VIVE LA FRANCE!! Think You Can Play For The France Soccer Team At The Next World Cup?

france soccer team

No Benzema? No problem. So what's so special about the France soccer team anyway?

Ummm besides that they are defending World Cup Champions and have some of the best players on the planet and some of the greatest team achievements of all time? Ya you're right nothing really.

So what makes you think you can play for the French national team one day? Well let me help you figure it out, are you the best player on your team and in your league?

If you have to think about it the answer is probably no or at least not yet. You're going to be have to be at least that to have a chance to make the prestigious World Cup winning France soccer team.

Well if you aren't the best yet maybe you can start training like a pro, eating like a pro, sleeping like a pro and getting an agent like every single pro already has. If you're reading to make that next leap to commit yourself completely to playing at the next level you've come to the right place young Mbappe.

So now that I've got you here who makes your top 5 greatest France soccer team players of all time? Okay tough one I know, well who's in your top 5 players currently playing? Can't come up with it?

Well below you'll find the answer to both of those questions along with so much more to help you fulfill your dreams of playing for your national team and what makes these players so special. Alright enough reading for today time to get to work, allons-y!!!

France Soccer Team Highlight Videos

Top 5 Team Qualities That Make The France Soccer Team So Great

1. Depth Of Talent

  • There are very few teams in the world right now that match the France soccer team in terms of talent and depth of talent going two deep in each position of high quality players.
  • That is exactly what it takes to create a highly competitive practice environment and a team that can last the gruelling month of a World Cup or European Cup tournament.

2. Crafty In Tight Spaces

  • The France soccer team has a plethora of players who just when you think they are dead in the water and going to lose the ball they have an incredible ability to squeeze out of the most difficult of situations.
  • It's a credit to their skill, strength and IQ to be able to wiggle themselves out of near impossible situations and the beauty is they have about ten players who can all do it without breaking a sweat.

3. Dribbling At Speed

  • Pick your poison on this one, the France soccer team most deadly attacking attribute is their ability to dribble you at speed and decide the game in the final third.
  • Mbappe, Martial, Dembele etc are all capable of taking players on game after game and creating a bit of magic for their team where it seemed like their was no logical opportunity to score.
  • Individual speed and dribbling may be the games most important asset in a player and when you have a team full of them you can beat anyone.

4. Diverse Attack

  • Frances ability to beat you with the nimbleness of Griezmann, the dribbling of Dembele, the speed of Mbappe or the strength of Giroud really gives them so many ways they can pick a part and punish an opponent.
  • France can give them a dose of one for part of the game then sub the other on later to really catch the defenders off guard, the France soccer team can beat you any way you like. Oh and Benzema isn't even on the team!!

5. World Class Defenders

  • Whether its Varane, Umtiti, Laporte or anyone else France is spoiled with riches when it comes to true in and out defensive machines.
  • What is often not talked about when people talk about the France soccer team is their quality on the defensive side of the ball, the flash and glamour may be on display when they have the ball but the heart and soul of this team is its back line. 

Top 5 Ways You Can Play On The France Soccer Team One Day

1. Getting An Agent

  • The single most valuable thing you can do to give yourself a chance to play professionally and play for the national team one day is to get an agent to represent you.
  • You aren't going to make that next jump if you don't have a trained professional to showcase you in front of all the clubs they may have contacts with.
  • An average player with an agent has a better chance to turn pro then a great player without one, read that again, start doing your research or ask friends that are already playing at the next level and see what agencies and agent would be the right fit for you.

2. Moving To France At A Young Age

  • If you really have dreams of getting noticed by a pro France soccer team or the national team considering moving there or going on trial over there at a young age may be the right move for you.
  • It is really difficult to grow up in the USA or another country and try and go play pro in France at 21 or 22.
  • They have hundreds of players already in their system that they know and trust who they will select over you so getting in their youth system early may be the right option for you.

3. Individual Training

  • Whatever you're doing with your team is the bare minimum when it comes to training and development.
  • Every player on your team and league is doing that exact same thing so you need to get some extra personal training on top of it.
  • Whether it's technical position specific personal training or strength and conditioning you want to find a way to get an edge on your opponents.
  • Now you have your team training, the work you do on your own and some small group or one on one training with professional that will really elevate your game.

4. Filming Your Practices & Games Then Reviewing Them

  • Now this is one great way to develop your game that I bet your teammates and opponents aren't doing.
  • See if you can get a hold of game or practice tape even and watch yourself play and act and try and objectively rate and critique yourself.
  • I bet you'll be surprised at what you see versus what your perception of yourself as a player is. After watching a few games start to take notes on areas of your game you can improve on and ways you can really impact the game more than you have been.
  • There will always be something you can improve on and after you get used to doing it there won't be a single thing more valuable you do to raise the level of your game and play for the France soccer team one day.

5. Training & Living Like A Pro

  • You should try and emulate what a professional player that plays for the France soccer team does on a weekly basis to adapt to what it takes to play pro.
  • Not only should you be training 6 days a week you also need to consider how pro's live outside of the pitch like eating healthy, avoiding alcohol, sleeping regularly and taking other precautions when it comes to recovery.
  • There is an old saying that too many people are waiting to lift the trophy to call themselves champions, same thing goes for playing pro.
  •  You don't turn pro when you sign that contract, you turn pro the moment you commit to living and training like one.

Top 3 Individual Player Qualities That Make The France Soccer Players So Great

1. Physicality

  • The French have some unique physiques from all their players top to bottom.
  • Some of incredible cardio like Kante, others speed like Mbappe, other strength like Varane and agility like Griezmann and that is what makes the France soccer team so unique and so dangerous to play against.
  • The coach has so many great options to counter with speed, sit back with strength or press with their high fitness levels, truly a dream to select the starting eleven.

2. Speed

  • We get it already the France soccer team has a wealth of blazing speed they could start a track team if they really wanted to.
  • Mbappe's pace goes without mention but the likes of Martial, Dembele and Griezmann are no slouches either.
  • When you have a team that is loaded with speedsters in attack and defence you will always compete with the best national teams in the world.

3. Creativity

  • Whether it's Pogba, Martial or Dembele twisting and turning defenders inside and out this team is loaded with players that at any given moment can create their own chance and decide the game with just a moment of brilliance.
  • They may not have the pure playmaker like Zidane in past years but they still have the players who have combined athleticism, skill and pace to open up any defence and they were able to prove it on the world's biggest stage in Russia.

Top 5 Best France Soccer Team Players Right Now

Kylian Mbappe

Ngolo Kante

Ousmane Dembele

Antonie Griezmann

Paul Pogba

Top 5 Best France Soccer Team Players Of All Time

Zinedine Zidane

Michel Platini

Thiery Henry

Raymond Kopa

Just Fontaine

Why Has A Country Like France Been So Successful At The International Level?

With a population of 67 million France is no slouch when it comes to the sheer amount of people that live there but there are countries with significant higher populations that can't do what France is done.

The answer can be a bit complex and long winded but it of course start with a superior talent pool which they of course have, more than a coach could ever need but talented teams have fallen short in the past as well.

I think it comes down to these three things, first their talent as I mentioned, second is that the players on the French soccer team all play at the top clubs in the world and are winning championships or competing for them every year.

That experience and high level of competition year end and year out means something when you come together and play for your national team.

Lastly I think it comes down to great leadership both within the team and at a senior executive level. When you look at the leaders in that dressing room including their coach who is a World Cup winner as a player himself there are men in that change room that know the value of leading by example, encouraging their teammates and being selfless in all that they do.

Talent, players playing at the highest club level year round and leadership, simple enough right?

Can France Win Another World Cup With This Generation?

With their core still in the prime of their careers I don't see why not, in fact they are the favourites or among them win the Euro Cup and when you enter the Euros as defending World Cup champions who can really doubt them?

The key factors that make them such a threat to repeat is their depth of talent, experienced leadership and a team that now knows how to win on the biggest stage.

Like him or not they also have a manager with a fantastic record and an ability to relate to players being their himself many years ago for the France soccer team.

When you have the talent they have and the players that consistently play in the biggest competitions at the club level you are always going to have a side that will be tough to beat. To find out all the info about the France soccer team such as players, stats and other general info feel free to to check this page out.