Is Playing Premier League Soccer In Your Future?

premier league soccer

Dream of playing Premier League soccer one day?

Well there are some things you're going to need to know to get there.

Training hard and being talented isn't enough unfortunately, you need to have the right people representing you and have some sort of online presence.

In this day in age you've got to understand that having an agent and having an extensive video of your game online is critical. Not only will player agents ask for it when you try and sign with them but you never know what a video can do on the internet these days so be sure to have those ready.

Playing Premier League soccer may be your dream but knowing what qualities you have and more importantly knowing which ones you need to add to your game is critical, find everything you need on and off the pitch to make your dreams come true one day.

Think you check all the boxes and still don't know why Man United hasn't knocked on your door yet? Well, it could be a number of things and reading below will help you fill in those gaps without a doubt.

Before we move on we need to get to the bottom of the eternal debate of who is the best player and team in the history of Premier League soccer. Okay before you start busting out the glorrrry glorrryyy Man Unitedddd chants let's take an objective look at all the teams shall we?

Below you will find the best players and teams that have ever graced Premier League soccer both past and present, bet you didn't expect that player to be number one did you?

Premier League Soccer Video Highlights

Top 5 Attributes You Need To Play Premier League Soccer

1. Quick Decision Maker

  • Having a high level of decision making and speed of though is by far the most important attribute you can have to try and play at the highest level.
  • Premier League soccer is filled with athletic and powerful players but each and every one of them play with a high speed of play because their decision making is plain and simply elite.

2. Physicality

  • You better have at least one outstanding physical quality such as speed, strength, agility or conditioning or your Premier League soccer dreams are going to pass you by.
  • The game has become more and more demanding physically over the years and if you aren't pushing your body to the max day in and day out then it doesn't matter how skillful or talented you are, you'll be left behind in more ways then one.

3. High Soccer IQ

  • A coach may ask you to play a different position or a new formation half way through the game, think you can adapt?
  • This is what players with high soccer IQ's thrive on, the ability to play the game with different strategies and in different ways without breaking a sweat.
  • Some of the best players in the world are average physically but between the ears they can make magic happen with their decisions both on and off the ball, their high intelligence for the game is what makes them truly special.

4. Specialist

  • Teams are always looking for that player that brings that one thing they are really the best in the world at such as hitting free kicks, long throws, crosses or 1v1 aerial ball winner to name a few.
  • Whenever coaches are picking their game day rosters they will always include that specialist in the team sheet because the know exactly what they are going to get from that player and if the situation in the game where that exact skill set is needed then they will get subbed in.
  • Try not to be a jack of all trades but a master of none, those players start to get lost with the rest of the pack, find the one thing you're going to be known for and really be far and away the best at it.

5. Outcome In The Final Third

  • You can be the most skillful and best dribbler around but if there is nothing on the end of it such as assists and goals then what good are you really?
  • Imagine if Neymar didn't assist or score goals, he would just be this player that twists, turns and dives all over the field with no impact on the games most important stat, goals.
  • If you're an attacker you need to produce in the final third with crosses, shots, through balls and goals or you're just running around killing grass.
  • For defenders you need to stop players 1v1, win challenges and get forward to dangerous positions, these are outcomes that your position and team demand.

Top 5 Best Ways To Get Scouted & Have A Chance To Play Premier League Soccer

1. Get A good Player Agent

  • If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far GET AN AGENT!
  • Average players will go way further with an agent then an outstanding ones will without one.
  • Every player and I mean every player that plays Premier League soccer and even second and third division soccer anywhere in Europe has an agent.
  • You can find registered FIFA Player Agents online for your own country and this is where your pro career will begin as they use their contacts to set up tryouts for you.
  • You can defend yourself in court or go with a trained professional lawyer to do it for you, this is the difference of having a player agent, so go get one.

2. Inside Hook Up

  • Maybe you have a cousin, uncle, friend or close connection who works at a pro club that can get you a tryout with the academy or reserve team and start you down your path to Premier League soccer glory.
  • Explore all your connections within your family and social circle and see if there is anyone that can talk to someone for you, you may have to try in second or third division somewhere else in Europe before you get your shot in the EPL.

3. Strong Online Presence

  • In this day and age having videos of yourself on youtube, instagram and anywhere else online is an important step to being noticed.
  • Not only will all teams ask for a highlight tape or game footage it's not uncommon for a coach or scout to check out some clips of you on instagram or Tik Tok.
  • They may just pass by them by accident and it could catch their eye so having a strong video and social media presence about your game not only to send to your agent when the time comes but also to spread your brand to whoever may be looking.

4. Join A Top Academy At A Young Age

  • If you live in England already then you need to get on a Premier League soccer academy as soon as you can.
  • This way you will be showcased everyday to a Premier League soccer team and be in the shop window for all teams to see when you play games and participate in the league year round.
  • Not only will you have a platform to develop as a player you will also be trained by the best coaches which will increase the level of your game leaps and bounds further than a player playing in his local city league.
  • Your ability is one thing but having someone inject it every day with passion and knowledge is something completely different.

5. Move To England Young

  • If you live outside of England and your dream is to play Premier League soccer one day then you may want to consider seeing if your parents will want to move there for a temporary basis for your to pursue your dream.
  • For a player from the USA to join a Premier League team is incredible rare, but if you're already in their system from a young age then you have a real shot.

Top 5 All Time Best English Premier League Soccer Players

1. Thierry Henry

2. Alan Shearer

3. John Terry

4. Paul Scholes

5. Steven Gerrard

Top 5 All Time Best English Premier League Soccer Teams

1. Manchester United

2. Liverpool

3. Arsenal

4. Chelsea

5. Manchester city

What Are The Top 3 Differences Between Premier League Soccer & Other Leagues?

1. Speed Of Play

  • The biggest difference from one level to the next in soccer is always how fast the ball moves and how fast the game moves as a whole.
  • If you're a player who doesn't make quick decisions and can't process information at lightning speed than playing Premier League soccer may be impossible to reach.
  • The Premier League is made of players who move fast and think faster, when you hear people talk about players having a high socce IQ this is exactly what they are referring to.

2. Physical Demands

  • You're going to need to be stronger, faster and more fit than you've ever been in your life to meet the demands playing Premier League soccer will put on you.
  • The last thing you want is to get a shot to tryout for a top team and you're talented enough but can't cut it physically for whatever reason.
  • All aspiring pro's should be on strength, speed, agility and conditioning plans year round to be able to hang with the Kante, Dias and Sterlings of the EPL.

3. Coaching

  • If you start naming off some of the top teams in the Premier League you will slowly start to realize they all have some of the best coaches on the planet.
  • Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Tuschel and Brandon Rodgers to name a few, these managers with their experience and knowledge have shown why they are some of the top managers in the world.
  • The league that attracts the best players will only naturally attract the best of everything else including coaches and in turn the players will hit higher heights when being groomed and mentored by the games greatest minds for hours on end.

Is The English Premier League The Best League In The World?

From top to bottom, it's hard to argue against it. Let's be real it's between the EPL (English Premier League) and La Liga (Spanish 1st Division), as much as we want to say Italy or Germany are in the mix the fact is the EPL and La Liga have a stronger top to bottom team representation, highest transfer fees and best coaches, so please let's stay focused here.

What about the Champions League and Europa League, how did the teams from these leagues do in the past five years? When we talk about which league is the best we have to compare them against each other in major tournaments such as the Champions League (the highest club competition in the world) and the Europa League (the second highest club competition in the world). 

In the past eight years the finalists and champions of the champions league have had five teams from the EPL, two of them becoming champions. As for La Liga they have had seven teams make it with five winning it, so far La Liga is clearly ahead. As for the Europa league EPL teams were represented five times in the finals with two winners whereas La Liga have had six appearances in the finals with six championships. Another point for La Liga.

This is why the debate is so difficult, one hand Spain has had the better showing head to head in the biggest tournaments where the EPL has more top teams throughout their league and arguably the best coaches in the world.

When we look at which league has the best players that is also difficult to compare, La Liga has better top 10 players but the EPL has a deeper roster of top players. So the debate goes on forever but for right now you have to give a slight edge to Spain. For more info on the Premier League as a whole check out their official website, Premier League Soccer.