Ahhh Fresh Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes Right Out Of The Box, I Can Smell The Megs From Here!

Nike indoor soccer shoes

They just look so good don't they? Nike indoor soccer shoes have always been the bell of the ball when it comes to indoor footwear.

Now are they just a pretty face or can you count on them to bang in some goals for your when it really matters?

Are you more of a what's hot off the shelves kind of Nike guy or a Nike classic type. Either way pick the right shoe that feels good, gives you that tough you want, is made with quality and who are we kidding is a sight for sore eyes every time you look down at them.

A bit of a wide foot will cause you some issues when getting your next pair of Nike's. They are traditionally known as that shoe for a narrow foot and can be tight for some around the middle of the foot.

Don't worry if you're one of these wide foots (no judgment here) be sure to get a softer more flexible upper material on your indoor shoe or even a nice leather that you know will stretch and give you the space you need. Nike indoor soccer for and and for all! (sorry six toed man).

Whether you're buying your first pair of nike indoor soccer shoes or if you're a junkie that wants to know what the latest and greatest shoe coming out is you've come to the right place.

Advice, tips, where and how to buy your newest pair of kicks all at your finger tips or foot toes should I say (that doesn't sound right), either way welcome to wonderful world of Nike indoors.

Top 5 Qualities Of Great Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes

1. Thin Upper

  • We all want that clean and close touch of the ball at our feet as we are controlling it.
  • Avoid Nike shoes that have a thick upper that puts more space between your foot and the ball.

2. Tight Seams

  • Give the shoe a good tug from seems where the laces go, where the gum rubber sole connects to the upper part of she shoe and by the heel to see if the seams start to come apart.
  • If you can already see some give your search for the right Nike indoor soccer shoe continues, you want it to last so be sure it is made with care.

3. Flexible But Well Built

  • The shoe should have some good bend to it to form the shape of your foot when running or controlling a ball for maximum range of motion.
  • The last thing you want is a stiff shoe that has no give restricting your foot from moving the way you want it to and even worse than that a shoe that has no give causing potential foot injuries.
  • Grab the shoe from its sole under the toes and heel and see if both sides can bend upwards to at least a 45 degree angle to know if it has proper flex and range.

4. Comfortable Insole

  • The shoe should be a pleasure to put your foot inside not the other way around.
  • A shoe made form quality comfortable materials along with the right amount of padding in a permanent or removable insole is ideal.
  • I always like a shoe with a bigger toe box but others like it right up against their toe, either way find the shoe that matches the comfort level you desire.

5. No Gimmicks

  • Cut the crap with the Nike indoor shoes with the fancy power zone, grip area blah blah blah.
  • Ignore all the flash and get to the bones of the shoe, does it feel good, is it made with quality materials and do I like the way it looks while I play.

Top 5 Things To Look For When Buying Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes

1. Feel Of The Ball

  • There should be no compromise for finding the perfect shoe that just feels right with the ball under its sole.
  • So much of the indoor game is done with tight control of the ball so having a shoe that just bonds with your foot and the ball is the single most important thing.
  • Put both shoes on and test them out with the ball before buying them, even if it is just around the store a little, make sure they feel just right when moving with the ball.

2. Comfort

  • With the amount of sprints and cuts in the game (especially indoors) you are going to want something on your feet that feels good and isn't going to cause you blisters or other injuries.
  • Considering all the countless training and games you will be playing with these shoes on you're going to want to have a pair that you enjoy putting on and not dread like an unused pair of dress shoes.

3. Look

  • Let's be honest the way they look plays a role in buying a shoe.
  • Whether or not we like to admit it when we look good with the shoes on we have this confidence about us that can also help our game so be sure you buy a pair that is easy on the eyes.
  • Of course it shouldn't be the only decision maker but if you can go with a pair that checks all the boxes and looks good, why not right?

4. Quality Materials

  • You want your nike indoor shoes to be made from quality materials such as high grade leather or synthetic materials with proper tight stitching.
  • Give the shoe a good stretch and tug and see if the seams start to come apart already or if any of it feels like it could be easily ripped or pulled apart.
  • You want the shoe to last so make sure to avoid any cheap plastic or rubber materials you might find on any part of the shoe inside and out.

5. Gum Rubber Sole

  • You want the sole to be made or gum rubber not some alternative type of material that doesn't give you the right grip and traction.
  • There's a reason why tennis players use gum rubber soles, it's because of their ability to be light and durable all at the same time.
  • Next time you stop on a dime, control the ball and make a great play you can thank those soles of yours.

Top 5 Things To Avoid When Buying Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes

1. Knock Offs!

  • There are so many cheap substitutes and knock off Nike imitations so be careful buying a shoe that may be mysteriously too low in price. 
  • If you're buying it off the internet stick to well respected sites like Nike.com and Soccer.com, these third party sites will be sending you a cardboard version of your shoe in the mail.
  • Nike provides so many different types of shoes made all of the world so make sure you're getting a quality pair not the one's made in a country you can't pronounce. 

2. Look Over Feel

  • I know the pink with the white or the black on black looks so incredibly good on your foot but try and resist the look as the only factor when buying.
  • Yes it should be a factor but not the make or break, get a shoe that feels good, is built well, has the flexibility you want and also looks good while on your foot.

3. Your Idol Wears It, It Must Be Good

  • Although pro's will be wearing the best of the best make sure you're choosing the Nike indoor soccer shoes that are the best suited for you.
  • Also be sure not to get the cheap version of what they wear so you look like them.
  • You get what you pay for so be sure to get the top quality shoe you want or you'll just be back at the store in a short time holding your broken pair of indoors.

4. Add-Ons

  • The shoe itself is enough of the product, don't be swayed by some fancy shoe bag, water bottle or shin guard sleeves that may come as part of buying the shoes.
  • If the indoor shoes are exactly what you want and pass the test of all of the above then sure you'll take the fancy add ons but don't let it persuade you into buying a shoe that is just okay. 

5. Flashy Nonsense

  • Ignore all the nonsense gimmicky like swerve zone, control area or super grip mumbo jumbo.
  • Just because they use some fancy words doesn't mean that it actually dose anything.
  • Worry about how the shoe feels, the materials it's made from and how if it's important to you, how it looks.

Where Can I Buy The Best Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes?

1. Nike.com

2. Soccer.com

3. DicksSportingGoods.com

Do Professional Players & Teams Wear Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes?

In case you've been under a rock for the past decade next time you turn on a game (indoor or outdoor) or go to your local indoor facility and see what the best players are wearing it's almost always Nike. Nike has built a reliable brand that teams around the world can trust and all nike indoor soccer shoes are shoes players can rely on for all types of their training.

Over the years players like Ronaldo, Neymar, Zlatan and many more have been sponsored by Nike and I think that their game speaks for itself. Trusted by players teams at every level these shoes not only pass the eye test but also the quality, durability, feel and comfort test year after year, I think I still have an old pair or two somewhere!

If you've ever watched any futsal or pro indoor games you'll see players having all types of different shoe brands but one that comes up time and time again are your old reliable nike indoor soccer shoes. Indoor players have some of the best touch and ball control in the world so if it's good enough for them to suit up with nike indoor soccer shoes then you and me are in good hands, I mean feet.

What Are Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes Made Of?


  • The tongue of Nike indoor soccer shoes are typically a shorter tongue then then the traditional longer floppy one you may see in other brands.
  • The tongue material is sometimes sewn into the upper part of the shoe right by the laces to avoid it form sliding all over the place as well.


  • The upper part of the shoe typically is made from a synthetic material but can also be leather in some cases of indoor shoes.
  • Nike shoes have fantastic quality upper material typically synthetic that are flexible and breathable.

Toe Box

  • The toe boxes are usually more on the narrow side in Nike indoor shoes so be sure it is the right fit for the shape of your foot.


  • The vamp is the front part of the shoe that is on either side of the toe box made mostly from durable synthetic materials.
  • The vamp is able to withstand the constant grind and use of a ball hitting it as well as other players shoes and the surface being played on.


  • The one part of the shoe you don't want to compromise on, this is where most of the comfort comes from.
  • The insole is literally inside the shoe where the foot sits on.
  • Nike has a variety of built in and removable insoles of different thickness and comfort levels, be sure to try a few on and get the one that feels right for you.


  • The sole of the shoe is typically made from a rubber material formed into all types of shapes from circles to hexagons and everything in between.
  • Great for use on thin turf, courts, pavement and concrete surfaces.

Heel Counter

  • The heel of the shoe is located on the inside and outside of the shoe that makes up the back part of it, where your heels sits of course.
  • Nike has heel counters with soft padding as well as others with extra cushion and technology to help against blisters.