Pass Me My Nike Mens Soccer Cleats, It's Time To Dance!

nike mens soccer cleats

They just looks so sweet don't they? Nike mens soccer cleats were made for performance but you have to believe that if an impromptu fashion show broke out on the field, you'd be be ready for it.

Nike has been a trusted brand in the soccer circles for years so you know when you go with Nike you are buying quality.

If you ever won the lottery what's the first thing you would buy? 10 pairs of the newest Nike cleats? Me too! There's something about looking good on the pitch that makes you feel good and makes you play with just a bit more confidence.

If you grew up loving Nike then you're about to take a trip down memory lane on this page with some of the most popular Nike cleats every created.

If you're getting yourself a new pair of boots and need some help then you're in luck, here you will find all the top things to look for, things to avoid, how much they cost and everything else you could imagine to help you through this amazing time.

I can hear the tissue paper being moved after you opened that orange box and laid your eyes on your new pair of cleats from here.

Nike Mens Soccer Cleats Video Review

The Most Popular Nike Mens Soccer Cleats Of All Time
(R9's, Vapors & Air Zooms)

Mercurial R9 El Fenomeno (1998)

Mercurial Vapor (2002)

Air Zoom Total 90 II (2002)

Mercurial Vapour IV (2007)

Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Pair Of Nike Mens Soccer Cleats

1. Trusted Brand

  • The top pros wear it so how much more convincing do you need?
  • The best in the business (Ronaldo, Mbappe etc.) all use Nike as their weapon of choice because they brand is trusted to produce high quality and dependable shoes and so should you.

2. Variety

  • Although at times we only see the Vapours being marketed Nike has a great variety of shoes for all types of sized feet, positions, playing styles and player preferences.
  • So whatever your taste might be I'm sure that Nike has the shoe for you, whether it's leather or synthetic, narrow or wide you can count on Nike to produce a shoe that fits.

3. Durability

  • Even those thin looking Nike cleats are made to last the long haul.
  • Nike's products are all made with such high quality that no matter which you go with you will be in good hands (or feet!).
  • I think I still have a pair of old Nike cleats kicking around the house somewhere just because they refused to give in, this is a testament to the way they are built.

4. Look Good Feel Good

  • Let's be honest, looking good while you play matters and it's okay to want to look good and play well at the same time.
  • Be careful of sacrificing all the other important attributes in a pair of cleats just for the look but it doesn't have to be one or the other, get a quality made shoe that looks fresh too.

5. Return Policy

  • One of the best things about Nike is their return policy on cleats.
  • You have 60 days to return them for any reason at all even if the shoes are beat up, ripped apart or worn.
  • This allows you to be sure when you buy a pair that you can always take it back and replace it for another pair that might fit better.
  • Sometimes when trying them on (or not trying them on if buying online) is one thing but running around on a field for an hour with a ball at your feet on a pitch can change your opinion of your new boots.

Top 5 Things To Avoid When Buying Your Next Pair Of Nike Mens Soccer Cleats

1. Wide Feet

  • If you have wide feet stick to the Tiempo's or Premiers, the Vapors and Superfly's will just drive the middle of your foot insane with pain.\
  • I know we all love the way they look but sorry big foot (or wide foot should I say) you were blessed with many great qualities, narrow feet wasn't one of them.

2. Knock Offs

  • We've all heard a story of a friend ordering a pair of Nike shoes online only to get a cardboard cut out or some second hand copy's of the actual shoe.
  • Be careful of knock off's and buying from sites that you've never heard of and the price just seems to good to be true.
  • Knock off's are out there so be on high alert, stick to the trusted online sites listed below or go in person to be safe.

3. All About The Looks

  • You will sacrifice comfort, feel and price just to get your feet in a pair of the new pink on black cleats I get it, but don't do it.
  • No amount of beauty is work your feet killing every time you put them on and you dreading having to wear them for 90 minutes during your next match.

4. New Boots Who Dis?

  •  Be careful of buying brand new Nike boots that you aren't familiar with without trying them on and taking them for a spin.
  • I would advise against buying a Nike shoe online that you don't have previous experience with because of the unknown fit, look and feel of it.
  • If you are going to buy online at least go try it on in store first before doing so.

5. Only Wearing Them In Games

  • Some people only like wearing certain soccer cleats for games and others for practice.
  • Yes this makes sense in theory but be sure that the game ones are worked in either on your own or at a training session every once in awhile.
  • If you don't and try them on for the first time in a match you could be off at half with some brutal blisters or worse if the shoe isn't giving you the support you need for a pre existing injury to flare up again.

How Much Do Nike Mens Soccer Cleats Cost Roughly?

You might want to sit down for this one. If you're looking for a brand new pair of the latest styles for example a Vapor or Superfly Nike boot then you skip buying that morning coffee for a week weeks because these will set you back between $350-$400.

Now not every Nike shoe you buy has to be this expensive, there are several good options that are significantly lower than that. The level down from these ones range from about $150-$250 and are still a good quality shoe so you have some options here when it comes to shoe selection.

Try and avoid going under $150 or the shoes craftsmanship, materials and overall feel on your foot will be significantly compromised and you would have wished you waiting a little longer and got the next level up.

Growing up I didn't have the best of everything but when it came to soccer cleats I always tried to save up for the ones I really wanted, and I would rather keep my old shoes that were falling a part until I had enough money to get the ones I really wanted.

Where Can I Buy The Best Pair Of Nike Mens Soccer Cleats?




What Are The Different Parts Of Nike Mens Soccer Cleats?

How Long Will A Pair Of Nike Mens Soccer Cleats Last? Do I Nee More Than One Pair?

There's always the chance of a bad tackle or unlucky situation where the shoe gets a cleat ripped through it and the shoe gets somewhat torn up and destroyed in one quick moment.

But in the majority of situations if you take care of your boots, clean them after each training, don't store them in cold areas for long periods of time and avoid walking on concrete or pavement with them they can last quite some time.

The typical pair of Nike mens soccer cleats will last you about 3-5 years on average, some may last even longer depending on use and care but 3-5 years is standard.

Having more than one pair is a good idea in case you forget one, one falls apart or you need another one for the various weather conditions you might play in.

Buying two pairs at one time for anyone can be pricey so what I would do is buy just one pair, about a year or two into them look to get another one and just move the old pair to be your back up pair and wear the new ones more regularly.

If your shoes last 3-5 years like mentioned above after a couple years you should start to have a few decent pairs of boots at your disposal.

How Do I Take Care Of My New Nike Mens Soccer Cleats?

1. Clean After Each Use

  • Okay at least once a week if you can't do it after every practice or game.
  • You don't want any dirt, rocks or other foreign objects stuck in the shoe eating away at it.

2. Don't Store In Cold Areas

  • Keeping your shoes over night in your garage or outside can do some real damage to the material of the shoe so keep it in your house and you should be good to go.

3. Dry Off After Rainy Games/Practices

  • If playing in the rain don't just toss your shoes to the corner, wash and dry them manually to avoid the risk of the material getting damaged.

4. Watch Where You Step

  • You want to be careful of where you are walking when you have the cleats on.
  • Avoid the pavement, concrete or gravel surfaces that can wear down your cleats or nick the side of the boot and scuff it up.

5. Take Care Of The Leather

  • If your shoe is made of leather be sure to clean it and put on protective sprays or creams to keep the leather soft and healthy.

6. Use Just For Soccer

  • No hiking, cutting your lawn or anything else that isn't playing soccer on grass or turf.
  • You don't want to put on unnecessary miles on the shoes and risk destroying them using them for something they weren't designed for.

I have A Wider Foot, Does Nike Many Cleats That Aren't So Narrow?

Good question. Yes Nike mens soccer cleats are known to be more on the narrow side even to the dismay of the wide foot nation.

Most people see or try on the Vapors or Superfly's which are quite narrow and don't have a lot of give but there are some other great options if you feel like your foot is being chocked inside either of these Nike mens soccer cleats.

For a little more room and comfort try on the Tiempos or the Premiers, they both come in leather, very traditional and old school feel with all laces (none of the slip on or velcro tech) and incredibly durable and reliable.

So no matter your foot size or width Nike has some great options for you every foot desire.

Are Nike Mens Soccer Cleats Made Only For Certain Positions On The Field?

It may look like that at times but it's not entirely true. Just because Ronaldo is the poster boy for all the Nike mens soccer cleats that doesn't mean that players that play other positions can't wear them (every defender is smiling somewhere).

I know what it may look like on the outside, Nike shoes are thin, narrow and sleek so only positions that need light shoes to blaze up and down the line or go to goal need these types of shoes but that's not actually accurate.

Nike has a wide range of shoes not just the Vapors and Superfly's that most people see. So if you're a player that doesn't want either of those shoes for whatever reason keep looking because Nike has Tiempo's or Premiers that come in leather and can suit your game and foot if you're looking for something a little different then the usual.

What's your favorite Soccer Cleat of all time and Why?

What's your favorite Soccer Cleat of all time and Why?

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