Learn How To Wear Soccer Socks Properly! High, Low and Definitely Cut!

how to wear soccer socks

Awwww feel the breeze.... Do you know how to wear soccer socks properly? Please don't be influenced by this picture, if your socks look anything like this picture then you have bigger problems then soccer socks in your life.

This has become (maybe always has been) the trend around soccer players and how they wear their beautiful socks.

When I see a player wearing socks up to just under their knee, with no extra cuts, rips or adjustments I want to go and shake the kids hand.

Now it's common place to have socks extended up past your knees, the bottom of them cut to wear your own socks and god knows what else.

Look I can't say it makes much sense but if it makes you play better than what do I know! Below I'll show you all the different ways you can wear your socks and which way will get you the least attention so you can't worry about what happens on the pitch.

How To Wear Soccer Socks Video Explanation

Why Do Soccer Players Cut The Bottom Of Their Socks?

soccer socks taped at bottom

Ahhhh the age old question, how to wear soccer socks? Is there a right and wrong way or is it all about preference and why in the world to players cut the bottom of their socks?

I've played my whole life and I still don't fully get why players cut, chop and tape up their socks. Well I kind of do but it's a bit much.

Let's talk about the bottom part of the soccer sock right by the ankle and why players cut this part off. Apparently the part of the soccer sock that goes over the foot is too thick, bulky and tends to slide around in the shoe.

To fix this players cut off that part, wear their own thinner grip sock or crew sock and then tape down the long soccer part with the same colour tape so it looks like one sock. Hey I'm just he guy explaining it to you I didn't say it made sense, but I do see what they are trying to accomplish here.

What's The Actual Soccer Rule On How You Should Wear Your Socks?

Well Law 4 which talks about equipment is well outlined here so have a read:

Law 4: The Players Equipment 

Basically what it is saying is that your socks need to cover your shin guards and be in appropriate shape in terms of holes, rips and tears.

You could probably get away with wearing an older pair of socks that have some wear and tear on them but any significant hole or rip may grab the officials attention and you may be asked to change.

In terms of any tape or strap attached to your sock it must be the matching colour of the sock or you will be asked to remove or change it. Nothing more accurate than the laws of the game when it comes to how to wear soccer socks.

Should I Wear My Socks High Or Low?

grealish wearing his socks low

How about somewhere in between? Most players wear their socks over their shin guards and just below the knee. 

The truth it really depends on your preference and comfort level. The last thing you want to do is be adjusting or constantly worrying about your socks of all things during a match.

So whether it's high, low or something in between go with comfor over fashion and be done with it.

To Tape Or Not To Tape?

So I've played soccer my whole life at almost every level and all my teammates used tape in one way or anther and I just never really understood it. I just always thought there was one way how to wear your soccer socks. 

So why do they use tape? Some soccer players like to tape the top and bottom of their shin guards on the outside of the sock to keep them in place. This way they don't slide down your leg during the game. Not a bad idea I guess.

Others cut their game socks at the ankle and tape down the loose end of the sock so they can wear their own socks and still follow the rules of how to wear socks during a game. I don't really get it but hey players at every level do it so there must be something to it.

Do I Have To Wear Long Soccer Socks During Practice?

This is really a team to team decision. Some coaches make you wear soccer socks and even shin guards while others are easy and let you wear crew socks.

I've played for teams and coaches from both sides, I can tell you from experience when I played in Ireland you would be crazy not to wear long socks and shin guards in training.  Some of the tackles I saw and experienced were brutal there so it does depend on the team culture on if players wear them or not.

When I was playing in Serbia nobody wore shin guards at training but most wore long soccer socks just because it was what was provided for us in terms of training gear.

In Serbia there wasn't much of a choice to be made, if you do have a choice pack both, see the team culture and what other players are doing then decide for yourself.

Top 3 Reasons To Wear Your Socks High

1. Stay Warm When It's Cold Outside

This one is pretty obvious but some players like to wear their socks a little higher because it keeps their legs warm from cold rainy night.

When that whistle goes you typically forget about how hot, cold, sick, tired or anything else you might be but I guess it helps some players.

2. Cover Up Cut Or Blood

You do know if the official sees blood on your body you have to leave the pitch and get it wrapped up. So if it's an important part of the game and you need to stay on then some players will roll up those socks and cover it so they can continue playing.

On the other side if your team could use a break to slow the momentum or for other reasons then maybe making the official aware and lowering your socks might makes sense for your side.

3. Undersized Shin Guards

We all have a couple teammates that wear ridiculously small shin guards, if you can't think of any teammates then it's probably you. When I say ridiculously small I mean the size of a credit card small.

So the logic of those players is if I wear my socks high its kind of tough to tell how big or small the shin guards might be.

If you wear them all the way low or as high as the shin guards the ref might ask you to change them if their that tiny.

Top 3 Reasons To Wear Your Socks Low

1. Restrict Your Calves

Some players feel it's restricting to their calves when their soccer socks are worn high, something to do with restricting the blood to that area.

Whether it's true or not if you think it's going to affect the way you feel or play then feel free to wear your socks low. If you feel like you are going to play worse then where your socks any way you want and don't listen to anyone on how to wear soccer socks the "right way".

2. No Need To Keep Adjusting Your Shin Guards

Instead of taping them down or adjusting them every two minutes when they fall down you can just keep them down and low all game long.

This way no more issues with shin guards slipping down your legs, just wear them low and move on with focusing on the game, problem solved.

3. Protect The Lower Part Of Your Leg/Foot

Nobody wears ankle protection as part of their shin guards anymore so if you want to avoid having a low ankle tackle or if you're protecting an existing injury then wearing your shin guards low can definitely help.

Can I Have Rips In My Socks?

I'm sure some small rips here and there are fine as long as their aren't large holes exposing your leg or shin guards. 

I've definitely played with socks with some decent sized rips in them but just nothing over the top. The ref does have the right to ask you to change them if they are exposing a brace or if you just look borderline homeless.

In this case the ref may tell you how to wear soccer socks properly so just listen and get on with the game will ya?

Why Do Some Players Wear Their Socks Above Their Knees?

neymar wearing socks above his knees

That's a great question. Some might do it on certain games where it's cold out and just want that extra level of warmth on their legs.

Others I'm sure just think it looks good so they roll them up above their knees, look good, play good logic I guess.

There is no real benefit to it so just go with what makes you feel comfortable and don't worry too much about making a fashion statement.

Some hardcores might not like it and will tell you it's the wrong, but ulitmately how to wear soccer socks is up to you!

What Are Grip Socks? Should I Use Them?

how to wear soccer socks

I would say that more players wear some sort of grip or performance sock these days than wearing the full sock as is. I know it might sound crazy but the amount of cut game socks I see proves this point.

Grip socks basically are like crew socks that go up your leg just under the calf with grip on the bottom of the foot. Players love this because it prevents their foot from sliding around inside their boots.

On top of that they are typically a little thinner than game socks so it's more comfortable and your touch on the ball feels even closer than usual.

I would suggest trying them out in a few training sessions before trying it in a game just in case it isn't for you. Oh and another thing, you're going to need tape of the same colour to tape down the bottom of your game socks to them or the refs won't let you wear it.

Grip socks go for about $20 a pair so they aren't cheap so make sure you pick the right brand, colour and size for all your needs.

You won't have too many players telling you how to wear soccer socks when it comes to the grip ones, there's only really one way.

How Much Does A Good Pair Of Soccer Socks Cost?

For a quality pair of higher end socks you're looking at about $20 USD. You can get some for cheaper but there's nothing worse than having a pair of socks that loses it's shape or just looks bad on you while your wear them.

This price is pretty standard for the top brands such as Nike, Adidas and Puma. Some lower end socks will go for less such as Lotto, Mitre and/or Admiral.

Top 3 Brands Of Soccer Socks

1. Nike

Don't overcomplicate it and go with what has been proven to work. Nike soccer socks provide quality materials, fit, comfortability and style all in one.

I've worn Nike soccer socks my whole life and never once had an issue or desire to switch. They have all the styles and colours you could want so if you can come across a pair go with them.

2. Adidas

Nothing beats a classic. Adidas is a staple in soccer around the world and going with Adidas socks will also give you everything you need.

I find them a bit bulkier and little bit less better fit then Nike but overall you will get what you need in terms of training and game socks.

3. Puma

The new kid on the block is also another good choice when it comes to soccer socks. Puma has made a late charge into the soccer market but still provides quality products including socks, shoes and anything else you need.

Where Can I Buy Proper Soccer Socks and Grip Socks?

1. Amazon.com

2. Soccer.com

3. Premimumsoccer.com