Europe and america

by Andrew
(Faribault MN)


Whats the biggest difference between European and American football (soccer)? What does it take to go from the academy to play for the first team, country, and maybe even a move to a bigger club?



Andrew, their are lots of differences between soccer on every continent in the world. Each has their style of play that they are known for and players from those nations that share the same playing style. Players from Europe generally are very technical, intelligent and well taught. American players are generally, athletic, fit, physical and have pace. Not that these qualities don't overlap from player to player but just in general terms.

Their are lots of differences between the two soccer cultures but in terms of on the field, I would say the biggest difference between the two is the speed of play (meaning the speed of the ball movement).

Some would argue in America players are more gifted athletically but don't have the developed "soccer brain" to compete with the speed of play in the big clubs in Europe.

What it takes to move from academy to a big club is a question with many answers. It takes a lifetime commitment of hard work, talent, perseverance and luck.

If you want to move up the ranks in Europe or get there in the first place you will need an agent that has contacts to get you there.

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Hope this helps, good luck.


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Position Understanding

by sheku


I'm not sure what position to play becausee im good in midfield but alot of my team mates think i should play upfront because of my pace.

I'm very good at running i can last for long if i need to im not too good at heading i can score goals i can pass well im strong i can dribble i can volley i've got ballance what position do you think i should play


Sheku, finding the right position for a player sometimes makes all the difference in the their performance on the field. Taking their best attributes and finding a position to suit those qualities.

You need to create a list of 3 or 4 things you do really well and then understand which position is best suited for that.

Just from the little you've written above I've gathered that you have pace have good conditioning and can dribble. From my experience that would make a great outside midfielder because of those qualities alone.

To better understand what each position brings (including outside mid or striker) read and understand these explanations of the position at Soccer Positions Page.

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Good luck to you, hope this has helped you understand what you need to do improve your game.


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