Soccer Socks That Will Knock Your Ummm... Socks Off!?

soccer socks

Everybodddddyyy! Socks, socks, socks, socks, socks, socks.. soccer socks!!! everyboddyyy! Lil John anyone?

Anyways the absolute worse thing to forget to bring when playing a match, you guessed it, your socks.

We all have fond memories of our socks growing up like having to hold them out the window of the car trying to dry them as we race not to be late for the game, anyone? Just me?

It's also the one thing no matter how many years pass you always have an old pair from a youth club kicking around the house somewhere, ahhh the good old days.

Now though it's time to get a new pair and although the basics are still exist there are a few changes and things you may need to know about what kind of sock you need, how much they cost and where you can buy them.

Most people like to stick with the same brand while others like to mix it up, no matter which side you're on I suggest you have a pair or two just for training with your team and on your own then another pair when it's game time. If your team provides with you game socks before every game then you're already a step ahead.

Wear Your Socks Like A Pro Video Explanation

All Of The Different Types Of Soccer Socks
Knee High (game & training), crew, grip

Knee High Game Soccer Socks

The classic game sock we all love. There is a difference between knee high socks for training and for games.

Although you can wear either, if you are looking for the higher end type the pro's wear you are going to want to go with this one.

The only real difference is some stitching, some extra padding, quality of thread and fit (okay there's quite a difference).

You will be able to tell one from the other based on all the extra patches, grooves, variation in thread thickness, extra foot padding and each sock is labeled left (L) and right (R), oh and the price!

Knee High Practice Soccer Socks

These are your standard knee high soccer socks that are good for training and come at a bit lower price then the fancy game socks with all the padding and extras.

Reliable on a daily basis for training and games as well as just kicking a ball around with some friends. This is the most common type of soccer sock you will find around soccer players and teams in your local leagues.

Stick to trusted well known brands and you can't go wrong.

Shin High Training Crew Socks

You may seen these before and they are used typically just for training, teams jogs, team strength sessions and pretty much anything but the actual match.

These will become your new best friend when it comes to any type of soccer activity that doesn't require you to wear shin guards. If you ever make it to the big time you will be wearing these on a consistent basis in and around the club house.

Shin High Grip Soccer Socks

These grip socks are for those players that hate when their foot slides around in their shoe while playing.

If you want your foot to stay firmly against the insole inside the shoe then a pair of these will do it for sure.

These can be worn similar to the crew socks at all events that don't require you to wear shin guards.

Lots of players like to wear them for games but they cut their regular sock to where this one begins and tape it to keep it together.

Top 5 Soccer Socks Brands

1. Nike

2. Adidas

3. Diadora 

4. Puma

5. Under Armour

Top 5 Things To Remember When Buying A Pair Of Soccer Socks

1. Correct Thickness

  • The biggest complaint about socks over the years has been that they are too thick.
  • Some like it thick and others thin so it's important to feel and try on a potential pair of sock you're going to buy to know which one works for you.
  • Whether it's at the foot or shin portion of the sock you're going to want to get the thickness just right so shop around until you get it right.

2. Correct Tightness

  • Tightness can be the make or break between a sock that fits like a glove and one you want to cut up with some scissors.
  • You don't want your circulation cut off so give them a good pul and stretch then try them on and see if they are up to your standards in terms of tightness both in the foot and up the calf.

3. Overall Comfort

  • There is just something to be said for a sock just feeling right.
  • No tightness, no itching and just the right give makes the perfect sock so feel out the overall comfort level and go with your gut.

4. Name Brand

  • You want to stick with the big boys here, your class Nike, Adidas, Puma, Diadora and Under Armours of the world.
  • Tried, trusted and true these brands will give you a quality sock made the right way.
  • Don't be persuaded by the random Italian or Asian brand that has no history of being used at the highest levels.

5. Game Sock Vs Training Sock

  • Make sure you know what you're buying your socks for because a game sock and a practice one essentially serve the same purpose but can be very different in terms of feel, fit and design.
  • An easy way to know the difference is that game socks are more expensive, so if two socks kind of look the same but one is $15-$20 more expensive then you know that's the game sock.

Top 5 Things To Avoid When Buying A Pair Of Soccer Socks

1. Fashion Over Function

  • I know the socks on your eye just caught look beautiful but remember look is just one piece of the pie.
  • Like any quality piece of soccer apparel make sure it passes the quality, comfort and durability feel then you can pick the best looking sock in all the land, but not before.

2. Buying Without Trying

  • You're going to want to give these soccer socks a spin before making your final decision.
  • Bring a pair of soccer indoors or cleats so slip on as you try the socks on so you know how they feel in the shoes you'll be playing with.
  • Sometimes all the socks look the same on the shelf so you want to try them on before you mistakingly take a youth or adult size that may not be suited for what you're looking for.

3. Going Too Cheap

  • The last thing you want to do is to under spend here and buy the cheapest socks you can find.
  • They will fall apart, rip or not fit well and you'll be back to buying another pair in a week so it's better to over spend just a touch here to ensure you are getting a high quality pair of socks that will last.

4. Random Brand

  • Stay away from a brand you have never heard of before or a deal that looks too good to turn down.
  • Stick to what's been proven to work in the past and in the past the well known brands can be relied on for quality and durability.

5. Buying A New Pair Online

  • Be careful about buying a new pair of socks online that you've never had in the past.
  • You won't get a good sense for the fit, thickness or length until you've had it before.
  • If it's a pair of soccer socks you've had in the past and you are comfortable with the brand and know what to expect then sure re-ordering another pair just like it online is a safe bet.

Where To Buy Your New Pair Of Soccer Socks

Always be careful of buying soccer apparel online so I would recommend (if possible) to order a pair you've had in the past that you're happy with so you can just order your size and be good to go.

Ordering a new pair leaves so much up in the air in terms of satisfaction so if you have to go right ahead but keep that receipt handy just in case. Below you will find the three most trusted and best online resources for being not only soccer socks but any other of your soccer equipment needs.




What Are The Different Parts Of Soccer Socks

Why Do Some Players Cut Their Socks?

We've all played with that player that cuts the foot part of the practice or game socks off, puts their own low cut or grip sock on and tapes down the bottom part of the cut sock to the low cut sock.

What is this all about you ask? Well to get in their minds a little what they're thinking is the bottom part of the full length sock is too thick for their liking.

They want a thin layer of sock around their foot that sits in the shoe so it can move, breathe and flex easier throughout the game. As crazy as it may seem these players have got into a routine of doing it and it's comfortable for them and there is no going back.

Hey if they play well who cares, if they don't, maybe you should slap them upside the head and tell them to wear their socks like of the rest of the humans on earth.

Why Do Some Players Have Tape At The Top & Bottom Of Their Socks?

Red, blue, black, white and clear tape all over players socks, what in the world is happening here?

Well if you've seen players with a strip of tape wrapped around just under their knee and just above their ankle then there's a pretty straight forward explanation for it.

They are holding their shin guards in place from moving up and down their leg during a match, the tape holds it securely in place. Easy enough? It may not be your thing but next time you see it you'll understand what it's all about.

How Long Do Soccer Socks Last?

Of course the answer is depends how often you use them on a weeks basis but a good pair of socks can last years! If you use them just for soccer primarily you can keep hold of a good pair of soccer socks until you stop playing.

I know I have a few pairs from when I was a teenager still kicking about somewhere and it's smart to have a few pairs just in case they rip or you lose them.

Also try and get the same colour as your teams game day kit so in case you lose the socks your team gave you your backups are the same colour and can be replaced seamlessly.

Is Wearing My Socks Lower On My Calf Better For Circulation To My Legs?

Most socks are made so they never get tight enough to put that much restriction on the muscles and overall blood flow of the body.

If you feel it's bothering you then at half or during a stoppage in play feel free to move them down a bit to relax the calves but overall the answer is NO, the height of your socks won't affect your blood circulation.

How Much Does A Pair Of Soccer Socks Cost?

Roughly a pair of knee high soccer socks ranges from about $20 to $40. You basic knee high reliable soccer socks are in the $10-$20 range and the higher quality game socks tend to be in the $25-$40 range on average. 

Crew socks for training and other non game events typically range from about $15 to $30 a pair.

Grip socks which are also for training and other team events where shin pads aren't required range from $20 to $30 a pair.