Soccer Shooting Like A Pro

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Need that extra little something to get your soccer shooting where it needs to be? Maybe you want to know how to blast the ball like a pro? You did all the hard work, now just finish the ball. Ever heard that? A great shot can make up for so much in soccer, and without learning how to blast the ball no great play will ever be complete.

One of the most difficult techniques to master in the game because the opportunity to shoot in a game comes up so often from different angles, areas, when you're in total control, when you're off balance and from both feet.

You'll find tips and techniques to help your shot finally make the players of the opposing team hold their breaths every time you put your head down and line one up, go on now, take a rip and make the top ten list in soccer goals on Sports Centre.

Look for Channels

"Pass! pass me the ball quickk I wanna shooot!" But its half time, "oh, never mind".

Knowing when to shoot and soccer shooting awareness is as important as learning the proper techniques as described below. Be ambitious and look for channels to catch the keeper off guard, having the goalie not expect a shot is even more dangerous then hitting a 100mph bomb that a goalie see's you line up and has time to set his feet for.

Striking the ball with your laces

Soccer shooting, shooting, soccer goals, soccer goal shooting training

There are two basic shot types and several variations when considering shooting. The two basic shot selections are power or placement. This all depends on where you are on the field and where the keeper is. Generally if you are going for power, that classic Roberto Carlos or Seedorf bomb you will be hitting it with your laces. To master soccer shooting will take you thousands of reps until you find your groove so work at it but be patient.

Key things to remember when taking a power shot with your laces:

- Select your target and commit to it. Even if you feel the shot will be blocked because deflections result in lots of goals.

- Keep your head down looking at the ball.

- Plant foot needs to be about half a yard beside the ball and your plant foot should be pointing in the direction of your desired target.

- LOCK your ankle of the shooting foot (very important) you don't want your leg hitting it all relaxed like a wet noodle.

- Strike the ball in the center to bottom half of the ball.

- Follow through with your shooting foot and it should be the first foot to hit the ground after your swing.

Remember! Don't be tempted to watch and admire your shot, keep your head down, follow through and execute the fundamentals. If you Blast the ball just right don't look up, the crowd will tell you if it went in.

Place it innnn, just placeee it in

Soccer shooting, shooting, soccer goals, soccer goal shooting training

Top of the 18? just turned your defender in the box? Just tuck it away now with the biggest surface on your foot the inside. Now that you're close to the target your shooting technique is very much the same as hitting it with your laces but the obvious main difference is hitting it with the inside of your foot. Important things to remember:

- LOW and to the CORNERS! This is essential, put the ball far from the keeper.

- Don't think because its a closer shot that you are just guiding the ball in, really hit it, put some pace behind it and aim for LOW and to the CORNERS!

- Stay calm, see your target and hit the ball. Shooting in soccer is about being confident and ambitious.


Full Volley

Catching a ball on a full volley can be as exciting as anything in the game. Timing, accuracy, balance and awareness all come into play in that split second that you decide to drop a bomb of a volley in a game and show the world your soccer shooting capability.

Things to remember:

-Keep your eyes on the ball the entire time, the crowd will tell you if it went in.

-Lock your ankle (no wet noodles here)

-Follow through, land on your shooting foot

-Don't let your teammates hurt you in the pile on after the goal!

Half Volley

Take a second from celebrating your volley goal and remember your friend and mine, the half volley. That is if you can catch it just right and not knock it out for a throw in, no big deal nobody saw it, just look at the ground like there's something wrong with the pitch and play it off. Soccer shooting techniques take time so get all rattled.

Things to remember:

-Try to hit the middle to top part of the ball. Balls on a hop like this shouldn't be hit under the ball, it will force them to sky over the net.

-Keep your eye on the ball the entire time

-Get your timing just right

Side Volley

Okay Zidane this may be the most difficult of all volleys to hit. The balls coming across your body, your balancing on one leg and you have to hit it just right. But no risk, no reward, pulling off the side volley can keep the crowd buzzing for weeks.

Hit with the top of your foot the side volley is being hit from the side with your legs making a ninety degree angle when striking the ball. Soccer shooting in general can be complicated so work up to mastering the side volley.

Things to remember:

-Hit the middle of the ball

-Big follow through after you make contact

-Aim small, miss small

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