i need a new kids soccer goal for my unborn child!! training starts tomorrow!

On Monday morning you find out you're having a baby, so you search the price of a kids soccer goal on Monday night like any normal parent right? Whether you need a couple of small goals for the team you're coaching or if you're training your child (aka future Messi) you are going to need a soccer goal you can rely on. Believe it or not there are more than a few things you need to consider if you're going to get the soccer goal that will accomplish exactly what you need. Start thinking about what the best brands are, what size you need, how many you need and your price restrictions to get the soccer goals that suit what you need.

You want to be looking for a kids soccer goal that checks all the boxes you're looking for and can easily be stored and moved, the last thing you want is this beautiful looking and working soccer goal that is an absolute hassle to move from your backyard. If you're like some parents and you want your kid to have a leg up on the competition and get their own reps in at home between practices and games then getting your own pair of goals in the backyard is essential, now all you have to do is choose which one.

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what are the different types of kids soccer goals? (mini, pop up, pug

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what size do i need? does it depend on age?

what are the different materials a kids soccer goal is made of?



Carbon Fibre

which one is the best bang for your buck?

what are the different prices for a quality kids soccer goal?

how many do i need for my team or kid?

Your kid - 2 Pug, 2 regular

Team You're Coaching - 4 pug, 2 regular

top 5 things to look for when buying a kids soccer goal

1. Can Take A Hit - You want a net that can take a punch, not one that is going to topple over every time a kid scores a goal (and there will be plenty). You will be able to tell if the soccer goal can withstand some force not by kicking the ball in the net but how the structure reacts when the ball is hit against the post or crossbar. Try and get something with a bit of weight to it so it can withstand a shot but not too heavy where if it falls over it could hurt a kid.

2. Portability - One of the most important features of the next kids soccer goal you buy has to be its ability to be taken from location to location. Easy set up and take down is so underrated when it comes to selecting the right goal, you may only think it's going to sit in your backyard but you will want to take it on the road with you to friends house, family gatherings, the park and of course practice if you're coaching a team. Watch some videos online and see which ones come with a carrying case and are easy to set up and take down, it will save you time and nerves later.

3.  Tie Down Options - You want to make sure to get a kids soccer goal that you can anchor down on grass, turf and any other surface you may be using it on. Typically this is done with straps tied to the back of the goal with sharp plastic pieces that can be pushed into the grass or weights that fit to weight the goal down if you're using it on turf.

4. Quality Netting (mesh) - Be sure to avoid that flimsy floss like thin mesh and go for something thick and well made. In the beginning it may be fine but after a few weeks the mesh will start ripping and continually coming off their hooks. Also no matter what kind of hooks are on the posts, buy your own set of twist ties and use them to strap in the mesh to the post a little tighter and more securely.

5. Brand Name - When it comes to anything to do with soccer that you will be using and relying on frequently you want to make sure it comes from a reliable name brand. Stick to the ________ of the soccer world when choosing your next net and you can sleep at night knowing you've but a quality product.

top 5 things to avoid when buying a kids soccer goal

1. Going Too Cheap - To be honest it is better to get nothing then a very cheap soccer goal that won't last the month. If you got too cheap (let's say under $30) you're just going to get frustrated and wish you waited to buy a more expensive and reliable net you love. Look to get something that is at least $50 or more so you know you are getting something that will last.

2. Not Portable - To be able to use your new kids soccer goal in your backyard, with your team, at a friends house or family gathering you are going to want it to be easy to take with you. Not buying a net that is portable that comes with a carrying case would be a huge error on your part so make sure it is easy to set up and take down.

3. Too Heavy - You want something that can hold itself down and not get carried away with a gust of wind but also nothing too heavy that if it were to tip over can really hurt someone. If you are going to get something heavy be sure to get weights for the back of it so it doesn't accidentally tip over and hurt someone.

4. Too Light - A kids soccer goal that is too light will move with every ball that hits it and will fall part in the rain, snow or wind so having a bit of weight to it is a good idea. Typically light goals aren't build to last so not only will the goal not withstand a shot or two it will also force you to go buy another goal which you should have just done in the first place.

5. No Warranty - All goals you buy should come with some sort of warrant whether its 30 or 60 days and don't settle for one that doesn't come with it. This will give you the chance and security to try it out at home for a little while so you can be certain it is the one you want, this should be a non-negotiable quality you look for in a kids soccer goal.

what are those small ones called? mini or pug nets? what can i use those for?

what are the different materials a kids soccer goal is made of?

what are the different materials a kids soccer goal is made of?