Stop Sitting On The Ball!!
How To Deflate A Soccer Ball The Right Way!

Annddddd squeeeeeeze! Learn how to deflate a soccer ball the right way even if you don't have a soccer ball pin.

Can I Deflate A Soccer Ball Without A Pin?

Top 5 Things To Use To Deflate A Soccer Ball?

1. Soccer Ball Pin

2. Bobby Pin

3. Pen

4. Aerosol Can Plastic Tube

5. Other Thin Sharp Objects

How Long Does It Take To Deflate A Soccer Ball?

With A Ball Pin

Without A Ball Pin

Naturally Over Time

How Often Does A Ball Deflate Just From Regular Use?

When Would I Need To Deflate My Soccer Ball?

Top 3 Reasons 

If you've ever travelled with a team or even on your own and are carrying a bag balls if you've probably had to deflate them at the airport.

1. Flying

2. Saving Space

3. Over Pumped

What Makes Soccer Balls Deflate?

Can I Use A Regular Ball Pump To Deflate A Ball?

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