unstoppable on my best days ..but there are some days where i dont feel like myself at pretty quick on my feet and can run a 10.5 flat for a 100m but..on those bad days i dont feel quick or agile ..i dont feel like myself period and its really frustrating as people start to get on my back on these days and criticize me and it just adds up and makes things more difficult...its really difficult gathering the confidence to go try out for this team that just turned pro in my community even though i know i can make it with relative ease on my good days.. so can you please help me out?? any advice would be greatly appreciated and at this point my speed is my greatest attribute and i dont want to overly rely on it ..i can do everything else well..but my speed stands out the most..again any tips would help...thanks a million ..looking forward to your reply.


Erik, first of all before you get too down on yourself I need to remind you that every player goes through moments like this on a daily basis. You, me, Gerrard, Lampard and whoever else you want to name go through times of doubt, uncertainty and low confidence. To be honest top professional players go through it much more than anybody else because every touch, move and pass is under the microscope of an entire nation, so you are not alone.

But!! the beauty is there is a way of dealing with this inconsistency and self doubt. There are a couple of things you need to do, you need to develop some techniques on and off the field to remind yourself of how good you are and all of your strengths. Whether it's an affirmation list, a letter to yourself or self talk you need to design a pre training and match routine that will get your confidence up and performance consistent every time you step out on the pitch. You can find a great list of tools and techniques at:

Soccer Psychology Tips

Realize that this is going to take time, just like training any technical skill part of your game training your mind takes just as long if not longer.

If you do decide to go to this trial and I think you should (if for nothing else but the experience) then you will need to get your fitness up to the Pro Level. This 6 Week PRO Fitness Program will get your fitness like the pros.

Good Luck to you.


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