Ready To Play OUA Soccer At A Top University In Canada? 

What Is The OUA Exactly?

The Ontario Athletic Association or OUA is a conference the governing body of University sport in the province of Ontario in Canada.

Do OUA Schools Give Out Scholarships?

You better believe it! Despite what most people may think OUA schools do give you athletic scholarships along with academic ones and whole list of others depending on what school you go to.

The most an OUA University can give you from an athletic stand point is $4500 for the year ($2250 a semester).

Athletic Scholarships - $4500 

Academic Scholarships - $4000 

Do All OUA Universities Have The Same Amount Of Scholarship Money To Give Out?

Not all things are created equal you should know that! This is a bit of a complex answer but each school has different scholarships amounts both academic, athletic and miscellaneous. Still confused? Thought so, let me break it down for you.

School X..

School Y

Top 5 Ways To Get A Scholarship At An OUA University

1. Academics are KING!! - Having strong (or 80% and above) will open soooo many more doors for you then your ability ever will. Having an 80% average from your top 6 grade 12 U (University level) or M (Mixed College or University) courses will make you eligible for both athletic and academic scholarships that you can put together to make your total scholarship package amount. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!! Ontario Canada here I come!

2. Perform on the Pitch - It goes without say that you have to add significant value to the coach and team you may be joining. The way you play and perform when being scouted is important so training well and preparing for match day are vital to you performing at your best. Coaches like players that are specialists, great free kick taker, great 1v1 defender etc. It's okay to well rounded but also have one defining specialty that separates you from the pack.

3. Coach to Coach - Most University coaches have great relationships with club and academy teams in their area. There is a good chance that your club or academy coach knows the University coach you're interested in playing for one day. When a club coach picks up the phone and recommends a player to a University coach it has a lot of weight so bug your coach to help you out. "Coach! Help a brother out!"

4. Ask! - Reach out to the coach and very professionally write up an email that asks if they are looking for your position and if scholarship money would be available if a player could fill that need. After you ask that question you will get a feel for their level of interest and if a scholarship could be offered. No coach will give you a scholarship offer based off one email of you asking but at least you can get an idea of what is available and what they are looking for.

5. Apply For Them All! - So many student-athletes receive scholarships mainly because nobody else took the time to apply. Take a whole afternoon and go the scholarship page or your University and literally apply for every scholarship possible. You will be surprised on how many you qualify for and get a piece of the pie from. You're welcome, you owe me!

Top 5 Ways To Get Recruited By An OUA University Soccer Team

1. Attend A Universities ID Camp - This is the single best way to be seen, evaluated and have your shot at making a University team. Some of them are a big of a money grab if they are charging for attendance but who cares! Paying $50 or so to potentially make all your dreams come true and maybe even get a scholarship worth way more than that is worth $50 or $100. Some players slip through the cracks so if you truly believe in your ability register for as many of these as you can, you can always pay that credit card back later!

2. Reach Out To the Coach -

3. Ask Your Club Coach to Contact the Universities Coach -

4. Play For A Team That Goes to Showcase Tournaments -

5. Ask to Join a Training Session -

How Does the OUA Conference Compare To NCAA Conferences?

OUA Soccer has some really strong teams overall but lacks the depth that an NCAA conference might have. Where there are four or five strong teams in the OUA, an NCAA conference may have twice that.

How Do I Tryout For An OUA University Soccer Team?

Impress at Open tryouts -

Attend ID Camps -

Email the coach and ask if you can jump into a training - Even better if you have a friend on the team that can vouch for you have them ask their coach if they can bring a friend to training. The coach will be much more likely to say yes when they know one of their own players has already screened the player and says he is quality.

Do OUA Players Ever End Up Playing Professionally?

More now than ever! The OUA conference is starting to become a hot bed for talent for players getting drafted into the CPL (Canadian Premier League), players signing pro for MLS teams and even overseas.

How Do OUA Players Get Drafted Into The Professional Soccer League In Canada Known As The CPL (Canadian Premier League)

1. Declare - Only student-athletes currently playing University soccer are eligible to be drafted, and those interested have to declare that they are entering the draft.

2. Get Identified By CPL Teams

3. Recommended by Coach

4. Not In Last Year of Eligibility

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Did Alphonso Davies Play OUA Soccer?

Although most people think Canada is made up of 100 people and that they all know each other this isn't the case. Actually Alphonso Davies played with the Vancouver Whitecaps of MLS which couldn't be much further from the OUA which is Ontario. On top of that he did not go to any University never mind one in Ontario, so the simple answer is no he didn't.

Are Their Other Types Of Scholarships at OUA Universities That Athletes Can Receive?

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