Dont know where to begin

by Arsalan
(Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)


I am 22 , never had the chance to play in a club due to certain circumstances , but have played soccer through childhood and high school , I never realized I have the talent until now. However , I dont know where to begin


Arsalan, I'm not sure of your current or past playing situation but playing at the professional level takes a lifetime of commitment for just a shot at it. I'm not entirely sure if you're looking for a regular club to play for or a professional club. By 22 you need to be playing for a high level team where you can be exposed to professional teams, scouts and coaches.

If you're looking for any club currently to play on you need to do a few things:

1) Contact a head coach of the desired clubs in your area to come and join them for a practice to see how you measure up. An email or a phone call will do. If that doesn't work showing up to a training session and talking to the coach after the practice can go a long way.

2) Get fit! Every level of soccer has high fitness demands and having a training program always helps. If you want a 6 Week Training Program you can find one here:

6 Week PRO Fitness Training Program

If you're looking for a Professional Team you need to:

1) Gather video of yourself playing
2) Create a CV
3) Send it to an agent

You have a lot of work ahead of you. Good Luck


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Making it to University and then PRO

by Vince


My name is Vince and I'm 15 years of age.I have high hopes of making it big but realize that living in Canada limits my chances.My goal is to make it to a D1 University in the states and I'm wondering,how can I get there?I play in the highest league in Quebec but I don't think it's going to get me anywhere.
Thanks in advance,


Vince, this is a great question and one that hits close to home for me as well as I have been in your shoes.

Playing in Canada and playing D1 or anywhere else in the states at the university level does have its obstacles. Before deciding where you want to play I would not rule out schools in Canada. Unless you're going to a big time university in the states such as a UNC, Duke or Penn State their are several better options at home. There are a lot of D1, D2, NAIA and community colleges in the states that are poor academically and I would suggest knowing a lot about the school before committing.

Now to your question, how to get there? There are a couple ways.

1) Contact them Yourself via email/phone call

-If contacting them by email make sure to include your highlight tape and CV (soccer resume). If you haven't made either you need to!

2) Have your coach contact them

-Having your coach invite them to a showcase tournament you're team is playing in or whatever else allows them to meet and see you play.

My last piece of advice would be to be play on a high level successful club team (if you aren't already). University coaches gravitate towards teams that have a proven history of success.

Hope this helps,


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