Got Any Good Soccer Team Names That People Will Think I'm Clever For Coming Up With?

good soccer team names

If you're looking for good soccer team names then look no further Individual United! (you can use that one if you want).

It may just be a line you need to fill out on a registration form but it's so much more than that, I mean how are your opponents suppose to talk trash behind your back when you're not on the pitch with them?

Choosing the right name is an important part of setting the tone for what kind of team you're trying to put together, a serious name sets the tone that this team is for committed and passionate players, a fun name let's everyone know to relax and this team is more about the laughs and beers before and after each match (and sometimes during!).

Either way you're going to need some examples and some ideas on how you can brainstorm your own team name, the most important thing is to be creative and playful with it and do your research before just selecting some random name.

The best soccer team names are the ones that are clever, funny and other teams are always asking about. Consider your team colours as well when thinking of your name, it may spark something like Green Machine for example.

Try and find a connective tissue between the players on your team, the league and what your name is, that way you're guaranteed it will be well received by all, ready to get started? Let's do this!

Good Soccer Team Names Video

Top 5 Funniest Team Names

1. Game of Throw In's

2. Straight Off the Couch


4. Klopps and Robbers

5. Pique Blinders

For an extensive list of over 500 good soccer team names feel free to check out this page.

Top 5 Ideas To Consider When Coming Up With Good Soccer Team Names

1. Connect It To Where You Live

  • Small Town FC or Littlerock Beavers is a classic way to make your players feel connected to their team name and play for the shirt on their back.
  • You don't have to reinvent the wheel here but taking your town, city or something everyone has in common to come up with the name is one of many great ways to come up with good soccer team names.

2. Make It Punny

  • Game of Throw In's, Son's of Pitches and ABCDE FC to name a few. Everyone likes a good tasteful pun so brainstorm a bit and see if you can come up with something clever that also relates to the game.
  • A punny team name will not only get you a good laugh but will open the door with an ice breaker for other teams to compliment or have a laugh over your name.
  • Connecting with the soccer community as a whole is what it's all about right?

3. Lightly Poke Fun At Yourself

  • It's not cool to make fun of others but feel free to take a tasteful jab at yourself from time to time.
  • Don't go overboard here (the ego is a fragile thing you know!) but Over The Hill FC or Beers After FC may be a good way to lighten the mood around your team and your opponents.
  • Become the team that everyone enjoys playing against instead of the team that everyone wishes they weren't in the league and it all starts with the statement you make about who you are with your team name.

4. Keep It Classy

  • Nobody likes a show off and rude show off at that. Keep that name appropriate and stay away from any controversial topics as your team name.
  • This isn't a political rally or a religious demonstration, keep the name neutral and stay away from any excessive swearing or anything that will rub a certain group of people the wrong way.

5. Make It Nostalgic

  • Everyone likes a good throwback from their childhood. If all your teammates are in and around the same age roughly you could use a reference from when you were all younger like a TV show, book, musician or historical event.
  • If Saved By the Bell was a big hit then you can go with something referring to that or if Madonna was big maybe something like.... "Like A Throw Innnnn!" You get the picture. Good soccer team names make you smile.

Top 5 Things To Avoid When Coming Up With Good Soccer Team Names

1. Vulgar Language

  • Let's try and keep it classy here, the F word and other curse words that you may think sound cool put other teams off and if you're looking for players to join your team it isn't the most inviting of names.
  • We aren't in high school anymore, stay away from any curse words that send the wrong message or just rub people the wrong way in general. Good soccer team names are creative and fun, not rude and controversial.

2. Peoples Names

  • Although Frank Barnes FC or Sally Jones FC might sound catchy at first it may be awkward if they don't end up on your actual team or leave your team.
  • Believe it or not someones name is personal information and you don't need a room full of strangers to start asking but so and so and his/her name.

3. Personal Info

  • I've seen team names in the past that were somebody's phone number, instagram handle or email address. Although it may seem funny at the time you could be getting yourself into all types of issues with that.
  • Not only is it rude you're also setting that person up to receiving messages, calls or even in person visits from complete strangers.
  • There are a lot of strange people in this world and the last thing you want to do is put someone in danger of crossing paths with people with bad intentions.

4. Making Fun Of Other Teams

  • Stay away from using another teams name in your name, something like Team Red Sucks isn't in the real spirit of the game and gives the other team an extra bit of motivation when they play you next.
  • The last thing you want is something to boil over in a game because the team came into it being upset with the way you chose your team name, you could be putting yourself or teammates in danger from that one crazy guy on the other team.

5. Offensive Comments

  • I'm shocked I even have to say this but avoid any racial, religious, sexual orientation or cultural slurs and insults.
  • Even if it's a joke there's always one patriotic guy that will take it a different way and take matters into their own hands.
  • Nobody likes to be made fun of so stay away from any type of offensive comments that hit below the belt, good soccer team names are playful not insulting.

Top 5 Best Ways To Come Up With Good Soccer Team Names When You Can't Think Of Anything!

1. Rhyme Time

  • The Cool Fools or The Great Eight is always a fun way to think of a unique name.
  • Try using something that rings true for your team name such as the colour of your jerseys, Green Machine or Mellow Yellows and see if something sticks, hey it beats being called Team 7 (how creative), good soccer team names take a little thinking to get just right.

2. Combine First Letter Of Players Names

  • Take the first letter of all the members of the team and see if you can make a word from it. You might actually come up with something pretty funny or clever.
  • Hey it beats your idea of ummmm, uhhhhh FC, try it and see how it goes will ya!

3. Candy Wrapper Name

  • Sour Patch Kids sounds like a great name to me! If you or someone on your team is eating some candy, chips or chocolate while you're debating what to call yourselves then go with that.
  • It's funny, quick and actually creates a pretty funny story of how your team name came to be when someone asks that joins the team or is playing against you.

4. Work Place Or Field

  • If all of your work in the service industry, medical industry or business industry you can come up with a catchy name that can play off of that.
  • Pimple Poppers or 9-5ers or anything else you can think of that is a common thread between all of you and the industries in which you work. 

5. Sponsor

  • See if you can get someone to sponsor your team name and viola there you go team name solved! Maybe it's someone you know or the company all of you or some of you work that is willing to spread their name around a bit and pay for your teams jerseys or registration.
  • This way there doesn't need to be any debate about the team name because everyone loves free, if you're having trouble finding a team name but know a sponsor this could be a great way to kill two birds with one stone.
  • I hope you didn't have your heart set on something because Dunder Mifflin FC may not role off the tongue but is something everyone will love when they find out they are paying for the jerseys or league fees.
  • That's right everyone loves Dunder Mifflin now, good soccer team names can be overrated when someone is paying for it.

What Does FC, FK, SC and CF Mean At The Beginning Or End Of Soccer Team Names? 


You may have seen team names that have FC, FK, SC and CF at the end or beginning of them and wonder what they mean.

FC stands for football club and is probably the most commonly used abbreviation world wide when describing what is it that the club does.

FC Barcelona is a great example, of course meaning Football Club Barcelona. FK is very similar to FC but is commonly used by European countries who spell the word club with a "K".

So literally the same thing as FC (football club) just spelt with a different letter. So in this example FK Dinamo Zagreb would be a good example of a Croatian football club that in their language uses the "K" instead of "C" to spell the world club, pretty simple right?

SC is used commonly in North American English speaking countries such as the USA and Canada. You guessed it, once again it means the same thing as above but using the word Soccer (which they use in North America) to describe the game. So SC stands for Soccer Club and is often used after the team name or location, Littlerock SC for example. 

Lastly CF is typically used in Latin American countries and means the same thing as the above abbreviations just in Spanish. CF means Club de Futbol which is football club but in Spanish. As you can tell all the short forms mean the same thing just are adjusted for the different regions in the world where a different language is spoken and/or written.

No tall good soccer team names have to have a FC, FK SC or CF in front or behind them but traditionally these abbreviations have been present to give clarity and legitimacy to team names and organizations.

Who Decides What The Team Name Is Going To Be?

Well it really depends on what kind of league you're in and who runs the team. If this is an adult league (men's, women's or co-ed) then typically the team captain will either decide themselves or will collaborate with the team members to see what they want to be called.

Many times it depends on what kind of jersey the team wants to wear, some like to do a play on words based off of professional teams like Man United Rejects or Fake Madrid to name a couple.

If this is a youth team it is pre-determined based on the club you sign up for, you may get to pick your jersey number in some cases but other than that the name is what is is.

I probably wouldn't be going up to the people that run the club and suggest you have some new good soccer team names they should consider as these names typically are based on the town they live in or some other sentimental connection to the club.