Soccer Turf Shoes: Footwear Advice from The Pro's

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Soccer Turf Shoes are the wild card in the deck as they can be used both indoor and outdoor under certain conditions. Some prefer them because you get indoor touch and feel of the ball with pretty good traction outdoors, others can't stand them. Every craftsman has some bias towards their own tools, so lets see what these shoes have to offer you.

Benefits of Turfs

Every year more and more teams and facilities are building turf fields as their training and match fields. Because of this growing trend of turf fields more and more players are wearing turf shoes on a more regular basis.

Soccer turf shoes are also very versatile, whether it’s indoor turf, carpet or outdoor turf these shoes can be used over a wide selection of pitches. Their versatility alone are worth the investment, plus you get better ball control with your sole.

Do You Need to Bring Turfs to Pro Trials/Pre-season?

The last thing you want to do is show up to a trial or preseason of a pro team and as your pulling in see turf fields in their complex and all you have is six studs.

Yes you can of course wear your cleats on the turf but it’s nice to have the option and comfort of wearing turfs that tend to be more comfortable and flexible.

What Kinds of Different Soccer Turf Shoes Are There?

There are several different types of models and styles of turfs much like any other soccer shoe. The important thing to remember is why you are buying turfs.

You want a pair that will last, give you traction and feel good when playing. Don’t sacrifice much for look, that will go away in a couple weeks then all you’ll have is how they feel on your feet.

Top 5 Things to Remember When Selecting Turfs:

1) Good Tread on Bottom

2) Sacrifice Look for Comfort

3) Not too bulky or too flimsy

4) No more than $120

5) Go with known brands

How Much Do Turfs Cost?

Generally turfs range anywhere from $50-$120. You’re better off paying a little extra now for better quality then saving the $30 or so for some cheap rip off that isn’t going to last you through pre season.

Going with name brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma are always a smart buy due to their history of reliability.

Shoes Turf Shoes Specifications:

External Heel Counter: no

How Attached To Upper: Stitched and Cemented

Insole Removable: yes

Lacing: Central

Outsole Material: PU

Primary Upper Material: Kangaroo leather or synthetic

Secondary Upper Material: Suede

Stud Material: Plastic/Hard Rubber

Stud Shape: Conical

Studs Removable: no

Suitable For: Artificial Turf

How Attached To Upper: Cemented

Insole Material: EVA foam

Suitable For: Outdoor Artificial Turf, Indoor Artificial Surfaces (Indoor turf, carpet)

Weight: 8-13 oz.

Size and Width: All Shapes

When Should I Wear Them?

These are specifically designed to be worn on artificial turf surfaces both indoor and outdoor. The reason these are so popular are you get the ball control of an indoor shoe outdoors! Very versatile and popular for those who know what they are doing with the ball at their feet. Not suitable for grass fields, rainy damp pitches and frozen pitches. A shoe for all artificial surfaces.

Below is the different field conditions and how these shoes perform on that pitch with a rating of Poor, Below Average, Average, Good, Perfect.

Field Conditions

Hard Field: Poor

Not too hard or Soft: Poor

Some Rain Fall: Poor

Damp Field: Poor

Turf: Perfect

Indoor Surfaces: Good

Strengths and Weaknesses

Turf shoes are money because of their comfort, traction and ball control potential. Now, even the greatest shoe has it's faults and here are a look at some of the strengths and weaknesses of turf shoes.


-Comfortable and spacious

-Durable upper and lower body

-Versatile indoor outdoor turf shoe

-Incredible ball control

-Great traction indoor

-Long lasting


-Can't use them on any grass surfaces, firm or soft

-A bit heavier then your average shoe

-Even if a turf field has been rained on and is a little slick it can be difficult to get traction with them

Now you're an expert in terms of Soccer Turf Shoes, now it's up to you when you're going to use them. It might be a difficult transition to wearing them at first but if you’ve played enough indoor in your life you’ll be fine.

More and more pro teams and players are moving to the artificial surfaces and footwear so don’t think it’s copa mundial multi studs for life or nothing. Grow with the game and make sure you know not only who you’re playing against next game but on which surface. Add another specialty club to your bag and be ready for every situation that’s thrown at you with soccer turf shoes.

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