6-Week Soccer Training Program – Train Like A PRO!

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How to Physically Prepare for Your First Pro Tryout!

Ever wanted a specific soccer training program straight from a Pro Team? Now you’ve got it. Preparing for pre-season or your first pro trial, then this is a MUST!

These workouts are the same fitness workouts I did in Europe and Asia playing professionally during our preseasons preparing us for fitness at the pro level. You can’t get a more specific pro training program then this.

If you've ever wondered what the fitness standards at the pro level are you’ll get your answer here.

This 6 Week Soccer Train like a PRO EBOOK gives you:

- A Complete Detailed PRO Fitness Program

- Over 20 PRO Level Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness Workouts

- Extensive Explanation of Workouts

- Including: Set up, Execution, Rest Intervals and Recovery Information

- Guidance through each workout from start to finish

- Calendar breaking down week-by-week workouts with days to rest and which days to do each workout

- Soccer Specific Fitness used at the PRO LEVEL!

Which Teams Do This Type of Fitness Training?

From personal experience this 6 week fitness program is done by clubs in the 1st Division in Serbia, Ireland, Croatia, Hungary and Malaysia to name a few. You won't find a more extensive training program then one like this where I've personally spilt years of sweat over.

Is This for Me?

- This 6-Week Soccer Training Program ideal for those:

- Preparing for their first pro trial

- Preparing for their first pro season with a club

- Preparing for their University Pre Season

- Preparing for an Open Tryout

- Preparing for your current youth/men’s club team

This workout isn’t for everybody, if you just play soccer a couple times a month or you want to add a little jog into your monthly routine then this is not the workout for you.

This soccer program is catered for those looking to get their condition levels up to a high level, the professional level.

Is this an Aerobic or Anaerobic Fitness Program?

Both! In this soccer training program you’ll find both types of cardiovascular specific conditioning. Complete Fitness Workouts that incorporate:


-Short sprints

-Longer Distance Runs




and much more…….

A professional player needs to have both strong aerobic and anaerobic conditioning and this comprehensive 6-week program will provide you with a level of fitness unknown to your competition.

Week by Week Breakdown

This soccer training program provides a strict daily and weekly schedule of performance and rest required to get optimal results out of your body. At the professional level conditioning of the body at the highest level is a must for any aspiring top level team and player.

The soccer training program week breakdown that you will receive will be as follows:

Week 1 – Building A Base to work with including a variety of short and longer workouts.

Week 2 – Continues to build on that foundation with less days of rest and increasing the work load.

Week 3 – Anaerobic heavy workouts focusing on soccer specific sprints

Week 4 - Limits and difficulty increased in each workout searching for max results

Week 5 - Pushing through the fatigue of a months worth of training establishing a new set of conditioning limits

Week 6 – Pushing through the final week while tapering off leading up to the pre-season/tryout.

NOW YOU'RE READY to tackle any team's trial, pre-season or fitness test with this elite soccer training program.

Access this e-book for the affordable price of only $27.00

For less then the price of a pair of socks, you can have access to a wealth of PRO Fitness Workouts and Plans that will benefit your game. Pay through PayPal with your PayPal account OR with your credit card.

Player Testimonials

Dear sir, Thank you sir for your professional advice, this 6 week program has really made a difference in my game. I am impress and pleased with the advise you gave me. I have a little experience on the encouraging and discouraging part of the profession, every thing you said is very professional. I am impressed. I have a little profile which i will send to you to go through very soon and advice me more on it. Thank you very much. yours sincerely,

-Javier, Spain

"Thank you so much for your reply! This has helped out so much and been so nutritious. Many thanks! I would also like to inform you that you that you have just helped the future best soccer player in the world take one more step towards reaching his goal."

-Aleko, Hungary

"Thanks a lot for the information you provided. I will look to surely use some of the guidlines which you administered. 
I'm currently on my preseason break and I definately need to improve because I am planning to go for tryouts in the summer."

-Johnathan, USA

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Train Like A PRO and take your fitness to a new level

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