Soccer Tips on Mastering the Mental Side of the Game

Mental soccer tips to deal with the skill of all skills in soccer, confidence.

What is the MOST IMPORTANT SKILL an aspiring pro soccer player needs? Great shot? nope. Winning a head ball? guess again. Oh let me guess it's gotta be passing with both feet. Wrong again friend.

Plain and simple, CONFIDENCE.

Below my old Coach from University (also PhD Sports Psychologist) Dr. Ivan Joseph talks about confidence as a true skill. Enjoy.

The up's and downs from session to session and game to game is hardly spoken about but is the most difficult aspect of the game to deal with. Much more tiring and stressful then the physical side ever will be.

List of Techniques to Improve Your Mental Game

Goal Setting Tips and Techniques Using S.M.A.R.T

Pre Game Preparation Techniques

Using Self Affirmations

Mental Imagery

Soccer Journal

Self Confidence Letter

If you've got a left foot that is only good for getting on the bus then you go and shoot thousands of balls until you train that leg of yours to hit a ball. Same thing with your mind, train it be confident in any and every situation and you'll be more comfortable on the field no matter what situation pops up.

If you're striving to become a pro you know that every game you play is important, and you can't sleep at night if you haven't performed not up to your teams or coach's standards but up to your own. We all deal with issues of self confidence on a daily or even hourly basis.

Just like learning to shoot a ball or any other technical skill, we need to take hours and hours training our minds to cope with these mental battles. Whether it's self talk, affirmations list, imagery or whatever else, there are important useful methods and soccer tips for the mental side of the game. These are used to build up confidence and dealing with times on the pitch where you might be in a funk.

Do These Actually Work?

In a word, YES. I'd be lying if I told you that every technique is going to work for every player and all your mental problems will be solved by the time you read the end of this sentence. These techniques are proven at the professional level, myself and teammates at the highest level used these to battle with our day to day confidence issues, yes even pros have confidence issues.

Going through it myself I found the soccer journal helped me, along with mental imagery the night and day of games. The soccer letter just for me personally didn't have the greatest impact on my game, didn't really do it for me.

With that said for you it may be the opposite or a combination, the task here is to try and tinker, try and tinker. These soccer tips are critical in your development as a complete player.

I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I KNOW I CAN!

Thinking you're a great player, and KNOWING you are a great player are two completely different things. When using any of the techniques listed above the one thing that is consistent with them all is they all take the TRUE BELIEF that you are in fact a tremendous player.

This belief builds confidence, confidence in your skills, ability and impact on and off the pitch for your team.

Why am I saying all this? Because if you aren't 100% sure yourself and your skills then these exercises won't have the impact on your game that they are meant for. So use these techniques and soccer tips that are proven to work and raise your mental game to the next level.

Trial and Error

Like anything in life that is worth something it takes time to develop and doesn't happen over night. You may start to write a journal, or a quote book or any of the other techniques and find out it sort of works or some parts do and some parts don't. That's what it is all about, all or one or two may work and hit the right key with you but remember it's a process of learning so there is going to be a feeling out process where you realize what works for you and what doesn't. Be patient and open to ideas.

Like any part of improving your game the mental side takes constant work and dedication. It won't happen over night either, to this point in your playing career you've developed habits (some better than others) and it's going to take time for you to redirect those habits to where you want and need them to be.

If you stand any chance in conquering the mental side of the game you need to think how long it took you to learn to cross a ball, or shoot a ball or head a ball. These skills take time to perfect much like the mental side of the game takes time to perfect, the name of the game is raising your most important quality to it's highest level, that quality is confidence. Take all these mental soccer tips and add them to raise your game another notch.

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