Midfielder Attributes

by Billy Turda
(Aurora Ontario Canada)


I recently began playing midfielder 2 years ago I have good passing and vision. I've been playing for better teams every year but since i've only begun a few years ago I tend to loose the ball alot in the midfield when I try to dribble.

1)What can I do to become quick at moving, dribbling and distrubing the ball in the midfield?

2)Also what is a core workout and can help me become a better overall soccer player? theres so many different types i'm not sure which specific types of excercises for my core to do.


Billy, you've asked some very good questions.

Your first question is really a two part answer. First to develop quick feet my suggestion would be to do quick feet ladder drills daily. This will get your footwork and agility at a much higher level then it is at.

You can find ladder and agility drills at:

Soccer Speed Training and Ladder Drills

Next, to answer the second part of that question which refers to your dribbling and distribution ability.

There are several different drills you can do to improve those things but they all come back to repitition of the fundamental technical skills of the game. You will find a wide assortment of different drills you can do to improve your technical ability at the link below.

Soccer Drills to Improve Your Technical Footwork

To answer your second question, it is difficult for me to tell you exactly what you need to work on but in terms of your core you want to stay as sport specific as possible.

In this case you want to develop core strength that will help you for the sport you play (soccer) and specifically in your position.

A strong core helps you in all sports in several different ways but in soccer specifically the abdominal section and lower body leg strength is especially important.

I would reccommend finding a daily core workout that involves ab work along with squats and lunges to develop your lower body strength.

If you are truly looking to play a high level a resource that is a must to prepare you for your pre season or off season training is this 6 Week PRO Fitness Program that will get your fitness up the pro level.

You can find it here - 6 Week PRO Fitness Training Program

Hope this helps,


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by Ahmad
(Abu Dhabi)


as you are a professional player and experienced,,,i want to improve my vision to create chances because i play a central midfielder and it is my responsibility to create chances and give through passes and im inspired by cesc fabregas and xavi so,,what improves my vision?


Ahmad, great question. Everybody talks about this thing called "vision" and ask how a player can improve upon it. To be honest "vision" is a very difficult thing to teach and learn on the training ground alone and particularly training by yourself.

From my professional experience, playing with players who could play balls where most wouldn't even consider I feel their are three main ways to increase your decision making or vision (as I feel they are related).

1) Repetition of in Game Situations

You've heard it a thousand times, "no practice will replace what a game brings". It's absolutely true, the more games you play, the more familiar you become with certain situations, where players will be and improve upon different patterns you will continually see game in and game out.

2) Checking Your Shoulder

No matter if it's a game, training or out playing some pick up you must as a center midfielder create the habit of checking what is behind you. Having eyes in the back of your head so to speak allows you to see what's behind you before your receive the ball, increasing your vision range.

This like any skill has to be done every time you play, whether it's for fun or in a match it must become second nature to check what's behind you when receiving the ball.

3) Player to Player Chemistry

A very underrated quality of a high level team is on pitch chemistry. Your ability to predict where a player will be before they are there can speak volumes for your vision and decision making on the ball.

The longer you play with a player and the more you get use to each other the more you will be in sync on the pitch. The more players you can start to build that chemistry with the better it will be for your field awareness and vision. Knowing where somebody is going to be before they get there can be a deadly weapon.

What do all three of these attributes have in common? They all take dedication and repetition to acquire.

No get rich quick solution here or magic vision pill that's going to get you playing better that second. If you are willing to put the work in just like any part of your game, you can get results.

Hope this helps.


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