Pro Player's Soccer Skills Challenge

The absolute best Soccer Skills Drill and quickest way to improve your soccer touch on the ball. Taken from professional training grounds this skill circuit is for anybody trying to improve or perfect your touch.

Ready for the skill challenge? Ready to see what your touch is made of? This 10 set skill circuit is just what you need to see if you have the touch of a god, or of a goat!

Follow the instructions exactly of this Soccer Skills Drill and see your footwork improve in front of your eyes. Want to gain master control? Then do it right and do it more than once a day if you're really serious about it.

Remember you can do these anywhere you have a space and a ball. Go through it 5 times and tell me how you feel, hold on hold catch your breath and then tell me how you feel. Ready..? GO!

This Soccer Skills Drill was designed for players that are serious about testing their touch, Pro's in europe can do this without one error on the ball. Count how many errors you have when you're done it 5 times.

Under 5 errors is exceptional, Under 10 is good, 10-20 means your touch is about average, 20-30 your touch needs work and 30+ means registration for the chess tournament next weekend is down the hall and to your left.

(each drill should be done in reps of 20 and circuit repeated 5 times)

Soccer Skills Challenge

This is for those looking to add a touch of class to their game. This workout can be done alone and I've done it myself playing professionally several times.

1. Inside of Feet - Touch the ball with the inside of your feet back and forth 20 times (10 each leg). When you progress with it and get more comfortable you should then try and not look at the ball then eventually with your eyes closed.

2. Triangle Touch - Ball starts in front of you, place your foot on it, roll it back towards you and pass it over to the next leg then back to the starting position. The ball will travel making a triangle. Switch feet after done 10 each side.

3. Pull a 'V' - Ball starts in front of you and to the left. Put your right foot on it, drag it back towards you and open up the other way. Making a 'V' pattern with the ball. then switch feet and go the opposite direction.

4. Backwards Ball Roll - Simple rolling the ball backwards as you're back pedaling. Switching feet constantly.

5. Ball Roll - Rolling ball to the side 10 times then switching feet and doing it again.

6. Toe touches - the ball does not move. switch feet with the balls of your feet touching the ball then switching feet.

7. Juggling - simply keep the ball in the air for at least 20 touches and resume to the next foot skill, you can even do this in between any or all of the drills.

8. One foot inside outside - Stand on one foot and with the other foot touch the ball inside and outside with the same foot only over and over again for 20 seconds. Then switch feet.

9. Inside outside - start the ball beside the outside of your right foot. Touch it with the outside of your right foot then inside of your right foot then over to the outside of the left and then inside of left. Drill should be done quickly and in sync. If you're confused remember the ball should be touching your feet as follows, outside inside switch feet outside inside constantly.

10. Scissors - Just do scissors over the ball, touch the ball to one side after 3, stop the ball and repeat drill.

Mastered it yet? Didn't think so, give it another go, faster, sharper and less errors. Good luck and remember to remember what's important, seeing the improvement of your soccer skills.

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