Soccer Referee Uniforms That Actually Look Nice!

soccer referee uniforms

Looking good ref! (said by nobody ever), wearing your new soccer referee uniforms won't get you yelled at any less but hey at least you look good doing it.

When we talk about referee uniforms everyone immediately only thinks about the shirt and not the complete package which includes a badge, shorts, socks and shoes.

The higher you move up in the referee ranks the more well put together you're going to want all your soccer referee uniforms to look and matching your shoes to the rest of your outfit is a classy tough too (all black you say? Have it your way).

Like any job in any industry looking the part and looking professional projects a lot about you and how seriously you take what you do, fair or not the untucked and dishevelled referee will be seen upon as less qualified then the slick and matching official.

If you're in the market for some soccer referee uniforms and want to know all the details about what makes a professional outfit, what brand to go with, how many you should have and where you can buy them then you and this page are about to become new best friends.

Although players and coaches won't be yelling at you any less than they already do at least they'll respect your professionalism and style, ya you're right they won't even do that when they're angry at you.

If you're going to be a big time official on the world stage you better know the basics of how to act, what to wear and how to wear it before you get there.

Let this page serve as a refresher if you've been reffing for a while or a beginners guide if you're looking to get into reffing in the near future, the last thing you're going to want to do is show up on the first day of the job and be forgetting a key element of who you're supposed to look and what exactly you're supposed to wear.

Well... good luck to you and I hope you have thick skin because their are some lunatics out there who are going to be yelling at your for nothing at times and wearing the right uniform will be the least of your worries, good luck!

Soccer Referee Uniforms Video Reviews

Soccer Referee Uniforms Standards

Top 5 Qualities Of Soccer Referee Uniforms

1. Lightweight

  • The last thing you want is to have any part of the uniform to be heavy and weighing you down.
  • If you're going to be active and running around in the heat make sure to invest in something that feels like you hardly have anything on.

2. Quality Velcro Patch

  • This comes standard with most soccer referee uniforms but is something you're still going to to want to double check.
  • On top of that be sure that the velcro area isn't worn out or made of a cheap velcro material that won't hold the badge on firms and have you picking it up every couple of sprints.

3. Two Pockets In The Shirt

Some soccer referee uniforms only have the one pocket in the front of the shirt but try and get two if you can for extra space.

Here you can put your cards, book, pencil and anything else you may want to carry with you.

It may seem unnecessary but once you start adding up the extra whistle, back up watch etc. that second pocket will come in handy.

4. Comfort Is Everything

  • Function over fashion here (both if you can manage it) because the most valuable thing you can have when having your soccer referee uniforms on all day is to feel good in them.
  • Make sure the cut is fitted, the material is lightweight and breathable and standing around getting yelled at by players and coaches all day won't seem so bad.

5. Side Mesh & Cooling

  • The best shirts for any type of athletic activity are ones that can resist sweat and keep you fresh and cool when the sun is melting your skin.
  • Be sure you're getting quality shirts and shorts that have mesh to help with breathability to keep you cool all game long.

Top 5 Things To Remember When Buying Soccer Referee Uniforms

1. Buy Uncommon Colours

  • Other than your standard black or yellow uniform look to get a couple colours that aren't typical jersey colours of teams in your area.
  • Blues and reds are common colours teams wear so try and find yourself some greens, purples and oranges if at all possible.
  • When it comes time to ref tournaments and the teams are coming in fast and furious you'll be happy you have a couple unique colours in your bag.

2. Stick To Name Brands

  • When it comes to anything made with quality you are going to want to stick with name brands to ensure the best level of fit, durability and comfort.
  • Stay away from soccer referee uniforms that may be on sale or offer a good deal for a bunch of no name low quality ref uniforms.
  • You'll be paying more in the long run and are better off getting one quality shirt than five cheap ones.
  • The best brands when it comes to referee uniforms are United Attire, Adidas, Nike and Pro Referee, going with any of these will ensure you get a quality product at a fair price.

3. Don't Go Too Cheap

  • You're going to have your choice of low, medium and high quality level soccer referee uniforms to buy and I highly recommend you go with at least the medium tier ones.
  • You'll be happy you spent a few extra bucks when the uniform is comfortable, lightweight, last long and isn't bad on the eyes either.
  • Going for the cheap lower end soccer referee uniforms will just leave you with problems that the extra $10-$15 could have fixed such as the durability of the shirt and shorts for starters.

4. Get Short & Long Sleeve

  • Having both short and long sleeve shirts are a must when officiating outdoors to deal with all the elements.
  • Whether it's a hot sunny day or a windy rainy one having the option to wear both short and long sleeve tops will do you a whole lot of good as you start reffing every weekend.
  • Make sure to always pack both no matter what the weather forecast is, a sunny day can quickly turn into a cold windy one so be sure to have both at your finger tips.

5. Sweat Cooling

  • Just like the players, you're going to be running around the pitch in hot temperatures so make sure you have a top and shorts that have some mesh and sweat cooling technology to them.
  • They may run you a few more extra dollars but you're going to be thanking yourself when the sun is beating down on you as sweat starts to trickle down your skin.
  • Look for the sweat cooling mesh along the sides of the shirt by your ribs, under the arm pits and down your back as these areas will start to sweat the most during an intense match.

Top 3 Things To Avoid When Buying Soccer Referee Uniforms

1. Buying In Bulk

  • This isn't like buying flour or toilet paper, you're going to want to avoid buying these in bulk if you see them in store or online.
  • Typically with clothes the higher quantities you can buy them in the lower the quality of shirt you will be receiving.
  • By one or two a time and make sure they are of a decent quality too.

2. Buying Without Trying

  • Even if you need to go try it in store before buying it online be sure to give the uniform a try before you purchase it.
  • The fit, colour or feel may be a little off with a particular brand so make sure you give it a proper test drive before deciding to go with it.
  • It's hard to go wrong with name brands but even then you're going to want to find out which soccer referee uniforms are the right fit for you and what you're looking for.

3. Going Off Brand

  • Stick to trusted names when buying any type of clothes especially athletic gear like ref uniforms.

Top 5 Brands & Places To Buy Soccer Referee Uniforms 

1. United Attire

2. Pro Referee

3. Adidas

Do I Have To Get New Soccer Referee Uniforms Every Time I Get A New Ref Badge?

No need to replace all your soccer referee uniforms every time you earn a higher badge or license in the refereeing world.

The beauty of all these uniforms is they come with a velcro patch over the left part or your chest where you can easily take off and re-attach your badges to.

So if you plan on moving up the ranks be sure to get a quality officiating outfit so when you get the higher level badges you also have the outfit that matches your new level of professionalism and status.

How Many Soccer Referee Uniforms Do I Need To Have? 

It's probably best to have four in total, two of the standard yellow ones that you will use most, then two others that are either green, red or black as these are the recommended alternate soccer referee uniforms.

The reason I say four is a good number is think about days where you're reffing all day at a tournament and you get sweaty and want to change into another one half way through the day or if one of the teams is wearing your colour you have the option to switch more than once.

If you're just starting out go with the standard yellow or black referee jersey until you can afford adding a few more to the collection.

Why Do Some Referee Uniforms Have To Be A different Colour Than The Teams Playing?

It may be an obvious answer but I bet you'll find out there are other reasons you didn't even realize to why soccer referee uniforms need to be of an obvious different colour then the players on the pitch.

Okay let's first start with the obvious, just like the two teams need to have different colours on to not get confused with who's on what team so does the official not to get mistaken for one of the players.

If the referee had the same shirt as your team for example you could see the colour in the corner of your eye, pass it to them and the next thing you know the opponents take it off the ref and score on you.

Another situation where jersey colours of the officials need to be different than not only the outfield players but also both goalkeepers is imagine a corner kick late in the game where both teams and both goalkeepers are in the box.

Players are trying to figure out who is on what team, who is the goalie, which one of them can use their hands and which can't as everyone is crashing into each other and the last thing the players need is to figure out who the referee is as well.

When bodies are condensed in such a small area like on corner kicks things can get really confusing and even dangerous so knowing who is who is really important.

Do I have To Be A Licensed Referee To Be Able to Buy Soccer Referee Uniforms?

Nope, any Joe Shmo can walk into a soccer store or buy soccer referee uniforms online without proof of being an official. Imagine having to prove you play for Real Madrid or Man City before buying their jersey?

I do understand the question though as you can't go out and buy a cop outfit and walk around like you're a cop. The bottom line here is that yes of course you can buy a referee jersey of your choice with no hassles.