How to Play Soccer, Rules and Basics about the Game

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Looking for the best way to learn how to play soccer? Wanna learn the different types of soccer fields that exist, the rules of the game, soccer fundamentals and really just understand what it's all about from top to bottom? It's all here for you.

From the rules to actually kicking a soccer ball, everything you'll need and more

“Surrreee I'd love to come but I don't know anything about soccer. Actually I don't even know what the rules of soccer are. Actually I just remembered I have to wash my cat's hair today sorry no can do.”

Find yourself in this spot? or maybe you just want to brush up your knowledge of the game. Basic info about the equipment needed, crazy soccer fans and about the little sphere we all chase after, the soccer ball.

No sweat, the beautiful game is explained here along with the laws of the game and all the soccer fundamentals you'll need to truly understand the game.

I Don't Play Soccer, How Can I Learn?

Well first if you don't play, shame on you, this is officially the end of our friendship. Kidding of course, obviously playing with an organized team of some sort or even playing pick up in your local area can help you understand some of the in's and outs of the game.

You'd be surprised how much you can learn about the way the game is played just by kicking a ball around with some friends, oh and if you try that and still you're not getting it, fake an injury and watch!

Another great resource for anybody, beginners to pros is watching it on TV. Watching professional leagues on TV helps you understand not only the basic rules of the game but how you can play the game the right way.

Pass and move, pass and move, that's the way the game is played and the best way to learn how to play soccer. Hardly will you see anymore players dribbling 5 or 6 players and scoring, those days are over Maradona (Messi might have something to say about that).

I want to know how to play soccer, the rules and why they wear such tight shorts? And why does it seem like they roll on the ground when they get fouled, oh and why is there so much running!?!?

If you've ever asked yourself any of these questions about the game or watched it on TV puzzled, then you've come to the right place to clear it all up.

The Basics

Here we go, lets ease into it nice and slow. Two nets, two teams and one ball. Put the ball in the other teams net. Simple enough? Don't worry lesson isn't done yet, just want you to get the idea in your mind that soccer is quite a simple game. It's basically like hockey. Just without the ice, equipment, skates, boards oh and the rumble in the Bronx that tends to break out once in a while, great comparison, actually it is if you strip each game down to it's raw basics, two teams each defending their net.

Play it by the numbers

-10 field players and 1 goalie on each team (11 players per team on the field)

-1 Referee who officiates and regulates the game (don't get me started)

-1 Yellow card = caution, 1 Red Card= ejection, 2 Yellow Cards = ejection

-90 Minute Game divided up into two halves (45 a piece), teams switch sides at half.

-3 Substitutions of players is allowed at the pro level (unlimited at youth and collegiate level generally)

-Most Goals Scored Wins!

That's just a basic overview of the game, for more in depth rules see the Soccer Rules page and really get the in's and out's on how to play soccer at an advanced level. 

Okay I got the Gist of it, how do I play like Messi or Ronaldo now?

whoa whoa whoa slow down tiger so you want to know how to play soccer well? What's the secret? Magic ingredient or trick to the game?

Like every sport there is no perfect formula for player performance, players change, the game changes as do all the different factors that surround the game, but one thing that never goes out of style in all sports and facets of life, is hard work.

Great thanks tips! Give me the goods I wanted when I clicked on this page already. Okay okay here's some advice from a pro on ways how to play soccer and play it right if you are just starting out or have been developing your game long ago.

-Keep it simple, the best players in the world are the ones that play simple, don't overcomplicate your life

-Think two plays ahead if you can, a fast mind beats a fast player any day

-Believe in yourself and your skills, nobody else defines your worth

-Think pass first, dribble second

-Know what you are going to do with the ball before you receive it

-Enjoy it, if your not enjoying it then you shouldn't even be there

Soccer truly is the worlds sport, and no matter where you live in the world the beautiful game is being played wherever you can find grass or any flat surface for that matter.

Knowing and double checking some rules and regulations are important if you want to keep up.

So as long as you have a ball you're set, use your shoes as nets and away you go. That's the revised version of how to play. Looking for a more extensive overview? You'll find everything you need from yellow cards, to offsides and everything in between. Whether your new to the game or just brushing up on some things you weren't sure of this how to guide can answer all your questions.

Your complete guide to the game we all love, you'll find your area of interest below, just remember in case a question about the game comes up with your friends and you still don't know what they are talking about, just smile and nod, smile and nod.

Soccer is a simple game and a beautiful one. Every player, coach or fan that ever comes across the game will tell you the same and will tell you that you're never done learning and will always be a student of the game, now that you know kinda sorta how to play soccer, go on now grab a ball and lets see what you've got.

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