How to get Scouted

by Owen Foster
(Brisbane, QLD, AUS)


My Name is Owen Foster and I am a fifteen year old goalkeeper living in Australia. I desperatley want to be playing in the National Youth League in year 11 and 12 (I am currently year 10). How do I accomplish this dream? Do I need an agent and if so, when contacting them, what information do I need to provide. Any tips or advice you could give me about reaching my dream would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your time in this matter
Owen Foster


Owen, I am not exactly sure how it works in Australia to reach that level but to reach the professional level in other countries it's a process that may seem simple but takes work.

To answer your question about getting an agent, the answer is absolutely yes. Remember, there is not just ONE way to accomplish any task but from my experiences the best way is through an agent.

But what should I say or have prepared for the agent you might ask?

Well first you need to start (if you haven't already) taping every match you play in to compile highlights to put into a highlight video. Along with the highlight video you will need a soccer resume (CV) to send to the agent in the very first email. These two elements are crucial in the initial contact stage to show your professionalism.

Your soccer resume includes :

-Which teams you've played for
-Individual and team accomplishments
-Physical attributes (height, weight etc)
-Qualities as a player (what you bring to the table)

This will get you on the right path. After you have both of these email agents in your area with your ambitions and the highlight tape and CV attached. After that it's no longer in your hands.

If you really want to increase your game and your fitness having a conditioning program like the pros is a must. Here you will find a 6 Week PRO Fitness Program that every aspiring pro needs.

Good luck to you Owen.


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Ryan Beck - Making the Leap to the Pro's

by Ryan Beck
(Salt Lake, Utah)


I want a shot at playing pro soccer. I graduate from college on April28,2012 and I am willing to go almost anywhere for a chance. I have played for 19 years and started 70 games in college in Div 1 and NAIA. I am a solid player and very hard working. Can you help me? I can't figure it out. My first choice would be lower division soccer in Scandanavia or England.


Ryan, It's important to know exactly what you want and you seem to have that figured out. The next piece is figuring out the road to get there. That's where I come in. Before I turned pro I also played soccer in the states in the NAIA. After I won a national title my next goal was always to play professionally.

Like anything in life there are several ways to accomplish the same end result. Some have a hook up, some get lucky etc.

The most proven way (also the route I went) is getting an agent to set you up trials. Any and every professional footballer or athlete for that matter you know has an agent. You need somebody representing you and who has contacts in the field who can help you to get where you want to be.

You mentioned lower leagues in England and Scandinavia. You need to contact agents from those countries and email them showing your interest.

Before you do that you need to create a portfolio, because all the agents that reply to you will say "send me your CV and highlight tape". So create these before you email them so you're ready to go.

Now if you really want to be prepared for your trial I suggest you get your fitness to the level of the pros. When I made the leap I realized my fitness needed to be better. This 6 Week Pro Fitness Program will get your conditioning to the level you need it.

If you need any more help or guidance feel free to ask Ryan. Take care.


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