Soccer Tips: Best step?

by Dylan

Soccer Tips:


My goal is to play in the MLS and then in Europe. I am wondering if it would be better to play MISL or college ball first?


Hello Dylan, this is a common dilemma many aspiring pro's like your self face and can be a crucial turning point for many players.

Although it may seem like a difficult decision the answer depends on several factors. Let me give you some things to consider.

Have you been approached or looked at by any MISL sides or Colleges? If you have been approached by either what level are they at? The last thing you want is to go somewhere where the level is poor and you waste your time and don't get the opportunity to get to the next level.

If you have the option to go to a top 50 D1 school or top 30 NAIA school I would definitely reccommend taking that opportunity over the MISL.

Sometimes to figure out these questions you need to work backwards. If you look at the majority of MLS players that are drafted, they come from quality D1 or NAIA programs and MLS teams keep going back to these schools because they have a reputation of producing quality next level players.

So to give your self the best opprotunity to play in the MLS one of the best soccer tips I can give you is going to a quality school where somebody will have an eye on you for the pro level.

Not that the MISL is a poor league or you don't need to be quality to play there, it's just that MLS teams don't take a lot of indoor players to play outdoor. Because as we both know success in indoor doesn't always mean success outdoor.

Also Dylan I know your goal is to play professionally but you have to be smart in life and have a plan B, C or even D.

Going to University will give you that fall back plan in case of injury, not working out, change of heart or whatever else.

To read more about going professionally after college have a look at Pro Soccer Success After College Page

I went to University in the States to a top NAIA school and I went on to play in the 1st Division in Europe. I had several friends get drafted into the MLS from play at top D1 Universities which is the most common way to get drafted.

Going to University before trying to play pro was the best decision I ever made and was the reason I developed as a player and person to get to the next level in soccer and other aspects of life.

If you want to get ahead of the competition and want to know how the pro's train. Then having this 6 Week Pro Fitness Program will get you to see what it takes to train like a professional.

Hope these soccer tips have helped, good luck to you Dylan.

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