Who Has An Adidas Soccer Ball At Their Feet While Reading This? Just Me? OKAYY Moving Right Along Then....

adidas soccer ball

There's nothing like hitting an Adidas soccer ball cleanly into the back of the net and having your team chase you around the field, and the poor ball is left to celebrate on their own, always a bridesmaid never a bride, tear.

Hitting a high quality professional level ball is a difficult feeling to describe but you can feel that clear difference once you hit. When talking about high quality balls Adidas is no doubt in the upper tier if not the leader in this space due to its craftsmanship, durability and feel when using it.

You will also know a good product (in any profession really) if you see the best in the world use and trust it on a consistent day in and day out basis.

That is exactly what you get when you choose Adidas, not only do top club teams use it but think about the worlds three biggest competitions, the World Cup, Euro Cup and Uefa Champions league.

All three of these major billion dollar tournaments have gone with Adidas as their official ball sponsor and supplier so you know when the highest level approves then you know it is of the highest grade and quality.

Adidas Soccer Ball Video Review

History Of The Adidas Soccer Ball In The World Cup

History Of The Adidas Soccer Ball In The Euro Cup

History Of The Adidas Soccer Ball In The UEFA Champions League

Do Professional Players & Teams Use Adidas Soccer Balls?

Ever heard of the World Cup, Euro Cup or Champions League? If so then the easy answer is HELL YA! Professional teams rely on Adidas to provide their teams with the best balls money can buy.

At the beginning of any qualification camps for any of the major tournaments National teams and players will get provided with 50+ Adidas soccer balls to train and play games with in preparation for these major tournaments.

It takes some getting used to if they typically play with a Nike or Puma ball in their domestic leagues but Adidas is one of the big boys (probably THE biggest big boy) when it come to providing soccer balls of the highest quality for professional players across the entire world. Mic drop!!

What Are The Dimensions Of A Size 5 Adidas Soccer Ball? What's It Made From?

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy An
Adidas Soccer Ball

1. Long Lasting

  • If I were to go in my basement right now I would find an old Adidas ball that still does the trick. Plain and simply an Adidas soccer ball is built to last.
  • With high end materials and assembly you can be certain that if you buy an Adidas ball not only will you be satisfied in the short term but in the long term as well as you use it year after year after year.

2. Expert Craftsmanship

  • If you look at the way it was put together such as the tight seams, uniform stitching and panel construction you can be assured that each ball was made with every detail accounted for.
  • Each layer of the ball is put together just right so it's soft on the outside but the balloon on the inside is protected from any punctures, can't go wrong with a ball like this.

3. All Weather

  • No matter the elements you can count on the Adidas ball to deal with it.
  • Rainy day, cold day, windy day or sunny one Adidas balls are designed to survive and perform in all weather conditions and on all pitch surfaces.
  • If you play primarily on turf or grass you can be sure that no matter what mother nature has in store for you on that day that this brand will have a ball to outlast it.

4. Trusted Brand

  • Possibly the most trusted brand in all of football, no matter the product you know that you are getting a high end outcome when you go with Adidas.
  • There is a reason that so many professional leagues, teams and tournaments lean on Adidas to sponsor them with their balls and other gear to assist them in performing at the highest of levels.

5. Looks

  • It's okay to want your new ball to pass the eye test as well.
  • Because you know you're getting quality with Adidas be sure to pick out the ball that looks the best too.
  • The large variety of designs and colours allows you to choose a ball to match your team colour or just a colour and design pattern that you like.

Top 5 Things You Should Avoid When Buying An Adidas Soccer Ball

1. Going Too Cheap

  • You want to be careful not to go too low on the price and sacrifice getting a ball that won't last more than a couple weeks.
  • If you're serious about the game then you need a ball that matches that seriousness not a ten dollar ball that looks like a watermelon.
  • Aim for a ball at $50 and up, it may seem like a lot now but it's better than getting a cheaper ball and in a few weeks it starts to come apart.

2. Knock Offs

  • 4 stripe, 2 stripe or no stripe!! Be aware of second hand replicas and knock offs of a classic hand made Adidas soccer ball.
  • You will be able to tell in the price, shape, materials and even the name and logo if they spell it wrong or add a couple extra stripes to try and mislead you.
  • Be especially careful when buying online if a ball looks too good to be true and the price is oddly low, proceed with caution before buying your next balloon in a box!

3. Buying Without Testing

  • You always want to see how the ball feels at your feet or at your hands if you're a keeper.
  • Bring some indoor shoes and give it a dribble around the aisles of the store, a couple juggles and pass it off of a wall or two and see if it is the right ball for you.
  • If buying online try and see if you can test it out in store first before committing to a new ball that you've never had the pleasure of trying first hand.

4. Seams Coming Apart

  • Have a good look at the seams in between each of the panels and see if you can see any gaps or stitches that may star to have come undone.
  • As good as an Adidas soccer ball may be put together there is always the chance of one or two balls in a batch being defective so do your own inspection and really pull on each panel with both your hands and see if there is any give.

5. Panels Ripping

  • This may be obvious but inspect the entire ball and see if the outside panels have any rips, holes or significant scratches on them that may compromise the foundation of the ball.
  • It may seem like a small blemish today but if that same spot takes a cleat or a rock at the wrong angle it can turn into a much bigger structural issue down the line.

How Much Does A Good Adidas Soccer Ball Cost?

Their are a few schools of thought here, the first is buy two balls at $20 and aren't the best quality, spend around $50 -$80 to get one good quality ball or spend over $100 and get a high end pro level ball.

Which is best? Well I will tell you this, it is better to wait and save up your shiny nickels and get a ball that is over $50 then getting two balls under that which you just can't trust will last more than a month.

Adidas makes fantastic balls if you go with the right ones, always aim for above $50 and you will be in great hands, anything under that you are really risking spending $20 - $40 for possibly nothing.

These prices are comparable across all top level soccer ball brands, whether it's Nike, Puma or anything else across the board these prices are pretty competitive.

Where Can I Buy A Quality Adidas Soccer Ball?

1. Adidas.com

2. Soccer.com

3. Amazon.com

What Is An Adidas Soccer Ball Made From?
What's Inside Of It?


  • In every Adidas ball you will find a valve that has been expertly placed in a position that doesn't interfere with your touch on the ball whether passing or shooting.
  • As you can imagine the value is where the needle of the pump goes in to add or release air from the bladder of the ball.


  • The lining acts as a protective layer between the panels and the bladder so the bladder doesn't expand too far and pop and helps for the shape on the ball.


  • The bladder is the heart and soul of any ball, if you've ever had the bladder on your ball pop you feel my paint.
  • The bladder is where the air gets pumped into or released from to make the shape of the ball to determine its firmness.


  • The panels acts as the final protective layer between the inner layers of the ball and the feet that kick it from the outside.
  • The panels are designed to keep the weight evenly distributed as well as protect the ball from any external punctures such as rocks and cleats.


  • The cover is a material that glazes over the exterior of the ball which allows for that smooth texture and designs to be implemented on the outside of the ball.

The Best & Worst Adidas Balls Ever Made

Tried tested and true the Tango is one of the most famous balls to ever grace a soccer pitch.

Used in six world cups and six euro cups the Tango has been a staple in the highest profile matches and tournaments since 1978! Its simple but classy design with hexagon panels and reliable touch and feel has been leaned on from the best in the world time after time.

If you're ever in the market for a new ball and aren't sure which direction to go then the Tango is the perfect choice.

Easily the most controversial and disliked ball in World Cup and soccer history! Brough to the world in 2010 at the World Cup in South Africa the Jabulani was a ball that players described as a beach ball, knuckle ball and everything else you can think of.

The ball seemed to be too light and had an odd dip and swerve to it as it traveled through the air that players scratched their heads at and goalies absolutely hated.

Who Are Adidas' Biggest Competitors When It Comes To Balls? Who Makes The Best Balls?

Well now there are a few out there like Puma and Under Armour but to be honest they are baby food when it comes to matching up with Adidas. Adidas' one real competition is of course Nike.

\Nike provides the balls for two of the biggest leagues in the world, the English Premier League (EPL) and the Italian Serie A. One may argue that Nike gets more exposure because every team in these two leagues trains and plays with their balls week in and week out on TV.

Adidas does get Champions League and the World and Euro Cups so I think I'd rather be Adidas than Nike in this argument.

Now the million dollar question! Which is better? Who makes the better balls?

Well I think we all know the answer to this question, it is of course, it completely depends on your preference, don't you just hate when people stay on the fence!!

But it's true they are both balls made of the highest of grade and quality so you can't go wrong with either so it comes down completely to your own person preference personally and for your teams as a whole.