Why Is USA Vs Mexico Soccer Rivalry So Intense? Can't We All Just Get Along? No!!

usa vs mexico soccer

So much for friendly neighbours, so why is the USA vs Mexico soccer rivalry so intense and bad blooded?

It used to be Mexico who was the dominant force in Concacaf and now slowly, bit by bit the Americans have brought themselves neck and neck with Mexico and maybe that's why this rivalry has grown with such passion and pride.

So who has the better team now and historically? Which country and domestic league produces the best players and moving forward into the future which country will come the closest to winning its first World Cup for its homeland? Don't you love questions that don't have answers to them yet? I know I do!!

Find out all the different reasons why the USA vs Mexico rivalry has become one of the premier battles at the international level and why you should check out a game if you can.

No matter on which side of the fence you sit this has got to be on your bucket list to complete if you're a true soccer fan, hey might as well see it twice then once in the USA and once in Mexico.

USA Vs Mexico Soccer History & Highlights

Top 5 Reasons The USA Vs Mexico Rivalry Is So Heated

1. Neighbouring Countries

  • Sometimes it's just because our neighbours are right next us we tend to fight with them more than people blocks away.
  • In this case the USA and Mexico share a boarder and proximity sometimes is the only thing you need to start a feud.
  • With the high volume of interaction between the people of both countries it is only natural that each side will come across a bad experience with the other and that animosity makes this rivalry filled with even more animosity and aggression.

2. Political Conflict

  • Whether it's immigration, border control or anything else the conflict on the field sometimes is a spilling over of political issues that are happening between the countries.
  • The USA vs Mexico soccer rivalry is intense enough and now you start throwing in the political tug of war between the two countries it's only natural that tempers will be at an even higher level.

3. New Kids On The Block

  • Nobody like a noisy neighbour and that's exactly what the USA are now to the established international side of Mexico.
  • When you beat up on your little brother for so long and then they grow up and can handle themselves now you still remember all the beatings and have a tough time accepting that you're equals or even that they can beat you up now!
  • Whichever way you break it down nobody likes it when another team that you used to have your way with now is consistently competing and beating you head to head, it doesn't make you accept them in fact it makes you despise them even more.

4. American Born Mexicans & Mexican Born Americans

  • As more time passes and more couples start having Mexican-American and American-Mexican kids the players on the national teams start to become more and more mixed between the two countries.
  • These players that have both heritages in their blood start to become targets as not being a true American if they play for Mexico and visa versa causing a sense of betrayal and high tension between the different players.
  • These players also have to choose which country they will play with and whichever country they don't choose will always feel slighted and bitter towards the player, especially if they're a top player.

5. Different Cultural Beliefs & Values

  • The Mexican and American lifestyles, food, ceremonies and traditions are vastly different in many ways and when you have two opposing views that are so contrasting it is only natural to feel some sort of tension.
  • The USA vs Mexico soccer rivalry is much more than just soccer, it is a battle between two types of people, countries and cultures.

Top 5 Reasons To Go To A USA Vs Mexico Soccer Game

1. Energy & Atmosphere

  • If you've ever been to a live match of two rivals, a derby or even an el classico you know that indescribable energy and feeling you get just sitting in the stands and taking it all in.
  • Watching two teams and two countries with great history, passion and desire is a special thing to be a part of and if you ever get the chance seeing these two team in person is a decision you will never regret, no matter the price of admission!

2. Quality Of Soccer

  • Okay it may not be Brazil vs Argentina or Germany vs France but you will still see some high quality soccer if you get a chance to see these teams play live.
  • A USA vs Mexico soccer match will put on display some of the top players in the world playing at some of the elite clubs in world football.
  • Sometimes we don't give the Americans and Mexicans enough credit on how well they play so sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful sound of poetry in motion.

3. Inspire The Next Generation

  • We all want to lite the fire in our own kids and the kids we coach to go on and be the next great American or Mexican player.
  • I can't think of a better way to inspire the next wave of young players to achieve their childhood dreams then having them watch two passionate countries go head to head for ninety minutes.
  • There's something to be said about showing kids what an important game, in a big stadium looks and feels like.
  • How many athletes dreams go injected with love, passion and obsession after their parents took them to a big game? I bet quite a few so do the same and pass it on. 

4. Family Fun

  • For the most part these games won't get too rowdy where you may not want to bring your kids and family to.
  • Usually they are good spirited and fun for both sides no matter the end result. Put your teams jersey on, get some face paint on the kids and buy them some pizza and they'll love you forever for it.
  • Maybe start off with an exhibition game between the two before taking them to an important tournament or qualifier first, just in case.

5. Learn & Develop Your Game

  • Whether you're a player or a coach there is so much to learn by watching a high level professional international match. Watch how the players move, pass, dribble and lead their teams throughout the different parts of the game.
  • Choose a player in your position and watch their movements and actions and see which areas of your game you could add a little bit of what they have to it.
  • Take some notes and look to apply them to your next training session or game, model the best in the world in your position and you can't go wrong.

Top 5 Things To Avoid When Going To A USA Vs Mexico Soccer Game

1. Egging Opposing Fans On

  • Go to the game and enjoy the match, cheer for your team and go home. Don't be rubbing it in the face of the opposing fans if your teams is winning or be a sore loser if they're not.
  • You never know who and how many people you're upsetting and there are a lot of crazy people in this world and you don't want to piss one off by accident. Don't go looking for trouble, enjoy the game and let the best team win.
  • The USA vs Mexico soccer rivalry is intense enough, you don't need to be stirring the pot any more than you have to.

2. Sitting In The Wrong Section

  • Triple check before you go that your ticket was bought in either the neutral section of the stadium (usually the long stands on the east and west sides of the stadium) or if you're going to sit in the north or south stands (where the hardcore chanting fans sit). Make sure you're on the side of your team and not the opponent.
  • If you're looking to stay out of any trouble be sure to wear a neutral colour so people don't know who you're cheering for.

3. Having One Too Many Drinks

  • It's okay to have a drink or two and have a good time but know your limit and don't go past it and put yourself and your friends in a bad position by annoying the people around you.
  • The loud drunk guy becomes an easy target for upset opposing fans plus you don't want to run the risk of security throwing you out of the game because you keep falling into people or are causing a scene.

4. Showing Up Right At Kick Off

  • Some great moments happen before the game and during warm ups as your favourite players get ready for the game.
  • If you go to a USA vs Mexico soccer match try and get there a little earlier and watch the players go through their warm ups and pre game routines and you may learn a thing or two about how they prepare for a big match.
  • You might also see some incredible skills, tricks, shots and other things these players can do you may not see in the game so it's worth getting their about an hour early.

5. Playing With Your Phone All Game

  • Unless it's to take some pictures or videos try and put your phone away at least until half time and take the entire experience and atmosphere in.
  • Spend this time to connect with your friends and family and cheer on your national team to victory, save the Instagram and texts for later.

Who Has Been The Better Team Head To Head In The USA Vs Mexico Soccer Rivalry?

Well there are two answers to that and depending how what side you stand you're probably going to stick to the argument that makes your national team look superior.

So the case for Mexico is that they have won 8 Gold Cups to USA's 6, one point for Mexico.

They also have the all time best head to head record with USA currently standing at 38 wins, 14 draws and 20 loses, that's two points for Mexico and the official knockout punch.

The USA argument is that since 2000 where the Americans have started to really invest in the sport and the development of their players the USA has the winning record with 14 wins with 9 loses and 6 draws.

The Americans feel like the USA vs Mexico rivalry is starting to rend their way but if we are looking at the history of both national teams I'm sorry to say USA but the Mexicans are runaway winners here.

If you want more in depth stats and information about the USA vs Mexico soccer rivalry check out this page, USA vs Mexico Soccer Rivalry Stats.

Who Has The Better Domestic League?
USA (MLS) Or Mexico (Liga MX)

It is really difficult to determine which league is stronger using the eyeball test where you watch the top five or six teams from each league and see which teams play the highest level of soccer. The only way to settle the debate if one league is stronger than the other is by looking at the numbers, stats and championships.

The two questions you need to ask of any league is do they produce players to create a strong national team (the objective of many domestic leagues) and second when playing head to head in the Concacaf Champions League which teams from which leagues have had more success.

You can look away now Americans this isn't going to be pretty. In terms of national team success although the gap is closing the Mexicans win this by a landslide having a commanding head to head record and having more Gold Cup championships.

If that wasn't enough let's look at the second question, which clubs from which leagues have won the most Concacaf Champions League winners trophies.

Well it looks like the Mexicans and LIGA MX run away with this one having 12 titles to MLS's 2 titles. Case closed on this one folks, the USA vs Mexico soccer rivalry at the club and country level goes to Mexico.