Getting Those New Adidas Indoor Soccer Shoes? Your Feet Will Thank You Later!

adidas indoor soccer shoes

All Day I Dream About.... Adidas indoor soccer shoes!! (you get the picture). Sambas, copas and preds oh my!

There's a reason Adidas has been a staple in the indoor game for decades and walking into an indoor facility and seeing Adidas shoes on the feet of so many players is a sight that is common no matter where in the world you may be.

Ahhhh the feeling of slipping on a pair these bad boys and knowing your feet will be thanking you for next couple of years.

Comfort, quality not to mention stylish too, going Adidas for all your indoor needs is a choice you won't regret and one you'll keep coming back for. Adidas basically has every version of their outdoor boots indoors so if there is a firm ground cleat that you've always liked or worn then go to its indoor equivalent first.

If you'r not sure what direction to go then the sambas or copa indoors are two pairs of shoes that have lasted the test of time and have been fan favourites for decades. Whichever shoe you're feeling make sure to do your research and give it a try on your foot before blindly buying in store or online, one thing is for sure you won't regret any adidas shoe you go with, Messi doesn't!!

Hey if you happened to be looking for a shoe that can also double down as a shoe to go to the movies with some friends then go with the Sambas! Megs by day, swagger by night.

If your coach asks why your shoes are so scuffed up after only a couple of training sessions you can tell them you've been putting in extra work at home of course!

Adidas Indoor Soccer Shoes Video Review

Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy Adidas Indoor Soccer Shoes

1. Quality Materials

  • You know when you go Adidas quality materials come with it. They have indoor shoes made of the best leathers, synthetics, rubber for the soles and padding for the heels and insoles money can buy.
  • Whether you prefer leather or synthetic you can be assured that Adidas will create a shoe for you that is of the highest standard.

2. Quality Craftsmanship

  • Materials is one piece of the puzzle and the other is how those materials are all put together.
  • If you look at the stitching that keeps the upper together or the way the sole is glued to down you can see the high quality craftsmanship in every shoe.
  • This goes for both leather and synthetic, complete attention to detail in its assembly from heel to toe.

3. Comfortable

  • Narrow foot or wide, big or small Adidas has a shoe that will be a joy to slip your foot in and not a chore you can't wait to be over.
  • Adidas is well known for its comfortable insoles and extra padding in the heels to ensure that every player not only gets a well made quality shoe but also an incredibly comfortable one too.

4. Durable

  • I've seen some Adidas shoes last over 15 years, talk about durability! Through all the rainy training days, cleat marks down your foot and just general wear and tear these shoes are ones you can count on.
  • No matter the shoe you go with you will be paying for an indoor shoe that lasts you years and years, one of the best investments as a player you can make.

5. Trusted Brand

  • When it comes to important purchases like this one you want to go with a well known trusted brand, and Adidas is at the top of that list.
  • That random Spanish brand of shoe you can't pronounce may look cool and all but you don't know what you're getting (especially if you order online).
  • Go with what works and what works for the pro's at the highest level and that is quality made and crafted Adidas shoes.

Top 5 Things To Be Careful Of When Buying Indoor Soccer Shoes

1. Copy Cats

  • It's important to be careful of cheap knock offs and imitation indoor shoes and Adidas is no exception.
  • Copy cats will always be most seen in the top brands like Adidas and Nike so be sure you know what you're buying for you do.
  • If buying online use a trusted website like the ones listed below and not ones that have no reviews and just smell of sketchy. Oh and ignore the 4 stripe or 2 stripe shoes that try and pass as Adidas as well.

2. All Looks

  • Choose an indoor shoe that you love the look of whether it's the colour, design or both but not let that be the only factor you use to decide.
  • We all like to look down and see that fresh pair of indoors matching our socks and kit but make sure it passes the other tests of comfort and feel as well.

3. Gimmicks

  • Some indoor shoes will come with fancy extra insoles, shoe bags and shin guards maybe to help better sell the shoe.
  • Don't be swayed by these add ons and stick to what is important when choosing your next shoe such as comfort, quality and the feel of the ball.

4. Too Cheap

  • Going to low in price and getting something that says Adidas but won't last you a month is not worth buying at all.
  • Go on the higher end you'll thank yourself when you're wearing your same indoors year after year.
  • Also if you see a high end shoe and the price looks too good to be true then it probably is, be sure you're buying from a trusted website and that it's actually what you think it is not some scam.

5. Buying Without Trying

  • Of course you must love the feel of the shoe not only on your foot but with a ball under it. See how it is to collect the ball, dribble it, pass it and juggle it before you make any final decisions.
  • The connection between your foot, shoe and the ball is the most important thing to enjoying your football and your new Adidas indoor soccer shoes.

How Much Do Adidas Indoor Soccer Shoes Cost?

Like any brand out there, there is a range of high end, medium end and low end indoor soccer shoes, let me break it down for you.

Low end Adidas indoor soccer shoes vary from about $30-$50 a pair, wait a little longer, save up and wait to get one out of this range so you are promised quality. Anything under $50 won't be of a high standard so stay away if you can.

A medium end pair of Adidas indoor soccer shoes go for about $50-$75 and you will get a solid and reliable shoe you can depend on and that will give you what you want. At a minimum you want to be in this level of shoe price range and above.

A high end pair (this is where you want to be) will be above $80 and will be cream of the crop when it comes to performance, comfort, reliability and design. Some Adidas indoor soccer shoes go up to about $130 but if you stay in the $80 to $130 range you will be getting the best of the best and what your feet deserve.

Where Can I buy The Best Adidas Indoor Soccer Shoes?




What Are Adidas Indoor Soccer Shoes Made Of?

1. Tongue

  • Short, long and sewn in to the upper are the variations Adidas shoe tongues typically come in.
  • Majority are made of the same material as the shoe upper (leather or synthetic respectively) but you will even see the tongue that attaches to the bottom of the shoe with an elastic like the outdoor predators are known for.

2. Upper

  • The upper part of the shoe is made with a durable, stretchy and comfortable material that forms the area where the top of your foot slips into when sitting on the insoles.
  • Remember the leather ones stretch and the synthetic ones don't so be sure to get your sizes right.

3. Toe Box

  • The toe box which sits at the front of the shoe is where your toes rest in the shoe, Adidas is known to have toe boxes that are well suited for all types of different foot sizes.
  • Try a few shoes on and see which ones provides the best toe box for you.

4. Vamp

  • The vamp is the outer part of the toe box that gets a lot use from other players tackling you, your touch on the ball and of course it's close contact with the pitch.
  • Adidas provides a durable vamp that can protect you from opponents and give you the touch on the ball you want.

5. Insole

  • Adidas has one of the softest insoles of any indoor shoe you will try and can even provide you some extra ones for certain types of shoes.

6. Soleplate

  • Known to be sturdy and made of a hard shell plastic material typically. Great for ball control, grip in the ground and protection from oncoming tackles.

7. Heel

  • Adidas is known for their dedication and craftsmanship for preventing blisters (which we all hate of course) by adding extra padding on the side to limit the rubbing of the heel agains the heel material.
  • The heel is typically made of leather or a synthetic material that provides great protection and comfort for the player.

Which Adidas Indoor Soccer Shoes Have Been The Most Popular Popular Ever?

(Samba, Copa Indoor & Predator Absolado)


  • This is your go to shoe! Simple and classy will never let you down while you play the game with style.
  • The way this foot molds to your foot is like none other and every game you play with them you will love them more and more. The king of all classic Adidas indoor soccer shoes.

Copa Indoors

  • This is for vets and legends only. If you are all about the new school flashy and bright coloured indoors then you will need to look away now.
  • We all know that one player who is the best in the indoor circles that wears these and swears by them, you should too!

Predator Absolado

  • The Absolado's are absolute class (see what I did there). They mesh the old school with the new with their traditional shape and feel with the modern look and style.
  • If you want reliable and comfortable then look no further.

Adidas or Nike? Which Indoor Shoes Should I Go With?

The sun or the moon? Chocolate or vanilla? Coffee or Tea? Adidas or Nike? All questions that have puzzled humans from day one, but the answer is of course..........IT DEPENDS! Booooo what kind of answer is that?

Okay well this really does come down to which you prefer and what purpose are you using whatever you're buying.

When it comes to indoor soccer shoes both are fantastic, well made, quality materials and both are easy on the eyes so the only true way to find out what is right for YOU, is to to test them out and try a pair or two on for yourself.

Test out both while at the store and even wear one pair for half the indoor season then switch and at the end of the year you'll have your answer.

Do Pro's Wear Adidas Indoor Soccer Shoes?

Do they? Ever heard Messi, Salah, Benzema or Dybala? Well if the answer is no then my next question is how is life on Mars? These are some of the best players in the world and Adidas has paid for every shoe they wear while they are playing (and some even after that!).

The way the sponsorship works is they can get any pair of Adidas shoes they want but they must wear Adidas in all their team and individual training sessions. Whether it's in the weight room, on an indoor pitch, outdoor pitch or just walking around getting some rehab these pro's need to rep Adidas.