I Need A New Soccer Backpack...
A Little Help?

soccer backpack

Finally got my new soccer backpack....now that's a load off my shoulders!

Okay enough with the Dad jokes, even though it seems like such an easy decision, just pick a damn bag you like and move one, there's a bit more to it then that.

Not all soccer backpacks are created equal so it's worth your time to spend just a little time upfront getting familiar with all the different features of each bag.

Whether you want Nike, Adidas, Puma etc. It doesn't really matter, as long as it is a name brand you will be fine but you want to start examining all the other little features before you make your final choice.

If you read this page once you'll be ten steps further to picking a quality soccer backpack then you would have if you just went in there blindly. Size, weight, colour, fit, materials and so on all go into your decision plus you'll find something you want to avoid along with all the other versions of soccer bags that are out there.

Looking to buy a soccer backpack for yourself you say? Well below you will find all the best places to buy your next soccer bag along with the best way to pack your bag and what to put in it! Shorts, socks, cleats, water bottles and towels oh my!

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Top 5 Things To Look For In Your Next Soccer Backpack

1. All The Features You Need

  • There are a lot of soccer backpacks out there and the most important thing you can do is choose one that suits all of your needs.
  • Some of the features include a holder for a ball, side pocket for a water bottle, second compartment for wet clothes, laptop compartment, holes to weave your headphones through (damn you kids and your air pods!) and large main compartment for all your gear.
  • Who knew so much went into a simple bag? It's important to make sure the bag you want checks all the boxes in regards to what you need and your personal preferences.

2. Name Brands

  • As much as you may want to go with that cool Italian brand nobody but you has ever heard of try and stick to the tried, trusted and true brands of the soccer world.
  • Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour and Diadora should be your go to brands when it comes to your next soccer backpack and any other soccer gear for that matter.
  • This way you know you are buying a quality product that has a company with years of experience and and quality behind it.

3. Right Size

  • There are typically two sizes youth and adult, but every company may make the backpack slightly different based on the materials they use and the features they include with the soccer backpack.
  • Be sure you know what size bag you need on your back and go and try a few on just to be sure it's the right fit for you.
  • Most bags have adjustable straps on them as well so play around with them a little and make sure the size and fit is just right for your size.

4. Built Well

  • You want the bag to be made from quality materials and also put together well with those materials. Feel free to have a look at the stitching and give it a good tug to see how well they stay in tact.
  • Make sure you feel the material on the bag and be sure it isn't made from some cheap fabric or plastic that will have you wishing you never bought it.
  • You're looking for quality made products that will last, even if it means paying a little bit more now to save a lot more headaches later.

5. Looks Good

  • Hey we all want our gear to look good too right? There's nothing wrong with choosing a bag that looks fresh and matches your team colours or style.
  • Just be sure you aren't buying a cheap and sub par product just because it has some flashy colours and designs on it.
  • Buy the good looking bag that also checks all the above boxes so you have all of your bases covered.

Top 5 Things To Remember When Buying Your Next Soccer Backpack

1. Try Before Buying

  • It's always wise to try a soccer backpack on before you decide to buy it. Even if it's just borrowing a friends backpack to see how it looks and feels will help you in making the right decision.
  • If you are buying it online going to a local soccer shop and trying it one to see if it's the right fit for you will also help justify your decision as well.

2. Stick To Name Brands

  • So many soccer companies make backpacks so try and stick to some of the more reputable and recognizable brands in soccer such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Under Armour, Diadora etc.
  • These companies have been in soccer for decades for a reason because of their commitment to quality with every product that they produce.
  • Going with a lesser known brand runs you the risk of not getting a quality item so be careful of going with a a lesser known brand.

3. Function Over Fashion

  • Although you should look to pick a soccer backpack that not only does the trick and feels good but one that also looks good as well.
  • It can match your your other soccer gear or your teams colours but be sure not to pick a backpack solely on how it looks and ignore all the other important factors that go into selecting your next soccer bag.
  • Be sure that it checks all the boxes you're looking for and looks easy on the eyes.

4. Ball Pocket Or No Ball Pocket

  • Depending on the backpack you're looking for some of them come with a mesh pocket or holder on the outside where you can slide a soccer ball into.
  • Depending on whether you want one that has one or not may make your choice of soccer backpack a little bit clearer.
  • Some players like it and others don't care much for it so be sure to inspect your backpack and see if it has it if you're set on having one.

5. Laptop Sleeve

  • I know soccer is your life and school may come second but it's always nice when your soccer backpack also has some room for your school laptop.
  • Lots of bags these days come with laptop sleeves because they know many players are in elementary, high school or even university so going to practice from class and visa versa is a reality that many players face.
  • Having a backpack then can do a little bit of both is always a bonus when you're packing for your day the night before.
  • I'd highly recommend you pick a soccer backpack that has this feature even if you don't use it all the time.

Top 10 Things You Should Always Have In Your Soccer Backpack

1. Soccer Cleats

  • Pack two if you have it, you don't want a pair ripping on you and being out of luck sitting next to the coach the rest of the game.
  • If you have a pair of turf shoes as well then go ahead and pack them if you're playing on turf and prefer wearing them.

2. Water Bottle

  • You want your own bottle for before, during and after a game and not relying on someone else to bring it for you.
  • Get a back where the bottle pocket is on the outside of the bag so it doesn't spill inside should it open.

3. Team Uniform/Training Gear

  • Ya although it's obvious you're going to want to pack all your gear for the practice or game for that day including shorts, socks, warm up top, game jersey and team track suit.
  • Bring an extra pair of clothes as well should it rain and you want to put something dry on.

4. Post Training/Game Snack

  • Throw in some fruit, granola bar, or even some chicken and rice into a Tupperware and toss that in your bag for after the game. Pro's eat right after a meal why don't you start?
  • As soon as you finish a match or training you're preparing and recovering your body for the next session so get some quality food in you.

5. Under Amour (Compresion)

  • In case of rain or cold conditions be sure to have a nice long sleeve under layer to protect you.
  • If you're really serious you'll have the matching spandex under armour underwear with it.
  • This protective layer will help with drying up sweat and just keep you nice and warm overall, a must for any serious player.

6. Rain Jacket

  • As the skies start to open up you'll be glad you have one in your bag. A nice rain jacket can be a life saver in all types of conditions so don't leave home without it, in fact always keep it in your bag and don't take it out unless you need it.
  • It also works great to protect your from cold wind that may come with the rain package.

7. Sandals

  • Sometimes after a match you want to take your cleats and socks off but don't want to put your bare feet into your nice shoes so this is where sandals come in.
  • Also if you want to shower after a match and you have a change room to do so the sandals are nice to protect your feet while showering.

8. Towel

  • Whether it's wiping off sweat, rain, water, blood or dirt it's always nice to have a towel handy after a match to help wipe away anything that may be on your body after a match.
  • If you want to shower after as well you have that option with your packed towel.
  • If you're a goalie a small towel to wipe your gloves down if they get wet is also helpful.

9. Sunscreen/Bug Spray

  • These are the real MVP's of the soccer world, whether it's the sun beating down on your or bugs swarming you and your team having both of these bottles on hand will save the day like you couldn't imagine.
  • You never know what the weather will be like or what conditions different fields may bring with bugs and insects so have both packed and on hand.

10. Shin Guards

  • Like them or not you've got to wear them. Having an extra pair of these in a small pocket of your soccer backpack can come in clutch when you misplace the ones you usually wear (and you will misplace them).
  • Yes you can also be that pal that lends them to a friend in need.

Top 3 Best Soccer Backpack Brands

1. Nike

2. Adidas

3. Under Armour

Top 3 Sites To Buy A Soccer Backpack

1. Soccer.com


3. Adidas.com

What's The Best Way To Pack My Soccer Backpack?

Different Types Of Soccer Bags

String Bag

Duffle Bag

Shoe Bag

Goalie Glove Bag

Toiletry Bag

How Much Does A Soccer Backpack Cost? How Long Will It Last?

A typical soccer backpack from a name brand company (Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Puma etc.) will run you anywhere from $70-$150. To be honest there isn't a massive difference between backpacks on either end of this price range so as long as you go with one above $70 you will be in good shape and have a quality bag for your season.

In terms of how long they last this a good reason you want to go name brand because bags can last you a good 5 years plus easy if you take care of it and don't literally drag it across the ground every training session.

Wear and tear is normal but even if you use your soccer backpack for school as well you should easily be able to put it to good use for 5 plus years.