Wait, Are Lotto Soccer Shoes Still A Thing?

lotto soccer shoes

Thinking about playing the Lotto? Or maybe you're looking for some Lotto soccer shoes to play your next season in. Well either way let's hope it works out for you and here are some things to think about to be sure it does.

Most people feel like Lotto has fallen off the edge of the earth and is hardly relevant in the soccer game, well they aren't far off, although Lotto may not be the front runner on race day they still have some reliable quality boots you can take for a spin.

Being a company that is solely (see what I did there) focused on making soccer shoes and equipment they like to think of themselves as a master of their trade instead of being average in many.

If you're still reading that means Lotto soccer shoes are on your radar, that's good, now all you have to do is read all about what the shoes are like, what their made of, how much they cost and where you can get a pair.

Rule number 1 as always is try them on for yourself, as much as the insight here will help there's no replacing the feeling of slipping those feet into a pair of boots and feeling that instant connection.

Just remember not to go into buying your next pair of cleats blindly like playing the Lotto, read up and make the best choice that suits you and your game.

Lotto Soccer Shoes Video Review

Most Popular Lotto Soccer Shoes Of All Time

Stadio OG (1990)

Zero Gravitiy (2006)

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Lotto Soccer Shoes

1. Durability

  • When it comes to durability and the life of a shoe not many can compare to what lotto brings to the table.
  • It is made with no plastic or second hand materials just the top of the line leathers, stitching, soles and insoles that not only feel great but will last.
  • If you take care of the shoe like you're supposed to you can have these shoes for close to a decade.

2. Long Trusted Tradition

  • All Lotto soccer shoes are hand made in Italy with the finest of leathers and craftsmanship which is rare to find today in the mass production era.
  • From the laces, to the studs every piece of this shoe has been worn and approved by players all around the world and that is why they have been a trusted ally in football for decades.
  • Lotto soccer shoes have a trusted brand and the fact that they only work in the soccer space should give you the confidence that they know what they are doing.

3. Extras

  • When you buy Lotto you are lucky enough to get all the bells and whistles you may need without any additional cost.
  • Insoles, shoe horn, string shoe bag you name it, Lotto soccer shoes provide each player with all the necessities when it comes to performance with their brand new pair of boots.

4. First Laceless Shoe

  • Believe it or not Lotto came out with the first laceless pair of soccer cleats, the Zero Gravity's in 2006.
  • Most people don't even know that because they were ahead of their time or maybe they just weren't easy on the eye, either way it's ingenuity like this that makes you trust them if you're going down the laceless route.
  • They have been making laceless boots for years so 15 years later they have practically perfected them, so if you're looking laceless then Lotto deserves a serious look.

5. Soft Upper

  • Whether you go laceless or leather Lotto soccer shoes provide an incredibly soft upper material for your foot to feel in heaven.
  • The day you buy it the shoe will fit like a glove, as for blisters let's keep our fingers crossed.

Top 5 Things To Consider When Buying Your Next Pair Of Lotto Soccer Shoes

1. Lack Tight Fit

  • The feedback on the laceless Lotto soccer shoes are that they don't have that snug tight fit you're looking for.
  • This may not be a deal breaker but certainly good to know, as for the leather lotto shoes you can expect a more snug fit as the leather will stretch and form to the shape of your foot.

2. Old School Look

  • Unless you love a good throwback these cleats are very 80's Euro.
  • Round studs, big tongue flopping over the cleats, black leather and no bells and whistles.
  • For some this is exactly what they want, a pair of boots just like Uncle Giancarlo would have loved but for those of you that want a little more modern flare you won't find it here.

3. Lack Colour Variety

  • Although Lotto provides a decent variety of shoe styles it lack in the amount of different colour combinations they produce.
  • Other companies provide cleats in all types of colours Lotto typically has one or two colours per shoe to choose from, so if you're looking for a particular colour or two to match your kit, you'll be hard pressed to find it.

4. Tough To Put On

  • If you go with the laceless Lotto soccer shoes they are quite a hassle to put on and take off.
  • If you happen to forget the shoe horn you are going to be in for a workout to put them on.
  • As for non laceless they are pretty simple to put on and take off like any other cleat on the market.

5. Bulky (Especially When Wet)

  • Most Lotto soccer shoes aren't the sleekest and lightest shoe on the block.
  • Although there are a pair or two that are light overall their shoes are made to last and aren't the flimsy light shoes you may be used to.
  • Lotto's shoes are more on the bulky durable side then the sleek and light weight side so be sure to consider that when picking your next pair.

How Much Do Lotto Soccer Shoes Cost Roughly?

For such a well made shoe the price is on the lower end compared to most of its competitors.

For the classic Stadio's you are looking at $220, and this is a shoe that has withstood the test of time, look decent and will do the job night in and night out.

The tier below that typically range from about $150 to $180 depending on the exact Lotto soccer shoe you are eyeing up. There are Lotto boots that are less than $150 but unless in an emergency situation.

I would stay away from going this low in price because with a lower price point also comes a lower quality made shoe overall.

Where Can I Buy A Pair Of Lotto Soccer Shoes?

1. Soccer.com

2. Lotto.com

3. WorldSoccerShop.com

What Are Lotto Soccer Shoes Made Of?


  • Other than the laceless Lotto boots that have no tongue Lotto has the typical old school 90's looking tongue that flips over the front of the shoe made with leather.
  • Very Italian and also very classic looking design.


  • The upper in most leather cases is as nice and soft as you're going to find with a bit more stretch in the leather compared to synthetic or knit upper found in the laceless boot.
  • Either way, quality and comfortable in all their shoes.

Toe Box

  • A bit tighter toe box at first but once you work in the shoe the front area of the shoe is quite spacious and comfortable for your toes to fit into.


  • The studs are very old school with the round studs with a bit of grip and traction on the bottom of them.
  • The feel of the ball on these studs are good but if you're looking for some different type of stud pattern you won't find it here.


  • The insole the shoe is made with is very comfortable and easy to slip in and out in case you have your own you like.
  • They also provide you with another pair of cushion insoles for the laceless shoes to increase or reduce the tightness of the foot in the shoe should you want to adjust it.


  • The sole is made of a hard durable plastic that has good flex to it for when your foot bends in every which direction it needs.
  • Made from a very strong plastic that is also hand sewn into the midsole of the shoe.


  • The heel is nothing fancy but reliable quality leather material wrapped around the back of it.
  • No extra bumpers or cushioning to help with blisters.

How Long Will A Pair Of Lotto Soccer Shoes Last Me?

To put it plain and simple, longer than most. Whether you like Lotto soccer shoes or not one thing can't be debated and that is their ability to make a quality shoe, with the best materials and elite craftsmanship that will last.

Whatever a typical shoe will last you can add another couple years onto that for a Lotto shoe. Made in Italy, constructed by hand and with the finest of leathers is a recipe for a long life and a happy one, for soccer shoes anyway.

Do Any Professional Players Wear Lotto Soccer Shoes?

These days not a lot of high profile pro players wear Lotto soccer shoes out on the pitch anymore.

You will see a lot of kids in Europe wearing them and lower level pro's in Italy as well sporting them but as for big names very few to none.

This doesn't mean they aren't quality but typically means Lotto doesn't have the big money to throw at a high profile players to wear their boots like Nike, Adidas and Puma have.

In the past though some real legends used to wear Lotto soccer shoes, legends such as Shevchenko, Cafu and Seedorf.

Top 5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Lotto Soccer Shoes

1. Clean Out Dirt & Rocks

  • When dirt and rocks get stuck in between the sole plates or somewhere in the shoes these small issues can lead to annoying bigger issues if not dealt with.
  • Pick out the pieces of grass, rocks, turf pebbles or whatever else as soon as you can so a small rip or tear doesn't become an issue.

2. Don't Store In Cold Rooms

  • Have you ever left your boots in the garage or outside for a few days only to try and put them on and they are all stiff and hard? Well if you have you know the feeling and it is no fun the next day at training.
  • This can really compromise the structure of the shoe and really hurt the longevity and flexibility of the upper part of the shoe whether it's leather or synthetic.

3. Rain Care

  • I know we all just want to jump in the shower as soon as we get home after a rainy training or game but be sure not to just kick off your boots and forget about them.
  • Cleats get the most damage when left soaking wet outside for a few days, wipe them down with a rag, wash them with water, take the insoles out and try them outside or with some paper towel.
  • Now you can enjoy that hot shower after a rainy training session.

4. Avoid Walking On Hard Surfaces

  • I know it's just a short walk from the field to the car on that pavement or asphalt but avoid it all costs.
  • Walking on all these non pitch surfaces such as gravel, hardwood and cement will start to add up if you do it a couple times a week, soon you will have scuffed uppers and worn down studs so keep it to grass and turf.

5. Don't Lend Out

  • "Hey man can I borrow your boots I forgot mine" will lead to "damn I wish I never lent them".
  • Yes we want to be good teammates and help a brother out but anytime you let someone else wear your boots they come back with the shape altered, the laces are tied too tight, the sole is peeling off or it just doesn't look or feel the same.
  • Be selfish with this pair of boots.