Lead Me To The Summer Camps Soccer Sign Up For My Kids Please!

summer camps soccer

I scored two goals today Dad!! Summer camps soccer fun never sounded so great!

Those are the sweetest words you could possibly ever hear from your kids mouth.

All kids want to join camp for the summer but how can you choose the best one that your kid will love?

Sure maybe all his friends are going to a certain one so then that may make your choice easy. If you're trying to decide which is the best bang for your buck and more importantly which one will give your kid the best teaching and overall experience well then you've got some work to do.

Here you will find tips, advice, things to remember, costs, length and so much more giving you what camp life is really all about and what to really look for.

You're going to want to do your research on these Barcelona FC, Juventus and Manchester United camps that role into town and decide if this is really want your kid wants or do you just want to tell your friends your kid could be the next world star.

Some of the best memories of the beautiful sport we all love your kid will ever have will be at summer camp kicking a ball around, learning their craft and making new friends.

Making the right choice of camp is critical for your kids continual development and love of the game for years to come. Whatever you may be looking for with regards to summer camps soccer programming you will find it here with honest and straight advice on what to look for.

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Top 5 Tips You Should Know About Summer Camps Soccer Programs

1. Register Early

  • Get the early bird special and save some money by being organized and registering your kid early.
  • Most camps will give you a certain discount if you book early enough so get your ducks in a row and take the stress off of your plate by getting your kid in early then planning the rest of your summer around it.
  • Not only will you be at ease you and your kid can start recruiting his friends to join the same camp to make the experience even better.

2. Do Some Research On The Camp

  • Ask friends who may have attended this particular camp in the past or look at some reviews online to see if it is the type of camp you want your kid involved with.
  • If you can get familiar with the types counsellors that are involved with the camp such as are they actually soccer players at some level or are they just teenagers looking for a summer job.
  • The most important part of your child's experience with camps will be the relationship they make with the counsellors so be sure that the camp has good ones.
  • You also want to look into where its held, what the schedule is like and the types of things your kid will be doing all day.
  • The last thing you want is to sign him/her up for a camp that is boring and doesn't do any of the fun things most camps include.

3. University Camps Are Best

  • If you have the chance to put your kids in to a summer soccer camp that is run by a University soccer team then you'll be in heaven.
  • Not only is the camp being run on a safe campus there are also great role models for your kids to look up to in the counsellors who are typically varsity athletes playing for the University.
  • They have great facilities with knowledgeable fun counsellors.
  • Your kid will leave camp feeling inspired to one day be like their counsellor, attend school and play for the team, it doesn't get much better than that.

4. Try & Find One Close To Or At Work

  • There's nothing better than not having to change your schedule at all and taking your kid with you in the morning to camp and picking them up when work is done.
  • See if the place you work or near by runs summer camps soccer programming so you can just do your typical daily routine and drop your kid off as you go.
  • The convenience of having a camp like this is worth whatever the price is for the week of training and (let's be honest) babysitting.

5. It's Like Babysitting With Exercise

  • If your kid is at the age where sitting at home all day just isn't what you want for them a summer camps soccer programming may be the perfect thing for them.
  • Forget getting a babysitter this is like babysitting but with exercise, social interaction and a whole lot of fun.
  • Dump the babysitter and sign your kid up for weeks of camp and you'll be happy you did when they get home and just pass out, parenting 101.

Top 5 Things To Avoid About Summer Camps Soccer Programs

1. Choosing The Wrong Level For Your Kid

  • We all think our kids are the greatest thing since sliced bread but really think about what level you want to put them in where they will have the most fun.
  • Many camps offer different skill levels for different kids so be sure to look into which one you think will give your kid just enough challenge.
  • Success and overall enjoyment largely depend on putting them in the appropriate (not necessairly the highest) skill level available.

2. Choosing The First Camp You See Online

  • This isn't something you want to rush and put your kid into a camp they aren't going to enjoy.
  • Browse around, call some friends, reach out to the camp directly and see what they're all about before you register your kid into their summer camps program.
  • 15 minutes of work will help you be stress free this summer when your kid is loving his camp and begging to do it again for another week or even two.

3. Not Watching & Checking In On Your Kid

  • Not only do you want to watch your pride and joy as they run around the camp with a smile ear to ear you should also check in to make sure the camp is legit.
  • You never know which camp your kid is getting involved with so pop in and make sure the counsellors aren't just sitting around doing nothing or kids or mistreating one another.
  • You want to make sure you've placed your kid in a safe and fun environment on top of just enjoying watching them play.

4. Picking Your Kid Up For Lunch Everyday

  • Let them interact and get to know their fellow campers, lunch is literally the best time for them to joke around, show each other videos on their phones and just be kids care free.
  • Don't rob them of that natural kid to kid connection by taking them away from the camp every single lunch hour.
  • If you want to see them for a bit pop by, drop off some lunch and make sure everything is going well then duck out and let them do their kid thing.

5. Choosing A Camp Without Asking Your Own Kid

  • Even if you've found an amazing summer camps soccer program that you think your kid will love be sure to touch base with them and see if it's what they actually want.
  • Maybe they don't want to go to camp or want to try a different kind of sports camp or maybe all their friends are going to another one and they want to too.
  • Remember as much as you want to select the best camp in the world for your kid the most important thing you can do is make sure they love it and have fun all summer long, be sure to consider what they want.

Top 5 Things Your Kid Will Learn On & Off The Field At Their Summer Camps Soccer Program

1. Technical Skills

  • Of course your kid will be taught all of the fundamentals and essential skill of the game of soccer.
  • Most summer camps soccer programs have counsellors with a strong playing background that will teach your kids all the basics and advanced parts of the game from an individual skills perspective.
  • Whether it's improving their shot, control, dribbling or passing your kid will be getting hundreds if not thousands of touches of the ball every single day and improve their footwork tremendously.

2. Teamwork

  • Try working together to achieve a goal with people you've never met or hardly know, your kid will really be pushed to get to know other kids and trust them to be on his/her team.
  • Learning their names, communicating with them, organizing each other and using one another to defend, score goals and find ways to win the game will be valuable skills your kids will need to sort through.
  • Even if your kid is a superstar they're going to need to figure out how to use their teammates to beat the other teams and problem solve.

3. Listening Skills

  • Your kid will quickly understand the value of listening closely and attentively.
  • Drills are being explained, rules are being enforced and coaching points are being reinforced to them constantly throughout the days and week.
  • Whether they like it or not to succeed at a camp of any level they are going to need to learn how to listen effectively to their counsellors and teammates if they are going to get the most out of the week.

4. Discipline

  • Listening to authority, cleaning up after themselves and understanding when and where to be are some important skills your kid will learn to help develop their discipline.
  • Not only will they need to listen to the counsellors at all times they also need to follow the rules of the camp which may include no swearing, fighting, talking out of turn or anything else that may fly at home.
  • Your kid will come back to you more disciplined than ever before or at least know things can't always go their way like they may at home.

5. How To Compete

  • Believe me these camps aren't all kumbaya and holding hands, your kid will learn to compete against other people and understand what it is to give it your all every time you play no matter who you are up against.
  • Most elite summer camps soccer programming includes lots of small sided games and competitions to push the kids to their competitive limits and learning the valuable lessons of winning and losing.

How Long Do Summer Camps Soccer Programs Last & How Much Do They Cost?

Summer camps soccer programming usually run five days out of the week from Monday to Friday, some run seven days but typically they are a weekday package.

Some camps are also overnight but typically day camps for five days will run you between $250-$400 per kid. Anything less than that probably isn't something you want to get involved with and anything more than $400 is just flat out overpriced and will give you the same experience the other ones will.

Don't be mislead by the overpriced Real Madrid or Barcelona camps that tend to come into town. It is typically the same quality as any other elite level camp so do your research and choose the camp that is the right price for what you and your kid are looking for.

If you're really set on sending your kid to one of these Pro Teams camps overseas feel free to check out this link to the Pro Teams Soccer Camps Abroad.

Depending on their age and level you want to consider how serious of a summer camps soccer program they want versus one that is a little bit more laid back and geared more towards fun than it is elite high performance at their age.

The professional teams that run camps typically are all soccer all the time with very little room for fun and games, if that's what you're looking for then great but if it's not be sure to enrol your kid in a camp that suits yours and their needs.