Over the Net Again? How's that Soccer Shooting Technique?

"What's wrong with my soccer shooting technique? Why does the ball keep going over?" If you've ever had that happen to you then today is your lucky day. Learn how to work on your power shot from distance, your shot with accuracy from up close and any other kind of dip, curve or knuckle you can possible think of.

Shooting for Power video

top 5 things to remember about technique for Shooting with Power

1. Land on our shooting foot!  - Try this at home for second, try sweeping the floor with the bottom of your foot then land on that same foot before the other foot touches the ground. This is what we are aiming for when shooting for power, put all of your momentum into the shot as if you're being knocked over sideways so you have to land on the same foot you just shot with.

2. Aim middle height - wait what? I thought I'm supposed to pick the corners? Pick a side to shoot then aim about half way up. Not top corner or bottom corner exactly, 

3. Point that toe down

4. Fall over the ball

5. Hit the lower third of the ball

Shooting for Accuracy video

top 5 things to remember about technique for Shooting with accuracy

1. Middle of the foot, middle of the ball

2. Both feet please - Get good at hitting it with the inside of both of your feet. You will limit so many goal scoring opportunities if you can't tap balls coming in from both wings with the correct foot. Stick to fundamentals when using your non-dominant foot before you add too much power behind it.

3. Solid contact - No gentle touches here, hit the ball like you mean it! Keep the right technique and firmly hit the ball like you're trying to score and not like you're hoping not to miss.

4. Power from your momentum - If you're on a sprint or a jog approaching the ball remember the quicker you can have your body moving in a forward motion the less you will have to give the shot a big leg swing, use that to your advantage.

5. One time, one time! - If you're inside the box and have chance to hit that accuracy shot one time do it! Catching a keeper off guard is as important as hitting the ball where you want with the right technique.

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