I'm Loving My New Puma Soccer Cleats, I Feel As Quick As A.... Puma?

puma soccer cleats

Eyeing up those Puma soccer cleats on the shelf but can't decide if you can go away from your trusted Adidas or Nike cleats?

Well you can. Players all over the world absolutely love Puma cleats and the game changer is when they finally try them on and slip their foot in and feel nothing but cloud like cushioning.

Leather, synthetic or hybrid when you make the switch to Puma you'll never look back, plus you'll always have the receipt in case you want to!

It's always nice to take a stroll down memory lane as well and check out the latest Puma Kings which are a staple in Puma soccer cleat culture. I know to some it may just be another pair of shoes but for serious soccer players the purchase of your cleats is a big deal and one you need to do some good research on.

Here you will find everything you need to know for your first or next pair of Puma soccer cleats from advice, thing to look for, things to avoid and just overall info if Puma is right for what you're looking for. Let's not forget hotshot that they pass Neymar's test hopefully they pass yours. 

Puma Soccer Cleats Video Review

The Most Popular Puma Soccer Cleats Of All Time
(Puma King, V.108, Future 4.1 Netfit)

Puma King

Puma V.108

Puma Future 4.1 Netfit

Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Pair Of Puma Soccer Cleats

1. Supreme Comfort

  • Probably the most comfortable shoes money can buy, true ballers know that if it's not a Puma shoe then Diadora is right there in terms of just comfort.
  • Puma's leather boots are like slipping into a nice pair of slippers with just the right amount of cushioning and flexibility.
  • Their synthetic shoes have great give and can adapt to any size foot to provide that comfort that doesn't make you feel like you can't wait to take your shoes off.

2. They Last!

  • Durability is king! Through the rain, sun, wind and snow your Puma soccer cleats will be there for you training after training and game after game.
  • From the high quality upper materials to the fine stitching across the shoe you know that when you go Puma you're buying something that lasts season after season.

3. Feel On The Ball

  • All these other qualities are good and well but the most important thing may be the feel of the ball with the shoe actually on your foot.
  • The cleats can check all of the other boxes but if the feel of the ball and the studs doesn't allow you to dribble, pass and run with the ball the way you want what good is it really?
  • Always give the shoe a proper test of how it feels on the foot with the ball.

4. Variety

  • Not only does Puma provide different types of shoe materials such as leather and synthetic they also come in all types of shapes and sizes to fit any players needs.
  • Since Puma shoes have such a high rated comfort level you know that no matter what style of shoe you're into they will always have a comfortable feel to go with it.

5. Style

  • Let's be straight, the way they look on the foot matters and no matter what anyone says that will always be a factor in buying your next shoe.
  • Lucky for you Puma has shoes in all types of styles from flashy colours to classic black on black, plus the shape of each shoe varies so if you want sleek or bulky Puma's got your covered.

Top 5 Things To Avoid When Buying Your Next Pair Of Puma Soccer Cleats

1. Buying Without Trying

  • Rule number one, never buy the cleat no matter how good it looks or is rated without trying it on your foot first.
  • What worked for one persons foot and game may not work for what you need so try them on and give them a nice stroll.
  • Even if you're buying them online go into the store first, test them out and get your right size before going home and ordering online.

2. A Price That's Too Good To Be True

  • If you've done your research you roughly know within $15-$20 what your shoe costs so if you go to the store or see a Puma shoe online where it's price seems too low, proceed with caution.
  • Use a trusted website like Soccer.com, Amazon and Sportchek, using anything else is a risk and remember if a price or a deal on a shoe looks too good to be true, it probably is.

3. Not Working Them In

  • You want to avoid every players worst nightmare, blisters! Wear the shoes around the house in short spurts, just for the warm up at first at training and maybe a short kick around in your backyard with a ball.
  • This will get your shoe worked in a little before you start wearing them for 2 hour practices and games and avoid getting blisters from the tightness of shoe up agains the foot.
  • Don't be an amateur and buy a pair of shoes then wear them for a game and be screaming at your feet later.

4. Buying Wrong Size

  • Obviously you're going to know your foot size but in case you forgot there should be about a finger width from your big toe to the end of the shoe.
  • This of course varies based on preference but anything too tight is more susceptible to damaging the shoe and foot and anything too big will just feel uncomfortable and could lead to injury.
  • The bigger issue with size that most people don't consider is not the length of the shoe but the width.
  • Too often we settle and buy the shoe we want even though it's tight in the arc of our feet, shop around the different styles of Puma and see if there is a shoe that matches your foot length and more importantly width.

5. Going Too Cheap

  • There is a sweet spot you wan to make sure you don't go below and that is $120 and up. Anything under that will put you in a slightly lower category of shoe quality, style and overall durability.
  • If you don't quite have the money it is better to wait and play with your ripped shoes for a little while longer until you get the $120 you need to get a true quality Puma shoe.
  • Of course higher price is typically better but anything above $120 for Puma is sure hit.

Where Can I Buy Puma Soccer Cleats?

1. Soccer.com

2. Puma.com

3. ProDirectSoccer.com

How Much Do Puma Soccer Cleats Cost Roughly?

Can you say bang for your buck? By far from the high end brands (Adidas, Nike, Puma, Under Armour) you will get the best shoes for the most affordable price if you go with Puma.

To give you an idea you can get their highest end shoe for $200, okay this may sound like a lot but compared to the high end Adidas or Nike boots you are saving $150 to $200 and you're getting quality.

You can find a solid pair of Puma soccer cleats for under $150 as well and if you're just looking for a solid boot to put on your feet you can even get some for about $80 a pair. I would try and stay above the $120 range to ensure you're getting one of their higher end line of cleats and avoid dropping into that second tier of cleats.

The great thing about Puma shoes are they make quality cleats in leather that will last like the Puma Kings and also with synthetic materials such as the most recent Puma Ultras, whatever your preference you know you are getting a well made and comfortable pair of cleats.

Top 5 Best Ways to Keep Your Puma Soccer Cleats In Great Shape

1. Avoid Non Soccer Surfaces

  • I know there are times when we walk on the pavement when hopping into the car with our cleats but all these little moments add up and compromise the integrity of shoe.
  • Scuff marks on the upper, cleats getting dull and scratched really take a toll on the shoes potential life span so avoid pavement, cement, gravel and asphalt at all costs, walk bare foot if you have to!

2. Clean After Each Use

  • Get all the little dirt, rocks and blades of grass out of the shoe each time after you train or play a game.
  • All these little scratches add up and if things are caught in between the soles or in the upper of the shoe this is how rips begin to happen.
  • Even if playing on turf pick out all those little black beads from the shoe so they don't start to accumulate and cause some sort of sole separation.

3. Don't Store In Cold Rooms

  • This may seem like a small thing but keeping your shoes outside during Winter or in the garage on a cold night can compromise the shoes materials next time you go to put them on.
  • Having leather shoes turn into that crusty hard leather with no give can be the difference between your cleats lasting a season or being replaced.

4. Rain Care

  • After a rainy practice or game be sure to take care of those boots immediately, acid rain if left on the shoe (especially leather) can really start to eat away at the shoe and reduce its life and protection.
  • Wipe it down with a wet cloth when you get back home then clean in between all the cracks and finally dry off with a paper towel or regular towel.
  • Lean the heels up agains the wall so they start to dry and the water doesn't pool, oh and don't forget to take the insoles out so the shoe can dry even faster.

5. Protective Lotion or Spray

  • Do some research and see what type of shoe polish/lotion or spray your shoe material uses for a long lasting life.
  • Especially in the early stages it's important to take care of your shoes by polishing the leather or spraying the upper part of the shoe to keep it from coming a part in any type of way.
  • If they don't come with the shoe then try and see if you can find something online that is made specifically for your type of shoe.

Do Any Top Professional Players Wear Puma Soccer Cleats?

Believe it or not there are hundreds of pro players that are sponsored by Puma and wear their soccer cleats at every practice and every game (that's how shoe contracts work).

The biggest names that have chosen to go with Puma over other big brands include Neymar, Antoine Griezmann and Sergio Aguero. To be honest the biggest part of a pro soccer player choosing which brand to be sponsored by has to due with the money they're offered and the length of the contract given by the shoe company.

Every player at every level has their shoe preference but when you're talking the higher end brands such as Nike, Adidas and Puma the difference is so slight that most players just sign contracts with the highest bidder, at least Neymar did!

Why Should I Go With Puma Soccer Cleats When Nike & Adidas Are The Most Popular?

Feel and price are the two biggest factors for why some choose to go with Puma over either Nike or Adidas. Puma is comparable in variety of shoe availble, comfort and look plus their prices are a touch more affordable.

The reason a player would go with Puma over another brand is preference of comfort, so many players swear by the Puma Kings based on the way the leather stretches and molds to your foot to create this perfect fitting shoe.

Plus if Neymar, Aguero and Griezmann approve of them then so should you and I!