best way to score

by Luis Guedes


I play in my school and we often play outside in a small handball field so the space is tight what moves should i use to dribble through a deffender and how should i kick the ball,har,slow,try and dribble the goallie ??? please repply


Luis, In tight spaces it's important to play the ball quickly and not stand or dwell on the ball too much. If the opportunity comes to dribble the single most important piece of advice I can give you is perform your moves at SPEED or you won't be fooling anybody but yourself.

For a handball field i would suggest drags and rolls with the ball. You can find a long list of moves that will help you become a better dribbler and beat defenders at Soccer Moves page.

If you want to increase your fitness the best way to do this is to have a training program you can follow day to day and week to week. I've created a 6 Week PRO Fitness Program that gets players like yourselves the chance to do high level workouts like the pros.

Good Luck to you, I hope this has helped.


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Football Speed, Shooting, Fitness and Training

by bessam


where did you train , how did you be so fast,how do you do a backflip goal, and to make a very good shot accuracy


Hello Bessam,

I trained in my hometown near Toronto growing up where I played at the club level until I was 18. Not only did we have training with the team up to 4 times a week I also took everyday to work on a part of my game by myself whether it be fitness or a technical aspect I needed work on.

When I turned 18 I received a soccer scholarship to attend a University in Iowa, USA where I trained there for 4 years before turning professional in Serbia and did the rest of my training in Europe.

To increase my speed I did speed ladders and a combination of speed and agility drills. You can find several of them here at Soccer Speed Drills

If you're doing more training on top of speed training that day make sure to do the speed training first before you get fatigued.

To have great shot accuracy takes years of commitment and repetition. Learning the fundamentals of a shot with the inside of your foot and laces would be the first step to learning any technical skill.

A resource that will help you with learning basics and fundamentals is at Soccer Shooting Like a Pro

Bessam, if you're truly serious about improving your overall game as a footballer then the most important thing is to increase your fitness. Without that base everything in the game will be challenging.
I highly recommend you try this 6 Week Pro Fitness Program that will get your fitness up to the pro level.

Hope this has helped. Good Luck to you.


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