Looking for Pro Soccer Tryouts in Europe or Elsewhere?

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So you're looking for Pro Soccer Tryouts? Think you have what it takes? You know what, you might have the athleticism or the natural god given talent but that's just one very small piece of the pie. You need more than your fair share of luck to get a tryout and to stay on with a side, especially if you're from another country.

Every player has a different path or journey they take to achieving what they ultimately want, to play professionally.

Some go about it the standard way, play as a youth get scouted either play soccer in college and take it from there or turn pro from working your way up the youth ranks. After that it takes some luck, an agent a friend or somebody that knows you to give you a shot, what you do with this shot is totally up to you.

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How to Get Your First Pro Tryout

Again, there is more than one way to achieve anything you want in life and playing professionally and getting that trial is no different. The old saying you never know who's watching can apply. You never know who can link you to the next level. Other times being scouted from a club scout is a way to get there but the most proven and best way from my experiences is through an agent.

An agent can get you trials through contacts he has at clubs from previous players he's sent there and have been successful thus building a good relationship with the club and having a good history of sending players there way.

Contacting clubs yourself is a very troublesome path considering how difficult it is to build credibility when speaking for yourself for these pro soccer tryouts. Sort of like defending yourself in court, most would suggest getting a lawyer who knows how to play the game of words. But if you truly want it and it hasn't worked any other way, knocking on a clubs door and asking if you can just train with the side, especially a division 2 or 3 side can be worth a shot just to get your foot in the door.

Go and watch a practice, wait for the coach to have a second alone, and say who you are, where your from, where you've played and if he would mind you training with the side, no obligations from them or you.

What You Need to Get Your First Pro Trial

1. Portfolio

- CV (Soccer Resume)

- Highlight Tape

- Full Game Tape

- References

2. Agent

3. Talent

4. Luck

What's the Process of Getting A Soccer Tryout?

Becoming a professional in any profession including soccer takes a series of steps to get a job with a company or spot on a team. Getting the proper soccer tryouts you've been working for or job you've always wanted takes a step by step process, that process is as follows:

1. Apply = Contact Agent/Scout about desired job/team

2. Friend/Colleague Recommendation = Agent contacting a club and promoting you

3. CV (soccer resume) = Job Resume

-Experience = Where you've played

-List of Qualities = What you bring to team and player strengths

-Accomplishments/Awards = Achievements as a team and individual

4. Highlight Tape

5. Company reviews your application and decides whether an interview is to follow = Team reviews your qualities and where you have played to see if a tryout is in order.

6. Interview with boss = Trial with team and coach

7. Sign contract with company = Sign contract with team

Are Professional Soccer Trials Tough?

Every trial is different but they do share some common similarities that make each tougher or easier then the other. It's a constant mental battle with yourself. "Oh no my first touch was terrible now i'm for sure not making it!" Doubts and silly notions start to creep into your mind and you start worrying too much about how you are being perceived as a player rather then just doing what comes naturally and enjoying the moment.

To answer the questions, YES they are tough, but not unmanageable, the most difficult fight or challenge you will have at trials is with yourself and how you keep in check your confidence and nerves.

Never Let Somebody Else Define Your Worth

Your whole life you have had people say you are a great player, not good enough, nothing special and that you have potential. You've heard it all right? Right. So no matter who says what there is always one persons opinion you should truly care about, and that is your own.

You'll hear all sorts of things before during and after soccer tryouts and throughout your entire soccer playing career. The key is never letting somebody else define your worth. A coach, a teammate a friend or whoever else will praise you and knock you down constantly both positive and negative. Don't take either to close to the heart because they can both be poison.

You need to believe in yourself and your abilities and make the commitment before you go on the journey, promise yourself that no matter what, NO MATTER WHAT! That you are getting what you want and you're not stopping until you get it. Soccer tryouts like anything else are about being relentless.

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