Adidas Soccer Pants, Less Talk More Three Quarters

adidas soccer pants

What's the world's greatest invention? Light bulb? Car? Nope, simple, Adidas soccer pants (three quarters to be exact).

If you've ever worn or trained in a pair of perfectly fitted soccer pants you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Every player needs a couple quality pairs of training pants in their arsenal for all the different things that come their way on the pitch. 

If you're in the market for your first pair of Adidas pants and need to do some research or if this is your tenth pair and you want to brush up on what your looking for then you'll find all the advice and tips below you'll need.

The beauty about Adidas pants is that long after you read about them you'll have a pair or two that will stick around in your house for decades as they are built to last season after season.

Whether its long training pants, 3/4's, goalie pants or tights Adidas provides an incredible range of pants for all your soccer training needs in all conditions.

If they are good enough for some of the best pro teams and players in the world you better believe they are good enough for you and me.

Of course we all have our own preference so read a little about them today, and make your choice young Maradonna.

Adidas Soccer Pants Review

Adidas Soccer Pants Vs Nike Soccer Pants

All The Different Types Of Adidas Soccer Pants

(Long, 3/4, Goalkeeper Long, Goalkeeper 3/4, Long Tights, 3/4 Tights)

Long Training Pants

3/4 Training Pants

Long Goalkeeper Training Pants

3/4 Goalkeeper Training Pants

Long Training Tights

3/4 Training Tights

How Much Do All The Different Adidas Soccer Pants Cost?

Long Training Pant

  • Your standard long training pants range anywhere from about $35 - $80. Try to get closer to that $80 mark for an overall better product.
  • If you get an $80 plus pair it will probably last you a decade (no joke!).

3/4 Training Pant

  • $40-$60 a pop for these bad boys. But let's be honest, they look and feel amazing and buying them will be the second best choice you ever made, the first is coming to this site to read about them.

Goalie Long Training Pant

  • $40-$80 for a full padded goalie training pant from Adidas.
  • To save your joints and body a little bit from all the bruises and bangs it is well worth it.

Goalie 3/4 Training Pant

  • These will set you back at $50 to get the padded 3/4 Adidas pants in your rotation.
  • These are preferred by a lot of keepers over the long pant because of the weight and feel of them.

Long Training Tights

  • You're looking at anywhere between $35-$65 for a quality pair of Adidas tights to help with your colder weather training.
  • These are a great addition to your training gear as you can wear them under your shorts or pants to help with the weather and comfort.

3/4 Training Tights

  • About $30-$50 a piece when buying online or in store.
  • If you're not looking for the full length tights but still want that protection and comfort the 3/4's are a great choice.

Where Can I Buy A Pair Of Adidas Soccer Pants?




Top 5 Reasons To Buy Adidas Soccer Pants

1. Comfortable

  • You want to be able to move around in them effortlessly without any uncomfortable tightness in any spot and that's exactly what you will get with an Adidas pant.
  • The right combination of comfort, durability and light weight material all into one, there's a reason many of the best players and clubs in the world are sponsored by this massive soccer brand.

2. Built To Last

  • You know when you buy Adidas you are buying a product that lasts and the pants are no exception.
  • We all have an old pair or two of Adidas soccer pants laying around our house somewhere and they have taken a bit of beating over the years but if you were to go kick a ball around right now you could still count on them.
  • Through all the elements and all the years Adidas pants have proven to be built to last, can't go wrong when buying yourself your first or tenth pair.

3. Fit

  • With top of the line craftsmanship you are getting a pant that fits your body shape perfectly to allow you to be agile as you run up and down the pitch.
  • Through all parts of your lower body these pants will contour with the curves of your body to allow you to feel weightless as you play.

4. Variety

  • Adidas provides such a wide variety of styles, fits and sizes that no matter what you're looking for you will certainly find.
  • Whether it's the 3/4 pant or the full length ones or anything in between you're sure to find what you need for all your training needs.
  • If you're looking for a certain colour as well you know Adidas has got you covered as well.

5. Stylish

  • Although comfort, fit and performance are at the top of the checklist when looking for training pants it doesn't hurt if they are easy on the eye too.
  • For anyone that has been living under a rock you know that the three stripe brand always delivers on style, modern and classic all wrapped into one.

Top 5 Things To Avoid When Buying Soccer Pants

1. Too Baggy

  • You're getting these for high performance on the pitch not as a fashion statement so be sure they fit well on your lower body.
  • You don't want any extra weight weighing you down as you run so be sure to get them nice and fitted.
  • If you've ever had pants that weren't tapered at the bottom you know how annoying extra material can be around your feet and close to the ground, get them fitted and tapered and you'll be in good shape.

2. Buying Non Clima Cool

  • With so many pairs of Adidas soccer pants to choose from be sure to get the ones that are made for soccer performance that have the clima cool material on them.
  • These thinner and softer pieces of material allow for more air flow and and less sweat to stay in the pant during training and games.
  • The non-clima cool pants are typically for casual wear or team travel, get the more athletic pair with clima cool and be done with it.

3. Knock Offs

  • Like any well known popular brand there will be people selling all types of knock offs so be sure it's the exact pair of pants you want.
  • Be aware of brands that have two stripes or four stripes that may try and mislead you, whenever you can try them on before buying, if something doesn't feel of the highest quality you may be dealing with a knock off.

4. Too Cheap

  • Be sure you are buying the pants in the $35 and up range and nothing cheaper.
  • Not only will the quality be significantly worse you will be back at the store in a month looking for another pair. Spend a little more today and save a lot more down the road.

5. No Pockets

  • I've tried the training pants without pockets because they're supposed to be more sleek and better for moving around etc etc etc but actually they are a lot more annoying then you may think.
  • Be sure to go with pockets in your next Adidas soccer pants for all of the times you are wearing them away from the field and need to use the pockets for any of the many reasons.
  • With or without pockets makes no difference at training so go with the ones that do have them, you'll thank me later.

How Do I make Sure My Adidas Soccer Pants Last?
Top 3 Ways To Keep Them In Great Shape

No matter which pair of pants you are looking for you want it to last a lot longer then just a couple of months.

There are some typical wear and tear you just won't be able to avoid but in terms of things you can control try and stick to the list below to increase the life of your pants.

1. Use Only For Soccer Purposes

  • I know you may be tempted to wear them out with some friends to go see a movie or when you're cutting the lawn etc.
  • This is going to happen from time to time but try and limit the amount of time you wear them away from the pitch.
  • The less you can wear it in your daily life the longer you will extend the life of the training pants.

2. Don't Pull On Loose Threads

  • Over time you will surely get some small pieces of thread that will start to come away from the pant, get some scissors and cut them off and the pants will be fine.
  • If you try and pull it at it and rip it off with your hands you may do more damage by pulling more thread away from the pant or create a massive hole.

3. Unzip The Bottom

  • Make sure when taking off your Adidas soccer pants that you undo the little zippers on the side of your ankles before doing so.
  • Especially when wearing cleats or runners you don't want to be ripping the material trying to get your foot to squeeze through the little hole or step all over the material, unzip then take off, easy.

How Do I Find My Size & What Are Some Of The Features Of Adidas Soccer Pants?

1. Elastic Waste Band

  • Each Adidas pant comes with an elastic waste band which relieves any tightness around your waste when wearing the pants.
  • Inside the waste band is a draw string that lets you tie up the pants as loose or as tight as you want them to be.

2. Ankle Zippers

  • At the bottom of each pant leg there is about a 5 inch zipper that allows you to take your pants off easier by the foot area especially when you have cleats on which tend to be a little more difficult to slip off.

3. Clima Cool Technology

  • This breathable technology allows for better air circulation and sweat absorption through the pant which is perfect to keep you cool while your training or warming up.
  • The beauty here is they still keep you warm in all parts of your lower body but across the waist and about half way down the leg they provide great air flow to keep the parts of your body that tend to sweat more often cool.

4. Tapered Bottoms

  • From just below the knee to the ankle the pants are designed to fit snuggly over all parts of your leg to stay out of the way of your interaction with the ball and for lighter weight overall.

5. Pockets

  • Two pockets on either size with a zipper that allow you to keep any tape, gloves, hair bands, pre wrap, captain band, phone, headphones or anything else you need by your side during training or warming up for your next match.

I Can't Decide Between Adidas Soccer Pants & Nike Ones, Help A Friend Out Will Ya?

When it comes to all the compareables they are virtually identical (this helps captain obvious). The places where you need to make your mind up are comfort, durability and look, and the best way to do that is of course to own each and find out for yourself.

Lucky for you I have and when it comes to comfort Nike wins, durability.... (drum roll please) Adidas and finally look....... well that is entirely personal preference.

Adidas and Nike at it neck and neck again but the good news is you can't make a wrong choice between them, just be sure to get the high end pant in both if you want maximum comfort and longevity.