Pirma Soccer Shoes? How Come I've Never Heard Of Them?

pirma soccer shoes

Did you say Puma or Pirma? PIRMA!!! Ok just checking. Pirma soccer shoes coming straight out of Mexico might be the next pair of cleats you add to your collection.

I know what you're thinking, I know nothing about this brand, they look like knock offs why in the world would I go with them?

Well to be honest the biggest reason may be price! Everyone likes to save a buck or two and buying Pirma will definitely save you a peso or two! Pirma is your budget friendly shoe that still gives you all the elements you're looking for at half the price.

Yes it is true you get what you pay for in life but if you're looking for an affordable shoe and aren't looking to spend $400 on a pair then Pirma might be a good fit (literally!).

Besides price Pirma shoes have some other really unique qualities that separate them from the pack such as a split sole plate for more foot flexion, combination stud pattern (blade and round) and outrageous colour combinations.

If any of these interest you then keep reading, below you will find advice, tips, videos and information on why you should consider Pirma for your next shoe, if you still aren't into it then at least you learned your first Mexican word! Pirmaaaaaaaa! 

Pirma Soccer Shoes Video Review

How Come I've Never Heard Of Pirma Soccer Shoes?

Probably because you don't live in Mexico where they are all made and predominately sold.

Pirma soccer shoes aren't in the main stream, you probably won't see many at your local store and Puma will probably come up half the time you search for them but that's ok to be off the grid sometimes.

Pirma a hugely popular brand in Latin America is known for their price friendly boots with the spice and charisma of Mexico.

If you won't a reasonable price to kick a ball around with in your local league and don't feel like dropping $400 on Adidas or Nike then look into Pirma as they give you an incredible bang for your buck. 

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Yourself A Pair Of Pirma Soccer Shoes

1. Price

  • If you're looking for a shoe that will do the job and is priced at a budget friendly level then the Pirma's are the perfect fit for you.
  • If you don't want to spend $300 plus dollars for a pair of boots like Nike and Adidas sell then Pirma has a great selection of boots out of Mexico that priced in the $150-$170 range that will get you what you need.

2. Durability

  • These shoes are priced a touch lower than the market because they are built to last and you can rely on them.
  • They may not have the flash of the big boy brands but they are constructed well and are made to last.
  • Well sewn, calf leather and hard plastic for the sole plate so what more could you ask for right?

3. Wide Foot Friendly

  • Pirma tends to fit a bit on the wider side so if you have a wider foot or like a little more space in your shoe for that pink toe then Pirma is something you want to explore.
  • We aren't talking huge amounts here but slightly wider then most shoes, nothing worse than coming home with a bleeding toe because they were smashed into a shoe for two hours.

4. Flexible

  • Pirma has a unique split sole on many of their soccer shoes, there is this gap of only leather or synthetic and no plastic right under the arch of the foot.
  • This allows for a little bit more flexion in the foot when controlling a ball, sprinting, pivoting or any other action that requires a little more flex in the foot.

5. Colour Variety

  • It wouldn't me a Latin American shoe without a little bit of flavour and style.
  • The Pirma soccer shoes come in a wide range of funky colours, patterns and designs so if you need a little flavour on your feet while you play then you will certainly find it with Pirma.
  • Lime green, hot pink and any other colours you can think of will find their way onto these boots so you won't ever worry about getting lost at night if wearing yourself some Pirmas.

Top 5 Things To Consider When Buying A Pair Of Pirma Soccer Shoes

1. Going Too Cheap

  • Pirma soccer shoes are already priced on the lower end and are very budget friendly so don't go for the low end shoes that they make.
  • Their top shoes go for about $160 so I would stick to that price point if going with Pirma.
  • Anything under that you are flirting with a lesser known countries low end shoes which could get you into all sorts of trouble.

2. Buying Without Trying

  • Because these shoes are hard find in your local retail store buying them online without actually putting them on your feet can be a risk.
  • If you can find a store that sells them or you have a friend that has a pair see if you can try them on and see for yourself if they're right for you.
  • The last thing you want is to fall in love with them online only to be disappointed in person when they arrive.

3. Combination Stud Pattern

  • If you like a certain type of stud pattern on the bottom of your boots be sure to inspect the Pirma's because they have a combination of different studs.
  • On the heel the have the thing blade shape studs that are good for traction and mobility and on the front end of the boot they have a mix between blades and the traditional round studs.
  • The round studs are supposed to be for a closer touch with the ball while the blades are better for traction, wherever you stand be sure you know which one you prefer.

4. Not A Tight Fit

  • If you like your shoes to be extremely tight in the toe box, insole and overall then you need to be sure the Pirma has the right fit for you as they tend to be on the wider side for the average foot.
  • You won't get that custom snug fit many Adidas or Puma shoes tend to have but still a well priced shoe that can do a job.

5. Feel Of The Ball

  • You won't to be sure the split sole and combination studs give you the right feel with the ball at your feet.
  • After all the most important element of soccer shoe should be how it feels with a ball under it.
  • Be sure to try it on, dribble around the store and see if your foot, the ball and these cleats have the right connection.

How Much Do Pirma Soccer Shoes Cost?

Pirma is widely known as a budget friendly soccer shoe but that doesn't necessarily mean it is poorly made.

Pirma's top end shoes range in the $150-$170 price point which is great if you're looking for a reliable shoe, that isn't bad to look at with a reasonable price tag attached to it.

They also have another tier of shoes just below that ranging in the $70 - $120 range which has its advantages but if you're set on Pirma I would try and stay in the top tier price bracket if you can.

Where Can I Buy The Best Pair Of Pirma Soccer Shoes?

1. Pirma.com

2. Amazon.com

3. Ebay.com

What Are Pirma Soccer Shoes Made Of?

1. Tongue

  • Pirma has short tongues that stop well before the ankle, these tongues make for a nice consistent surface across the top of the foot.
  • Some are even sewn into the upper of the shoe but most are stand alone.

2. Upper

  • The upper part of Pirma soccer shoes are made of calf leather and not the high end kangaroo leather.
  • The feel won't be as soft as other leathers but is stitched in well and can take a beating.

3. Toe Box

  • The toe box and the front of the shoe is a little longer and more open then most other shoes, perfect if you are looking for a bit more space in that area of the shoe.

4. Studs

  • The studs are unique as they mix blade studs in the back and round and blade cleats in the front of the sole plate.
  • Hopefully you are okay with both because that's all they got.

5. Insole

  • The insole is quite spacious and comfortable but won't give you that extreme snug feel other shoes may, nevertheless no complaints, especially from the wide foots out there.

6. Soleplate

  • The soleplate varies from most shoes as it is split into two.
  • There is about a 3 inch gap between the sole plate under the heel and the sole plate under the balls of your feet for increased flexibility of the foot.

7. Heel

  • The heel is made of both leather and plastic wrapping around the back of the foot to make a sturdy and comfortable pocket.

Top 5 Ways To Take Good Care Of My New Pirma Soccer Shoes

1. Only Use For Soccer

  • Don't go for a hike or cut the lawn in your soccer cleats because you think it's a good idea.
  • Extend the life of the shoe by only using it for soccer related activities, this may seem obvious but stick to the script here.

2. Don't Store In Cold Areas

  • Nobody wants that hard shell feel on your boots as you try to move them back into shape, the cold is a killer for both synthetic and leather boots so keep them in your house and you should be fine.

3. Wear Them In Slowly

  • The day you buy them try not to play a full game or training session in them before you've slowly worked them in.
  • Last thing you want to do is get some brutal blisters and not be able to wear your boots for a few days.

4. Clean Often

  • Clean out this little pebbles, blades of grass and pieces of dirt that are lodged between the sole plate and studs.
  • Wipe them down and get any other substances that may have fell on them, these are your babies, treat them like it.

5. Watch Where You Walk

  • Avoid the pavement, asphalt, concrete, hardwood, rocks or any other surface that might scuff up the shoe or wear down the studs, slip them into your bag and walk to the car in your socks if you have to.
  • Okay Okay you can wear running shoes to the car but treat these boots like they're your own sibling, without the throwing objects at each others heads of course.

How Long Will A Pair Of Pirma Soccer Shoes Last Me?

Although on the lower end in price in comparison these boots will put in a shift and last you a good 2 to 3 seasons with some basic boot maintenance.

They have strong calf leather, they are put together well and have no lightweight flimsy material. For its price point the Pirmas will far exceed your expectations in terms of longevity and performance.

Two to three years will be easy for these as long as you aren't running through sandpaper with them on a nightly basis.

Do Any Pro's Wear Pirma Soccer Shoes?

In Central America and specifically Mexico these shoes are worn quite a bit throughout all amateur and professional leagues but as far as well known global players, you won't be seeing any of them lace up a pair of Pirma's.

Pirma's are made for you casual soccer player who doesn't want to blow their paycheque on a pair of boots, plus they don't have the money to throw onto Neymar's front lawn to sponsor him and have him wear their brand, not yet at least!