Getting a Tryout

by Eric Orenstein
(Athens, GA)


Hey Pro,

I am going to Israel this Summer where I have family living, and my cousin works as a security guard for Hapoel Tel Aviv. I would very much like to tryout or train with the team or any team around Israel. How should I go about getting in contact with the club and telling them I know I am good enough to play professionally, so I would like a tryout? Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated. This website is great, I am 22 and play club soccer for the University of Georgia. I know I have what it takes to go pro and even represent my country, so I am very grateful for this website's valuable information. Keep on doing what you guys do. Thank you and best regards. I will definitely tell people about this website now and when I go pro!


First I am very glad this site has started to help you understand what it takes to play and perform at the professional level.

Unless your cousin works directly with the coaching staff or the administrators it will be difficult for him to get you a tryout, not impossible but difficult.

To be honest I do not know what kind of player you are but if you truly believe you have the quality to play at the professional level then you shouldn't let anybody tell you otherwise.

I would recommend getting an agent to set you up trials. But before you contact them you will need to start developing your portfolio. This consists of a highlight tape, CV (soccer resume), full game tapes and references. This is the most important thing you will carry with you through your playing career so take the time and do it right.

You can find more about your soccer portfolio at Soccer Portfolio

You can find a list of registered FIFA agents here:

Registered FIFA Agents

Whether you get your professional tryout the last thing you want to do is not take advantage of it by showing up unfit. If you are truly serious about playing professionally you need have a fitness program that prepares you like a pro. You can find a 6 Week PRO Fitness Program here

Hope this has helped, feel free to comment on this post as well. Good Luck


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Tryouts - Too Old to Go Pro?

by Gustavo Huerta
(Baldwin Park Ca)


I am 24 years old, can I still tryout for a professional soccer team?


Gustavo, as we know the game of turning professional is one that is against the clock. Generally if you have not made it by 20 then your chances are quite slim, but not impossible.

In your case it depends on couple of things. First, where and if you've played professionally before. If you haven't played at a high level by now it will be difficult for an agent to want to represent you.

Agents look at your age, experience and quality. One can be sacrificed if another is truly outstanding. Without one of the three being outstanding you will have a difficult time getting an agent to represent you never mind getting a trial.

I don't want to crush your hopes because I have had friends who have been older then you who have turned pro. If you think you have the quality then there should be nobody to stop you.

But you must get an agent. Before that you need to create a highlight tape, CV (soccer resume) and get full game tape of yourself playing to show the agent what your worth. After that they will start to promote you to clubs and get you your first trial. You can find a list of agents at Soccer Agents List

Gustavo time is not on your side so get working on this immediately. If you truly want to succeed at these professional trials then you will need to prepare yourself like the pros do. This 6 Week Pro Fitness Program will get your conditioning to the level of the pros.

Good Luck,


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