Ahh The Classic Adidas Mens Soccer Cleats, A Must For Every Baller!

adidas mens soccer cleats

Nothing much sweeter than a pair of classic Adidas mens soccer cleats in your bag.

Rain or shine, snow or wind you know what Adidas stands for when you slide those boots on your feet. Every kid growing up had at least one pair of Adidas shoes they can remember, whether it was the predators, F50's or the Copa Mundials we all have that reliable shoe still in our memory.

Whether it is kangaroo leather or synthetic, soft or hard ground or striker or defender you can count on Adidas to give you a quality and durable shoe no matter which one you choose.

What you are going to need to decide when choosing your next Adidas boot is which one best suits your game, comfort level and shape of foot.

If you're looking for reassurance that these boots are right for you just look at the pro's, I don't need to show you the long list of pro's that wear them, just one name Messi. Case closed, enjoy your new pair.

Best Adidas Soccer Cleats Video Review

History Of The Adidas Predator Soccer Cleat

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Yourself A Pair Of Adidas Mens Soccer Cleats

1. Quality Craftsmanship

  • Adidas has always been known to have the best craftsmanship when it comes to any of their cleats.
  • Whether you go with the classic copas or a new look predator you can be sure that it is made with quality materials that will last.
  • They have upgraded their design a little and have taken more risks on that end but one thing has always been constant in their cleats and that is their ability to perform over the long haul.

2. Comfort

  • The overall comfort of a pair of Adidas mens soccer cleats is hard to match, from the soft upper of the shoe to the roomy width of the shoe you'll always find the right shoe you're looking for.
  • The inside of the shoe has unique padding at the heel and insole for an extra level of cushioning and comfortability.
  • Some Adidas shoes even come with an extra pair of insoles in case you want thinner or thicker ones to suit your foots comfort needs.

3. Durability

  • This is what you get when you mix quality materials with quality craftsmanship, a shoe that will last multiple seasons and years.
  • I think we all still have a pair or two of Adidas cleats somewhere in the house that have last 5+ years.
  • Adidas shoes are not made for flash or fashion (even though they do pass that test) but to last and be there when you need them on game day.

4. Trusted Brand

  • There is a reason that Adidas is worn by all the top pro's, sponsor of the World Cup ball and universally known as THE original soccer brand.
  • Pure and simply they deliver a high quality product that lasts no matter the item that they make. 

5. Wide Foot Friendly

  • If you've ever tried on a shoe (cough Nike cough) that is too tight in the mid sole then you know there is nothing better then when you put on a shoe where your foot can sit in with ease and comfort.
  • Adidas mens soccer cleats have models that can accommodate players with wider foots so you'll never have to cram into another narrow shoe again.

Top 5 Things To Avoid WWHEN BUYING your next pair of adidas mens soccer cleats

1. Wrong Width

  • The shoe might look like a million bucks but it's all about the fit (especially the width).
  • If you have a bit wider of a foot then go with a shoe that will suit that like a predator, if you know your foot is a bit on the narrow type then go with a shoe more suited for that like the F50.
  • Either way know your width and find the right shoe to keep you comfortable for 90minutes.

2. Knock Offs

  • Like any well known global brand their will be copy cats so be sure to have your eye out for a shoe that only has two strikes or 4 stripes and doesn't look right.
  • If ordering online and the price seems a little too good to be true (say a $200 shoe for half the price) make sure you know the site is trustworthy.
  • If in person make sure the price and look match the shoes online and if the price is significantly different for no good reason then your guard should be up to detect a knock off shoe.

3. Lace Or No Lace?

  • As you may or may not already know Adidas has several models both with and without laces these days (welcome to the future Marty).
  • Be sure you know what your getting yourself into with the no lace boots especially if you haven't had any in the past, some players love them and others can't stand them so be sure to try them on before buying.
  • If you love your last pair of Adidas mens soccer cleats with laces then stick to them, if you didn't and want to go no lace then go for it but if you're going to buy it online go in store to try them on to be certain.

4. Foreign Cleat Patterns

  • Make sure to have a look at the sole of the shoe because Adidas has lots of variations of stud pattern on the bottom.
  • Some players like round, others triangle etc, so make sure to get a ball under your foot and see if the cleat pattern connects well with the ball and gives you that touch and control that you want.

5. Thin Insole

  • If you love the shoe but you can almost feel the cleats digging at the bottom of your foot you may want to try another Adidas shoe or get some thicker insoles.
  • All the styles have slight differences in construction so be careful of getting one that has the insole of the shoe too thick or thin depending upon what you're into.

How Much Do Adidas Mens Soccer Cleats Cost Roughly?

Believe it or not the latest brand new pair of Adidas mens soccer cleats will put you back a good $350 - $500. Crazy right?

You can get a pair of copa mundials still for just $200 but any of the latest versions of the predators or f50's will set you back a pretty penny. If you're looking for something Adidas but not the high high end then you can find something for under $200 that will still do the trick.

I've always been of the opinion to get the best or nothing so I would save up until I could afford the best ones so I knew then I would have a quality pair for a long time and not have to worry about it.

Where Can I Buy The Best Pair Of Adidas Men's Soccer Cleats?

1. Adidas.com

2. Soccer.com

3. WorldSoccerShop.com

Top 3 Most Popular Adidas Men's Soccer Cleats Of All Time!
(Copa Mundial, Predator & F50.8)

Copa Mundial (1979)

Predator (2000)

F50.8 (2004)

What Are Adidas Men' Soccer Cleats Made From?

1. Tongue

  • The tongue varies from short cut off ones to the predator tongues that fold over the laces and are held under the shoe with an elastic band.

2. Upper

  • Adidas has fantastic materials in the upper part of their shoes, this is why the toes and front of the foot always feel so comfortable.

3. Toe Box

  • Nice and open toe box for the foot and toes to have lots of breathing room.

4. Vamp

  • This part can have some design in it like some extra rubber or design to help with the wear and tear of the boot.

5. Insole

  • Inside the shoe is spacious and comfortable, Adidas also makes the insoles thick enough so you don't feel the cleats or the plastic mold of the shoe piercing in the bottom of your feet.

6. Sole

  • The sole is made from a hardshell plastic that is great for putting in tackles, lasting the wear and tear and for flexibility of the foot.

7. Heel

  • The outer heel is always reinforced with a hard shell plastic to keep it from coming apart and safely keeping the heel and foot in place.

8. Studs

  • The actual studs vary from shoe to shoe with Adidas but are typically great for grip in the ground and won't break easily.

How Long Will A Pair Of Adidas Men's Soccer Cleats Last Me? Do I Need More Than One Pair?

Longer than you probably think. A typical pair of firm ground cleats can last several seasons if you take care of them properly and don't get an unlucky tackle where a players cleat just rips them apart. If you take care of the leather, clean the studs in between training, avoid walking on pavement excessively you can have a nice pair of boots for 3-4 years no sweat.

If you are in the position to have more than one pair then sure it is always good to have a backup. You probably naturally get a back up pair when your older ones get a little worn down and you go and get a new pair. You'll have the new pair and the first pair you replaced which are still useable you will throw in your bag and use them now as the emergency pair.

Some players like to have a shoe they wear for training and other for games, this is fine but just be sure they are both broken in a little at training so you don't end up getting blisters on game day with the new pair.

Do Professional Teams That Are Sponsored By Adidas Provide You With Any Type Of Cleats You Want?

The answer depends on which level of professional we are talking about specifically which league and team. If we are talking Real Madrid and Bayern Munich who are sponsored by Adidas then yes of course any make, model, colour or style you choose they have available for your to wear. Typically there is a kit man and a boot room where you can go in and get whatever you need head to toe.

Now let me bring you back to earth and talking to you about how other professional teams operate like in Serbia where I played. In the first division I was provided the training clothes for the day like shorts, socks, a top, jacket etc.

In terms of cleats those you had to provide for yourself, they did have some options in case you forgot them etc but they didn't provide you with a new pair of soccer cleats daily or even monthly. Again this largely depends on the level of the league you play at and the level of team within that league.

In Serbia the top two teams would give their players star treatment, but everywhere else it was fine but there was clearly that divide. If you head to your first trial (especially in lower 1st division and 2nd division) keep your mouth shut and don't expect to be given any quality Adidas mens soccer cleats on your command.

Are The Adidas Predators Made Only For Certain Positions On The Field?

For whatever reason people seem to think that the Adidas Predators (or preds) are just made for center midfielders, this just isn't true. These cleats became popular when the likes of David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane started to become among the best players in the world and the poster boys for these boots.

After they started to wear them with much success every center midfielder on the planet wanted to be like them and started wearing them as well. Although these two rose to prominence wearing these boots it doesn't mean that in any way, shape or form that if you're not a center midfielder that you can't wear these boots, or in some way they will hurt your game.

Now if you look a little bit closer you can see Adidas and other companies have made shoes that slightly suit the physical and technical demands of each position.

Strikers and wingers tend to have lighter more sleek looking shoes due to the higher volume of foot races they get into up and down the line and to goal while center mids have a more durable shoe that can take a tackle. Again, this doesn't mean you can't wear the other positions shoe, go with what feels the most comfortable and select whichever Adidas mens soccer cleats you most prefer.

What's your favorite Soccer Cleat of all time and Why?

What's your favorite Soccer Cleat of all time and Why?

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