Mexico National Soccer Team Information And Tryout Advice

mexico national soccer team

Vamosssss Mexico!!! The Mexico national soccer team is such a prestigious and culturally significant team to all the people of Mexico and to play for them one day is the dream of every Mexican kid to ever kick a ball.

Knowing how they play as a team and the steps you need to take to one day put the green jersey over your chest is something every aspiring player should know. From getting an agent to the type of training and lifestyle you need to take on playing for the Mexico national soccer team takes commitment, dedication and discipline of the highest degree.

You will find all your answers and questions on how to one day represent your country and double knee slide into the corner flag as the crowd goes wild.

For all you die hard Mexican fans below the debate is finally settled on who are the top five best Mexican soccer players of all time and the top five best players currently playing for Mexico.

Does Chicharito make your list?? What about the old school players like Campos and Marquez where do they land? All the info you'll ever need to one day represent Mexico along with settling the eternal debate of the best Mexican player all here, enjoy the read vengaaaa!!!

Mexico National Soccer Team Video Highlights

Top 5 Things That Make The Mexico National Soccer Team So Great

1. Passion

  • It's rare to see a group of players who have achieved so much and are paid so well to still have the passion to represent their national team with such passion and love like the Mexico national soccer team.
  • The players passion to play, love for their sport and country is tangible and something you can see oozing out of their pores as they play.
  • With every goal (for and against) you can really see and feel the passion to win come through and this along with other great reasons is why the Mexicans are such a pleasure to watch.

2. Aggression

  • Don't be fooled by the Mexicans physique as they play with a level of intensity and assertiveness not matched by many other countries.
  • Whether it's shielding a ball, putting in a tackle or on either side of the ball during a set piece the Mexico national soccer team and its players bring fierce aggression one on one and as a collective.
  • If you plan on working your way up to this level you better not be one of those players that walk around the pitch and shows spurts of interest every once in a while.
  • This team demands high tempo work rate and vicious competitive nature every minute of every game and practice.

3. Technical Ability

  • Whether it's the goalie, striker or anyone in between the Mexicans are known for their incredible footwork and technical ability in tight spaces all over the pitch.
  • Mexican players can meg you, take you on 1v1, weave out of a tight position or play a perfectly accurate ball to your foot from forty yards away.
  • One of their greatest strengths is their ability to manipulate the ball in ways very other teams can, when we talk about technical ability we don't just mean dribbling but also their control, first touch and one touch passing all over the pitch.
  • When you start to mesh their passion with their technical ability you start to create an absolute monster of a professional footballer.

4. Goalkeeping

  • Whether it's Jorge Campos back in the day or Ochoa these days standing in between the posts the Mexico national team has always had world class goalkeeping backing them up.
  • For anyone who knows anything about the game the most valuable position on the pitch is no doubt the goalkeeper and when you have keepers of this level leading the team for you then you will always be in good shape for every match.
  • Not only the ability of Campos and Ochoa which is evident to see but also their leadership, confidence and presence in goal that gives an extra lift to the team every time they put on the gloves.

5. Creativity In The Final Third

  • Sometimes the best thing a coach can do is just leave the players along and let them do their own thing in the final third around the goal.
  • So many Mexican players have the creative attacking ability to be able to dribble a player and create something for themselves or their teammates that leads to a goal.
  • You have to ask yourself if you have some of this in your game and if the answer is no and you play a position such as winger, striker or attacking center mid that requires a little genius in the final third you need to start seeing how you can add this to your own game.
  • Every coach wants a player that can go and win them a game with individual brilliance, see if you can be that player and playing at the next level or the Mexico national soccer team may be in your future.
  • For all the latest information and news to do with the Mexico National soccer team and their players feel free to check out this website, ESPN Mexico News.

Top 5 Ways You Can Play For The Mexico National Soccer Team One Day

1. Playing On A Top Team In The Top League

  • If you want to have any chance of being recruited for the next level or the Mexico national soccer team is you're going to need to be the best player in your league while playing on the best team.
  • It isn't enough to play on the best team in your league and it isn't enough to be the best player on a middle of the table team. You must be the best with the best team to truly show the next level or national team scouts that they don't need to look any further than where you are currently playing.
  • The top teams will have more scouts and coaches interested in them so playing for them over a lesser known team is really important. You will also be competing every day at training against the top player which will improve your game and your level every single day.
  • Don't even think about playing with the national team until you've become the best player on the best team, period.

2. Sign With An Established Agent/Agency

  • No club or national team will take you seriously if you don't have an agent. It doesn't matter if you're Ronaldo you aren't signing for a team without an agent who gives credibility to your name.
  • Agents have contacts all across the globe with different clubs and they will shop you around until a team offers you a tryout based on what the agent says about you.
  • They will start to open doors for you that you never knew existed and they only get paid when you sign a contract so it's in their best interest to get you signed.
  • On top of that they will also negotiate your contract for you so you don't have to worry about any of those details besides showing up and performing during every practice and match.

3. Create A Portfolio (Highlight Tape, CV etc.)

  • If you want any chance of signing with an agent or agency you're going to need to have something that impresses them like a highlight tape and resume.
  • Make sure your highlight tape is well put together with your best clips first and use high quality video when putting it together.
  • Make sure your resume is thorough with where you've played and unique things you've accomplished like MVP awards, championships and other unique accomplishments.
  • This is step one to getting an agent so no skipping over this one no matter how good you think you may be. The last thing you want is for an agent to be interested and ask for these things and you say you don't have it.

4. Live And Train Like A Pro Now!

  • If you keep doing what you've been doing it will keep getting you what you've got. It's time to start living your life like you play for the Mexico national team and not waiting for that day to start training and living like a high level pro.
  • You're never going to beat the competition if you keep training and living like them, your first job is to outwork everyone you know. You need to start coming early and staying late after training to work on your game for starters.
  • After you start training like a pro you need to fully commit yourself to eating like one, sleeping like one, recovering like one and just generally living like one.

5. High Level References

  • We've all heard the saying it's not what you know but it's who you know and this rings true for soccer too.
  • All the soccer circles can be quite small at times and you need to find that person who has coached you or you know that can put in a good word for you with an agent, scout or coach of a team at the next level.
  • Getting yourself just a tryout with a pro team or the Mexico national soccer team for example will take more than just your on field ability and let's hope that is the easy part.
  • Many coaches and scouts will rely on their contacts to give them a tip on who to watch or invite to tryouts so making sure you keep your connections strong in the community are important, plus you never know who you are connected with and is willing to help you make the jump.

Top 5 Best Mexican Soccer Players Playing Right Now

Raul Jimenez

Hirving Lozano

Hector Herrera

Diego Lainez

Guillermo Ochoa

Top 5 Best Mexican Soccer Players Of All Time

Hugo Sanchez

Rafa Marquez

Jorge Campos

Cuauhtemoc Blanco

Guillermo Ochoa

Is The Mexico National Soccer Team Any Good?

The Mexico national team is one of the most underrated national teams in the entire world. They are threats at every major tournament they enter and they play with such a high level of technical ability, soccer IQ and passion game in and game out.

Although they may not have won a major tournament (World Cup or Copa America) they are always in the mix and always such a difficult out for any team they come up against.

Their greatest achievements have come in the Olympics and Gold Cup which are still valuable accomplishments but not at the level of the biggest tournaments of the world.

Their team has top players who play all over Europe, North & South America and are incredibly well respected and well appreciated at the club and country world stage.

If you've ever had the pleasure of playing against a Mexico national soccer team or club team at any youth level tournaments you know exactly how good they are and difficult they are to compete against.

Does The Mexico National Soccer Team Have Any Chance Of Winning The Next or Any World Cup?

They definitely aren't favourites but if they get the right draw, play their absolute best and get a bit of luck along the way there is no reason why the Mexico national team can't be in position to win a World Cup one day.

If Greece can win the Euros then Mexico can win the World Cup, let's put it like that. Mexico has lost in the quarter finals at the World Cup in penalty kicks (which everyone knows can go either way) so with a bit of luck there and a couple other good performances there is no doubt although not expected to our favourites to win it can put in some performances to put them in position to compete for gold.

When you combine the teams previous records along with their top players, coaching and passion for how they play the game they are a fantastic dark horse to root for who play the game the right way.