Time To Upgrade That Soccer Goalie Jersey

soccer goalie jersey

You're wearing that soccer goalie jersey too?

Well I guess one of us is going to have to change.

Choosing a jersey that's bright and colourful might make your life easier when dealing with the refs on game day but don't forget choosing a great goalie jersey is all about fit, comfort and durability.

Oh and it can look nice too I guess (gotta match the rest of the kit right?).

Picking the right soccer jersey may sound easier than it really is, after all you need to consider size, fit, colour, breathability and protection.

With all types of styles and cuts finding the perfect goalie jersey is going to take a little bit of research on your end, well whatta ya know all the answers, advice, tips, places to buy and how to take care of your jersey all for your viewing pleasure.

You could just go with the goalie jersey you wear every year or you can dig a little deeper into the details and see if there is something that can help you feel a bit more confident in goal. If you know who Jorge Campos is you'll understand what the word confidence means when you see below the type of jerseys he would wear, a fashion icon before his time.

Most people will tell you that all jersey's are created equal and a shirt is just shirt, well ask some pro's and they will tell you just like an outfield player needs to look a certain way to feel a certain way, keepers are no different.

So take your time, stroll up and down the aisles of this page and get all in the info you will ever need on buying your next jersey young Casillas!

The Best Soccer Goalie Jersey Video

The Best Soccer Goalie Jerseys & The Keepers That Wore Them

(Campos, Chilavert, Kharine & Seaman)

Jorge Campos

Luis Chilavert

Dmitri Kharine

David Seaman

Top 5 Things To Look For When Buying Your Next Soccer Goalie Jersey

1. Fit

  • You really want this jersey to fit just right.
  • Not too tight in the arm pits, not too baggy on the forearms, not too long in the front and not so much padding in the elbows that you think you're going to elbow drop Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania.
  • These are just some general guidelines and of course you're going to know what fit you like best but try and avoid any fit too big or small.
  •  Avoid any jersey that restricts your diving movements of making a save because no matter your style stopping shots is priority number one. 

2. Comfort

  • You don't want to be itching, adjusting and feeling stuffed up while playing.
  • Have you ever put a shirt on to start your day and then quickly take it off because it just doesn't feel right and you don't want that with you all day?
  • Choosing the right soccer goalie jersey is the same thing, you want to forget about how it feels and just focus on what's ahead of you.
  • Sometimes you will see keepers like Iker Casillas cut off parts of his sleeves just to feel a little bit more comfortable while between the posts.

3. Protection

  • Whether you are for or against having some padding in the sleeves of your jersey you need to find the right top that gives you the right type of protection you want.
  • These days goalie jerseys come with very little padding compared to back in the day but you can still find what you're looking for these days either way.
  • Some keepers like a little padding when they fall and others don't, and some like it training to save their bodies a little bit but go without it in a game, either way test some out and see what works for you.

4. Quality Materials

  • Be sure that the jersey is made with high quality fabrics, stitching and elastic.
  • There's nothing worse than a soccer jersey that starts to rip and tear on the first dive or two.
  • Check the stitching by pulling on it a little, see if the jersey gets back to its original shape when you pull on it and above all just to be safe go with a well trusted soccer brand.

5. Look

  • Let's be real, looking good in net matters just ask Jorge Campos!
  • So after your new jersey checks all the other boxes of fit, comfort, protection and quality materials see if you can find one that makes you feel good when you have it on.
  • Whether you like the design on it, the colours or how it matches your boots and gloves it doesn't matter, you are the stylist here and go with what feels right.
  • Look great, feel great, play great, am I right?

Top 5 Things To Avoid When Buying Your Next Soccer Goalie Jersey

1. Buying Without Trying

  • As good as it may look online and as sweet as the price may entice you to buy it right away you want to always try it on in person before buying.
  • If you've had this type of shirt or brand before then okay you may be able to get away with it but if this is a first time buy or a new brand you're trying, be sure to see how it feels on the flesh.

2. Basing It All On Looks

  • I know we all like the new designs and flashy colour combinations but don't buy a soccer goalie jersey strictly only on looks, sure it can be one of the factors to consider but not the driving force.

3. Buying Same Colour As Team Jersey

  • If you didn't already know the referee will ask you not to wear the same colour goalie jersey as the outfield players.
  • This is a rule to help distinguish you (guy who can pick up the ball with his hands) from all the outfield players (those who cannot touch it with their hands).
  • So don't waste your money on a jersey you know you won't be able to wear majority of the time when you're playing in official matches.

4. Buying An Undersized Jersey

  • The last thing you want is a jersey that feels like under armour and restricts your blood flow and movement of your limbs.
  • Avoid getting a jersey that is undersized and hinders your ability to move, stretch and dive for the ball.

5. Buying No Name Brands

  • I know Uncle Giuseppe wants you to buy the Italian jersey his grandfather wore made in Napoli but if you can avoid it stick to the name brands.
  • This way you know you're getting a quality product you can rely on and not have to worry about it disintegrating as soon as the sun hits it.

How Much Does A Soccer Goalie Jersey Cost?

Goalie jerseys can range anywhere between $20 and $120. If you want something that is going to last you at least a season or two I would recommend going with something in the $50 plus range.

Anything under that you run the risk of a poorly made jersey that you will just damage much sooner than a more expensive higher quality one.

Now if you just need a random jersey for a day or a weekend sure you can go for the cheaper end but any serious goalkeeper will want to get their hands on something above $50.

Try and go with a well known brand name like Nike, Adidas or Puma to ensure you're getting a high quality jersey that will last the long haul.

What Are The Top 3 Soccer Goalie Jersey Brands?

1. Adidas

2. Nike

3. Puma

Where Can I Buy A Quality Soccer Goalie Jersey?

1. Soccer.com

2. Soccerpro.com

3. Amazon.com

Why Do Goalies Wear A Different Colour Jersey Than Their Teammates?

Well the main reason is so the official doesn't get confused with the outfield players and the goalkeeper as they have different rules they are allowed to play by, the most obvious one is the goalie can use their hands.

You might be thinking "it will be obvious to tell if a player uses their hands instead of the keeper", you might be right in 99% of situations but there are certain situations where an official needs to know who is who.

Think about the last minutes of a close game and the team that is down needs to score and they have a late free kick or corner kick they are going to serve into the box and the goalkeeper from the team that needs to score joins the team in the 18 yard box.

You know from being in it yourself all the confusion and bodies all over the place it is hard to see who is doing what, now imagine two keepers jumping up for the ball and one punches it with their hand but it's hard to see who did it.

Not only is it hard to see who hit it with their hands now imagine they have the same jersey on, and in this situation the implications are enormous, one keeper is allowed to catch or punch it with their hands and the other goalie would get a red card if they did.

This is one example of how things can get confusing on the pitch and why each keeper needs to have a different colour jersey not only from his own team but the other teams outfield players and keeper.

What Is A High Quality Soccer Goalie Jersey Made Of?

Be sure to look for jerseys made from the best nylon, polyester and sweat resistant fabrics that you can find. Anything that is made of cotton or any other materials you should really stay away from.

The materials mentioned will give you a comfortable and light feel that is made for high performance athletics that you can rely on week after week.

How Do I Find My Size & What Are Some Of The Feature Of A Quality Soccer Goalie Jersey?

If you're unsure about how your new soccer goalie jersey is supposed to fit then feel free to have a look at the sizing chart below. This will tell you everything you need to know in terms or your ideal measurements of a long sleep goalie jersey.

If you like it a little tight then go a size lower, if you like a bit more give and space in your shirt then move up a size. Each size is separated by a couple inches so make sure to measure yourself at home so you know exactly what you're buying online or in store before you even get there.

If you have an old jersey measure it and see if it matches up with these numbers to ensure you have the fit accuracy you need.

Top 3 Ways To Make Your Soccer Goalie Jersey Last

1. Use Only For Soccer

  • Use this jersey only for when you have games or practices if you want to extend the life of the shirt.
  • Wearing it under a jacket on a cold day, playing basketball with your friends or out for a hike will only increase the chances of some wear and tear when you could have easily worn a different top.
  • This is your precious body armour, treat it like that.

2. Don't Train In It

  • If you have a specific jersey for matches then save it just for matches and avoid using it at training throughout the week.
  • Training obviously puts more damage on your gear with the excessive diving in drills and repetitions so save it for that game once or twice a week.

3. Stitch Up Small Holes

  • As soon as you see a small hole or thread coming apart stitch it up right away.
  • The longer you let it go and wait the better chance it turns into a problem that becomes more difficult to fix.
  • Get the sewing machine out and solve the problem as soon as you can.