Pro Soccer Skill Workout - Wall Ball

A Pro Soccer Skill Workout that reminds us to go back to basics.

Fundamentals are everything, and at the pro level you'll truly understand why when the speed of play requires perfect fundamentals. You want have time to think of the ball so these fundamental skills need to be automatic.

This was give to me but a coach in my first year of playing professionally in Serbia and I thought the same thing you are right now while reading this. “This is so easy I can do this with my eyes closed.”

I realized after doing it a few times a week, before and after practice that it's not that easy and most importantly I valued the specific soccer skill sets it was reinforcing. I found out my left foot wasn't as great as I thought it was and it was also a great way to get a lot of touches (close to 700) in a short time.

The higher the level you play the simpler you need to play (sounds crazy but true) and these simple exercises are perfect to keep you sharp.

Every professional knows that you can never do enough of the fundamentals. Start from simple to complex.

All of the following drills listed are to start with the ball in your hand:

So... Pick the ball up in your hands, throw if off the wall and hit back while in the air with the:

Inside of Right Foot x50 passes

....then catch the ball in between each pass to your hands and go again. Then go on to the next one.

1.Inside of Left Foot x50 passes

2.Top of Right Foot x50 passes

3.Top of Left Foot x50 passes

4.Off wall to Chest to Inside of Right Foot x50

5.Off Wall to Chest to Inside of Left Foot x50

6.Off Wall to Chest to Top of Right Foot x50

7.Off Wall to Chest to Top of Right Foot x50

Now, with the ball starting on the ground, working on trapping the ball as well as it comes back with the same or alternate foot.

1.50 passes on the ground Inside of Right foot

2.50 passes on the ground Inside of Left foot

3.50 passes on the ground Top of Right foot

4.50 passes on the ground Top of Left foot

5.50 passes on the bounce back against the wall Inside of Right foot

6.50 passes on the bounce back against the wall Inside of Left foot

Then finally for 100 juggles (continuous if you can, if not pick up and continue) end with:

Juggle 5 times, pass off wall back to you, juggle 5 pass off wall using any part of body to control and pass. Lets see how you do.

This will get you over 650 touches on the ball and can be done every day before or after practice or on your day off.

As you get more comfortable with this (and it will take some time) you can start adding different variations to it. Even staggering the reps if you want to improve your left footed pass or whichever soccer skill it may be to get the best out of the drill.

“Man these guys in the EPL make the game look so easy and never make mistakes”. It's because their fundamentals are without error, and drill like this one help to develop the most important part of your game.

The beauty about this is it doesn't take a lot of equipment, set up or time but is extremely valuable in polishing your touch and in mastery of the fundaments of the game.

In between class, in the morning before a session or on the way to a friends house you can do these ball and wall drills and improve your overall soccer skill. Make it happen superstar.

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