I Need To Buy A Pair Of Boys Soccer Cleats, My Son's Game Is In An Hour!!!

boys soccer cleats

Quick! I need a pair of boys soccer cleats, I forgot my son has his first game tomorrow!

Slow down, you're in luck my friend, below you will find all the information you could ever need on boy soccer cleats along with the top brands, what they're made of, how much they cost and how long they should last you.

You don't want to rush this and just pick out any pair of boy soccer cleats that your son won't enjoy so make sure you see exactly what you're getting yourself into before you buy them.

There are a lot of deals out there that may seem too good to be true (and they probably are) so be sure to have a look through some things to avoid before bringing that box home and putting that smile on your kids face.

Lastly you are going to want to know what these cleats are made of exactly so you can tell if you're buying quality cleats that will last more than a few weeks.

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Top 5 Qualities To Look For In A Pair Of Boys Soccer Cleats

1. Fit

  • Even though your young growing boy may change his soccer cleats by the week based on his foot growing by the minute you're still going to want them to get fitted appropriately for today.
  • You can give yourself about a thumb thickness from the end of the toe to the end of she shoe but don't go much more than that or they could risk injury and of course discomfort.
  • It's a tough pill to swallow knowing these shoes only may last a few months before it's time for a new pair but the last thing you want is your son to be uncomfortable in his new shoes and be parading his new clown shoes all over the field.

2. Comfort

  • Comfort is king! If your son comes up to you and says his feet hurt and have blisters after one practice you're going to wish you never bought those cleats in the first place.
  • Make sure the shoe is designed not just for style but also has enough cushioning and flexibility where your son won't be in pain after every kick of the ball.
  • All the other qualities don't mean a thing if the boys soccer cleats aren't a joy to lace up and run around the pitch in.

3. Look & Style

  • Especially for young boys you're going to want to make sure the shoes look the part as well.
  • The days of black only cleats are gone so get up with the times and put a little colour in your life.Oh and before you choose a pair that you (40 year old adult) thinks looks cool and stylish please run it by your son so they don't shake their head in disgust when they see them (ungrateful punks!). Look good feel good right?
  • Something like that, no matter how it goes you want your kid to enjoy the shoes in every aspect.

4. Stud Pattern

  • If you look on the bottom of boys soccer cleats you will obviously see the studs on the bottom of the shoe that grip to the ground when running and cutting all over the pitch.
  • Although their main purpose is to give your son good traction as they move around the field they also play a role in the control your son has on the ball as the studs touch the ball from time to time.
  • Make sure you check both boxes from a traction stand point and a touch and feel stand point. Have your son try them on and cut in the grass and roll the ball around with the sole of their feet to see if it's exactly what the both of you are looking for.
  • The most typical stud pattern is a round shaped stud but there are also several variations of thin, long and combined stud patterns.

5. Durability

  • You're going to want a pair of boys soccer cleats that is going to last a few tackles, a few rainy days and a few days of them walking on pavement with them (the worst!).
  • Be sure that the shoe has a sole plate that is put together firmly with the rest of the shoe, be sure the stitching is tight along the seems and the upper part of the shoe is made of a durable leather or synthetic material.
  • Feel free to give it the old school bend and twist while examining whether the shoe looks like it's going to hold up for the long haul.

Top 5 Things To Remember When Buying A Pair Of Boys Soccer Cleats

1. Try Before You Buy

  • No matter how good they look or may be priced be sure to try the boys soccer cleats on your son's feet before buying.
  • You never know exactly how it feels with and without the ball until you give them a person test run yourself.
  • Even if you need to try them on in store before buying them online later make sure your son tries the cleats on personally to avoid headaches and returns later.

2. Stick To Name Brands

  • Try and stay away from the no name random foreign brands and stick to Nike, Adidas, Puma and Under Armour for all your boys soccer cleats selections.
  • These brands are tried, tested and true and won't give you issues like an off brand may.

3. It's About What THEY Want!

  • Okay you, your Dad and your Grandfather all wore Copa Mundials and you want your son to too!
  • Remember it's about what they like and what they want, especially at an early age you want every experience with the game we all love to be a positive, memorable and fun one.
  • There are few memories that rival that first or new pair of boys soccer cleats so make sure they love them as much as you do.

4. Buy Their Size

  • I know you want to save a buck or two by getting a bigger size and having them squeeze into or even worse buying a half size too small so the shoe fits like a glove but you want to avoid all that.
  • Give them a little room at the top of the shoe (about a thumbs thickness) but make sure to get them a pair of boys soccer cleats that fit just right for what their foot is today not what it's going to be in 6 weeks.

5. You Get What You Pay For

  • The golden rule when buying anything also applies to boys soccer cleats. Go too cheap and watch the shoes fall apart in weeks.
  • Be sure to buy on the middle to higher end of cleats if you can and you won't regret it.

Top 5 Things To Avoid When Buying A Pair Of Boys Soccer Cleats

1. Buying Without Doing Your Research

  • Purchasing a pair of boys soccer cleats blindly is the worst thing you can do to ensure your kid likes the shoes.
  • Do some research, check out some reviews and see what shoes are the best rated and go with those.

2. Too Good To Be True Deals

  • Stay away from any deals that seem too good to be true.
  • This is a great way people try and sell knock offs and get you to buy something that looks good on the surface but won't last a week on your kids feet.

3. Random Brands

  • Stay away from international brands that you've never heard of but sound good in Italian. Nike, Adidas, Puma and Under Armour are what you want to go with.
  • I know your cousin in Bangladesh has this new brand of soccer shoe you have to try but please do your kid a favour and go with local well known brands when it comes to their cleats.

4. Buying Oversized Cleats

  • I know we all want to save a buck or two by buying a pair of boys soccer cleats for our kids that will last longer then a week because of their ever changing foot size.
  • Stick to buying cleats that fit their feet today not ones that will fit them one day.

5. Going Too Cheap

  • Be careful of going on the lower side of price and try and stick to the medium to higher end price of boys soccer cleats to ensure you get a quality shoe.
  • Going to too cheap will just cause you headaches and wish you had gone with a higher end shoe and spent a little more now to save a lot later.

Top 5 Brands Of Boys Soccer Cleats

1. Nike

2. Adidas

3. Puma

4. Under Armour

5. Diadora

Top 3 Places To Buy a pair of boys soccer cleats

1. Nike.com

2. Soccer.com

3. DicksSportingGoods.com

Top 5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Boys Soccer Cleats

1. Clean After Every Use

  • Even if you feel like the cleats aren't dirty always wipe them down and get the sticks, rocks, grass or turf out of the little creases of the shoe.
  • If neglected for awhile these little turf pellets and rocks can add up where the shoe starts to slowly come apart and cause discomfort when wearing them.

2. Don't Store In Cold Areas

  • Be careful about throwing your cleats off of your feet and leaving them outside, in the garage or in the car over a night or two.
  • The shape of the shoe can be compromised in cold areas and trying to get that hard and crunchy feel out of them is near impossible.
  • Be careful of doing this after a wet and raining training or game, the shoe can be damaged forever.

3. Use Only For Training & Games

  • These boys soccer cleats are designed for soccer activities only like practice and games.
  • Don't cut the grass in them, go for hikes or play touch football in them either.
  • You will get less out of the shoe and you run the risk of ripping or damaging the shoe for when you need it later in the week for your game.
  • Soccer equipment is for soccer activities only.

4. Avoid Walking On Non-Field Surfaces

  • If you want the studs on the bottom to last try and avoid walking on pavement, concrete, gravel or cement.
  • It will wear down the studs at a rapid rate and may scuff up other parts of the shoe and start to wear down the integrity of the cleats as a whole.
  • Stick to wearing them on grass and turf, throw a pair of sandals in your bag to put on after the game so you're not tempted to walk across every surface in cleats.

5. Don't Lend Them Out

  • I know sharing is caring but be very particular about lending your soccer cleats out to someone for any reason at all.
  • As much as you want to help someone out believe me your boys soccer cleats will never come back the same.
  • The laces are pulled too tight or the toe box has some weird deformed shape to it and before you know it the shoe is falling apart and you have nobody but yourself to blame.

How Long Will A Good Pair Of Boys Soccer Cleats Last?How Much Do They Cost?

It all depends on how fast your son's feet are going to grow but assuming they stay relatively the same size a good pair of boys soccer cleats should last you at least one full summer season and most likely up to three seasons if you can take care of them properly.

I know we all have those pair of cleats we wore as kids that lasted a decade but if you want to avoid injury and allow your kids feet to be comfortable to go more than three seasons with the same pair of boy soccer cleats.

You can find a pair of cleats for your son at as low as $20 and as high as about $120 for ages under 12. Try and stick to the $40 and above range to ensure you're getting a quality shoe that will last and he will love.