Soccer Training Games Based on Scoring Goals You & Your Friends Will Love

soccer training games

Enough with the serious stuff let's get to some soccer training games such as these that are fun and functional. You don't need much either to pull them off too, just a ball and a goal.

Now, in case you're not familiar with these games they are outlined below in detail. Just like any game everybody has their own rules and rules have been changed over time (probably by players to avoid losing).

Anyway these are classics that have been around forever and you can find them on pro and amateur teams around the world, these soccer training games are so popular for a reason.

There's nothing like a little fun at training and these games will give you just that and much more. As much fun as these games may be make sure to make use of this time by playing these training games with the purpose of improving in mind.

You can try things with your non-dominant foot or work on another skill or technique you aren't so great at while having fun at the same time. Whether it's before or after training or on your own with some pals these games are classics that never go out of style. 

The Top 8 Best Soccer Training Games Ever!

Soccer Training Games Videos

Top 4 Reasons To Play These Soccer Training Games With Your Team & Friends

1. Good For Team Chemistry & Camaraderie

  • Playing these types of soccer training games can have a huge benefits in terms of team unity amongst the players.
  • We all know that teams that have a tight knit family like culture off the field play with that same type of passion on it and games like these help grow that togetherness.
  • Mixing in these types of games here and there will increase the teams ability to enjoy themselves and indirectly bring them closer to one another.

2. Good Old Fashioned Fun

  • There's no reason you can't play these games for the simple fact that they are fun to play and nothing else.
  • We all enjoy competition and winning but without fun we probably aren't playing this beautiful game.
  • Be sure to think about this while playing and remind yourself why you started in the first place, play these games and have some fun, period.

3. Actually Improves Your Skill

  • As fun as these games may be they can also help develop or polish certain parts of your game.
  • It's actually a great opportunity to work on certain skills that aren't up to standard like your non-dominant foot, shooting technique or anything else you feel may need some work.
  • As much as we all want to win every little game we play look at this as an opportunity to grow your game (at least that's what you'll tell people if you lose).

4. Good For Your Mental Health

  • With all the stresses of your team, family and life its good to just relax and enjoy the game stress free.
  • Playing these games can help calm you down and put your in a state where you can come back to your regular training exercises with increased focus and joy towards the game we all love.
  • If you're looking for more soccer training games you can play feel free to check out this list of games at the Fun Soccer Games page.

Wembley/World cup

  • Wembley or World Cup is quite simple. Depending on your numbers you can either play in teams of two or three or every man for himself (this is where friends are lost!).
  • Game is usually played in the 18yard box or just beyond.
  • You can only score a goal from outside the six yard box, or inside the six with your head.
  • Last person to touch the ball before it goes in the net gets credit for the goal.
  • Goalie in net, if they make a save they just punt it in the air to continue play.
  • If you score you step off the field and advance to the next round, the last team remaining is eliminated, the remaining teams then start again and the same is repeated each round.
  • When there are two teams left, sometimes the game is first to two goals, or keep it the way it is and first team to score wins.
  • In case there is no actual goalie, the first person eliminated goes in goal. Or one of the teammates if playing in teams.
  • There are some variations to this game and other soccer training games but this is the basic framework. Always a classic.


  • This game is quite simple. It can be played with a minimum of two people or more.
  • Basically just as the name describes you get 5 shots, then 5 more, then 3 more from different places on the pitch.
  • One person goes in net and the other shoots.
  • First 5 shots are from 10 yards outside the 18 yard box and are worth 5pts for a goal.
  • Second 5 shots are from just outside the 18 yard box and are worth 3 pts for a goal.
  • Third 3 shots are from the pk spot and are worth 1 pt for goal.
  • Highest score wins and lowest score goes in net or rotate appropriately if you have more than two playing.
  • All shots are dead balls (meaning the ball is still when hitting them).
  • Pretty standard game and makes every shot worth something.

Around The World

  • Another classic goal scoring game which is pretty easy to understand.
  • You line up 6-10 balls around the 18 yard box (I suppose you could put the balls anywhere on the pitch).
  • You have a crack at it and see how many goals you can score than you and the keeper switch spots and see if he can out due you.
  • If you have more than two playing lower score goes in goal.
  • Soccer training games like this one simple enough? moving along then.....

1 Touch Pass, Cross, Finish

  • This is a fun game if you and your pals have some skills. Can be played with 3 or more.
  • 1 person starts with the ball at just inside centre, the other out wide and the other at the top of the box waiting to finish.
  • Goalie in goal of course.
  • First person juggle the ball to themselves keeps it up for a few touches then out of the air serves a ball wide, the wide player can let the ball bounce or roll along the ground but must use only one touch to serve the ball into the box and the final player must finish it out of the air one touch.
  • Easier said than done believe me. You might be thinking "that's child play, this is done at the pro level? piece of cake" Well good luck, just make sure you start early, don't wanna be running out of sunlight superstar.
  • These soccer training games are more than just useful, they're challenging and make you think outside the box. Enjoy.

Power Finesse

  • First off you're going to need a minimum of 12 players. This is one of those soccer training games that you'll want to play all day and every time you're out on a pitch but you do need some numbers.
  • Divide the players into three equal teams (doesn't matter who's on which team).
  • Place one cone approx. 22 yards from the goal and another about 6 yards from the goal.
  • All three teams are always participating, two teams start about 10 yards behind the 18 in single file next to each other (these teams are competing against one another) and the third team divides themselves beside each post (this team is distributing passes not competing with either team, neutrals if you will).
  • Now here's where it gets a little tricky but believe me it's not complicated. The two teams competed will have one player go at a time, first team will go then second team will go.
  • The team by the posts will play a ball along the ground to whomever turn it is past the first cone and they will shoot it on net, after they are done that one they will receive another ball from the opposite post that passes the second cone at 6 yards and they will shoot that one too.
  • I hope you got that, now you need to score one of your two goals to remain in the game. If you miss both you go and stand behind the net and try and catch a ball out of the air to return to the game and back to your team.
  • If you score both, you get to choose any player from the opposite team and they have to then match you by scoring both of their goals or they are out!
  • Once your team runs out of shooters your team loses.
  • Soccer training games such as this one is easier to see than to explain believe me.
  • Remember a tactic can be missing one of your shots on purpose and playing it over the net for a teammate to catch, but u better not miss both or you're out, it's the risk you take!

Bare Arse Or Butts Up!

  • Well judging by the name you could be in for a shot or two at the old behind if you're not careful.
  • First, if its anybody's birthday on that day, they immediately go in the goal, turn around, bend over and everyone gets a shot from the 18 to hit them. Always good for a laugh.
  • Essentially you can create any game where the punishment is butts up! 3 post, crossbar challenge, 1v1 or any of the other games can be played for butts up.
  • The loser(s) stand on the goal and from about the 18 yard box everybody gets a shot at hitting their behind. Always makes the soccer training games a little more interesting.


  • If you've ever played bump in basketball, it's essentially the same game.
  • Best with 3 or more players.
  • Everybody is lined up at the 18 yard box, you get one small forward touch then you shoot the ball.
  • If you score, you are safe and get back in line, if you miss the player behind you can now shoot and has the chance to score and eliminate you, if they score before you can finish your original shot, you're out!
  • Game continues until there is one player left standing.
  • Soccer training games with a little added pressure are always great for testing how you play under pressure and always a good time.

3 post

  • No long explanation needed for this one. Each person will shoot the ball from the penalty shot mark and try and hit all three posts (posts and crossbar) with as few shots as possible.
  • If you're really good you can do it in under five shots and maybe you'll get lucky and hit two posts with one shot!
  • Either way this game is a lot of fun that works on your accuracy and concentration, see if you can be the 3 post king!\
  • Now that you're the master of all these soccer training games see if there's a way you can push yourself while playing them.
  • Try and do them faster, with less mistakes, less touches or even with your non-dominant foot to see if you truly are the master.
  • By the time you coach adds this to one of your training sessions you will be spinning the ball on your finger (or head) making everyone who sits at home playing video games between training sessions look like amateurs.
  • If you have a game you love playing that I missed and haven't added to the list feel free to describe it below for others to share and enjoy.
  • We all know you're the best at it and nobody can beat you but put it down below and let's see how many of us know a thing or two about the game you're about to describe.
  • Every part of the world has their own unique soccer training games that they play out in the parks and streets of their home city so feel free to share what that game or two is for us all to enjoy.

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