Which Types of Soccer Training Equipment Do the Pros Use?

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Soccer training equipment isn't about having the fanciest gear, the brightest shoes or the latest and greatest technology. Training gear is about getting the necessary equipment that compliments what you need to be successful.

If you're thinking to yourself right now that you're going to go the soccer equipment store and that you're gonna buy yourself a new first touch, long ball and left footed shot. Well you my friend have missed the boat.

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Like working on any part of your game hard work, repetition and the hunger to improve rains supreme, some of the equipment listed below may help facilitate that hunger but nothing replaces good old fashioned hard work, right Rocky?

Why Do I Need Training Equipment?

Well the easy answer is to feed that passion to train at the highest level, that of a pro. Whether it be cones, running shoes or whatever else having the right soccer training equipment increases your ability to train effectively and efficiently.

What Type of Equipment Did Your Pro Teams in Europe Use Regularly?

There wasn't much of a difference in terms of equipment between the clubs I played for but there most definitely was a difference from the amateur level to the professional level in terms of equipment.

A list of soccer training equipment we would have at our disposal and use in sessions on the regular would be:


-Just your every day soccer cones, larger and smaller for different foot drills or agility workouts.

Speed Ladders

-Several sets of them during practice or if you wanted to put some extra work you could use them at any time to increase your speed.

Agility Cones

-About 12 inches high these cones are used in various warm ups, agility and speed drills.

Running Shoes

-No explanation needed. Just a pair of any old runners will do the trick common now it's soccer don't tell me running is not your thing.

Watch (with timer)

-For getting accurate times when working alone on your fitness. Properly executing workouts both work and rest periods timed accurately.

Soccer Cleats

-Good old pair of boots. Leather baby.

Resistance Bands

-Used for strength workouts and flexibility training. Long bands of rubber with different tensions and lengths for different workouts.

Stability Disc

-Used in rehabilitation and other balance workouts. Just a rubber disk to help with your balance.

Medicine Ball

-5-10lb medicine balls for strength and conditioning sessions. Also used for certain rehabilitation exercises.

Exercise Ball

-Large ball to about your knees is standard size. Used for abdominal training and other core exercises.

Agility Poles

-Just a straight pole you can stick in the ground for agility and speed workouts to weave through and juke around.

Portable Player Wall

-Used to practice free kicks on this portable wall emulates a wall in a free kick situation in a game. Great for working on set plays.

Heart Rate Monitors

-Wear them around your chest and are great for the conditioning coach to see your work rate and level of cardiovascular fitness.

Soccer Balls (oh really? Never would have guessed)

Do I Need to Spend A Lot of Money to Get the Equipment I Need?

Nope. I never had the fanciest equipment until I started playing professionally and even then I didn't absolutely need to have them. That doesn't mean wearing a potato sack and tissue boxes on your feet to train in but the basics will do the trick, that's right, old school.

What Type of Soccer Training Equipment Should I Use?

Thought you'd never ask. At the pro level their are all the fancy heart monitors and stabilizers and other things I can't pronounce but these are the basics I believe every player shouldn't be without.

Sticking to the Basics:

-1 pair of running shoes -1 pair of soccer cleats -1 short, shirt, socks -10 regular cones -1 Ball (preferably more) -Headphones and Music

That's it! But wait I want to buy all the fancy gear so I can look like Ronaldo but play like an old broom.

Ya sure more balls would be nice, few pairs of cleats would be great too, and maybe a couple training tops and jackets but these are the bare essentials. Put the tireless hours in of work so when you sign pro and get all the fancy things you feel like you've earned it.

Can You Use This Equipment Whenever You Want at the Pro Level?

Almost always yes. Obviously during practice you use the equipment depending on what sort of session you have but they are also available if you want to put more work in on your own.

Sometimes on and off day or before or after practice a few times a week I grab a bag of balls and some cones and put some extra work in. Whether it's serving balls in the box or using the ladders to increase my speed the specific soccer training equipment is always there so no excuses for not having what you need. A poor craftsman blames his/her tools right?

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