I want to Turn Pro, what should i do?


i am a defender and i havent played in a team for a year but i really want to go pro and i havent been doing workouts or anything just play with a couple of friends on fridays anyways wat should i do to get into really good condition and also some tips on defending and some drills i could do to get into condition and also for defending?


From not playing for a year to making the leap to the professional level is a very very tall task.

To play professionally you will need a series of things on and off the field to give yourself a chance.

My first suggestion would be to find a relatively strong team to play on where you can get regular games in on a weekly basis.

No training or drills can replace what a game will give you. The more matches you can get in the better.

After you've found a team to play with my next suggestion would be to tape all of your games. At the next level agents ask for video of you playing, not only full game tapes but a highlight tape as well.

You will also need a strong CV (soccer resume). This will list where you have played and what you have done with your soccer career up to this point. Sort of like a regular resume that you would submit when applying for a job.

Start there and see how things progress, now some on field criteria you'll need to work on. If you are looking to become a better defender have a look at:

Soccer Positions

Find your position and read up on what is asked of a pro in that position. These are the fundamentals, without them you don't stand a chance of succeeding at any level.

To increase your physical fitness have a look at a series of fitness drills at:

Pro Level Fitness Drills

Here you will find both aerobic and anaerobic fitness drills that will propel your game to the next level.

Now if you are truly serious about getting fit like a PRO then having a fitness training program is a must! You can find a 6 Week Fitness Program Like a PRO at:

6 Week PRO Fitness Program

As you can see there is no quick solution to playing professionally or becoming great in anything in life, this will take time, hard work, discipline and more than your fair share of luck. For what it's worth, good luck.

Hope this helps,

Soccer Training Methods.com

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Turning Pro

by luis castillo


how do you become a proffesional?? and how do you find trials in usa??



That is quite a loaded question, with several answers. There is no ONE way to become a professional but from my experience the best way is through an agent.

So here's a list of things you will need before contacting an agent to represent you and eventually find your first tryout.

1) CV (Soccer Resume)

This lists where you have played, accomplishments, physical attributes and qualities.

2) Highlight Tape

This is a compilation of yourself playing in matches (and only matches!) to show the agent what you bring as a player to the table.

3) Full Game Footage

On top of the highlight tape an agent will want to see how you play in an actual match not just short clips.

4) References

You'll also need some written references where ex coaches or people with credibility will vouch for you as a player and person. This will help the agent better asses your quality.

After you have all these things you will then contact a series of agents and wait for their response and see what they can do for you.

This is the first step, the rest we can discuss later.

Hope this helps,


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