Soccer Drills for Kids

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Soccer Drills for Kids that are fun, enjoyable and also an effective teaching tool is the Holy Grail for soccer coaches trying to encourage the game to our youth.

Perhaps you or your kid are ready for the next step and want to know about playing in professional youth soccer clubs around the world, then this is also the place for you.

Try some amazing Kids Soccer Drills at your practice that they are sure to love such as:


Shoot the Coach

Simon Says

Dribble, Dribble, Dribble

And many many more soccer drills for kids….

What’s the Most Important Thing I Can Teach the Kids?

Plain and simple, to enjoy themselves! At any level of soccer if it’s not fun you shouldn’t be doing it. Especially when your young soccer drills for kids are suppose to be enjoyable above all else.

Other things you want to remember to stress to them are:

-The importance of teamwork!

-Never to give up and keep trying no matter what

-Listening to instructions properly

If you love seeing the kids on your team, group or camp leave practice with a smile and not being able to wait until tomorrow then these fun kids soccer drills are for you, and more importantly for them.

What’s More Important for Them to Learn or Have Fun?

Well the easy answer is both and both elements should be included when doing soccer drills for kids.

Spice it Up and Be Creative!!

To be honest if we are talking about strictly getting the kids to enjoy their practice then the game you play isn’t that important. Sure you want something that’s going to get them moving and that they enjoy but the way you dress the game up is what it’s all about.

What Do You Mean?

Well you could play a simple game of tag, where one player is “it” and they go around tagging other kids and they also become “it”.


you can dress the game up and call it EVIL MONSTER, or HUNTER!! And talk about how if you hear the evil Monster ROAAARRR! Run for it! If you get tagged then you mutate into part of the MONSTER CLAN!!!!

Kids will love games like this much more than your standard game of tag or whatever it may be. This is just one example you can make up all kinds of different fun variations to classic games.

When it comes to teaching versus enjoyment at this age use the 70/30 rule. 70 fun, 30 teaching.

Can the Parents Join In?

Absolutely. In fact having the parents join will increase the fun for all involved. Have one of the kids parents get involved as the focal point of the drill or have them team up with their son/daughter for one of the drills.

Kids love seeing their parents join in on the fun and spend some more time with them outside the house so encourage the parents to join in whenever they feel like it. Just make sure none of them need some CPR by the end of it!

How Do I Get Certain Kids More Involved?

There is always a kid or two that’s just not into it that day or giving you a hard time but don’t sweat it.

Have the kid be the focal point of the drill; the hunter of the deer’s for example or something where they are forced to be interactive and engaged.

If this doesn’t work have them team up with somebody for the next drill to see if that will get them going. If this still doesn’t work ask them what they want until the problem is solved, if worse come to worse let it slide and give it a shot tomorrow.

Team building, basic soccer skills and fun are they key things to remember when running soccer drills for kids. You need to bring enthusiasm as well so the kids can feed off of it and make it more enjoyable for the both of you. Kids love it when somebody can joke around with them so don't forget to have fun with it by messing around with your players a little bit.

Things to Remember:

-Enjoy it as much as they do if not more so, make fun of yourself kids love it!

-Make sure everybody is staying involved

-Make sure nobody is treating each other poorly

-Be creative and dress the drill up as we say as much as possible

Things to Avoid:

-Getting frustrated if they aren’t doing the drill exactly as it’s suppose to be, their kids just let them enjoy it.

-Yelling or singling somebody out.

-Concentrating so much on who wins or loses, just roll with the punches that isn’t what’s important.

Soccer training for kids is as important as anything that goes on in soccer, except scoring on a half volley from outside the box with your non dominant foot of course, that's just sweeter than apple pie.

At the end of the day the kids won't particularly remember the drills you showed them or even the skill, but what they will remember and what will get them to love the sport is the connection they build in that time with their teammates and with you the coach. That there is a sign of great soccer drills for kids.

Make sure to involve the parents as much as possible, kids love seeing their parents get involved in the fun section of practice as well. Remember combining a little bit of soccer, with a lot of fun makes practice and the players experience unforgettable. 

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